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Our school is a happy, exciting and caring community in which each child thrives.


We have had a great first week in Ducklings class. We have all settled in really well and have enjoyed trying many new activities and meeting new friends. Alongside lots of other things, our Ducklings have loved painting, drawing pictures, making funny face pictures, acting in the home corner, playing with play-dough, exploring our outdoor area and sharing stories and snack altogether.

Culture Week – Africa

For Culture Week we have been learning about Africa. We learnt that Africa is a continent which is a place made up of lots of countries. We talked about some of the differences between Africa and where we live. We learnt that Africa is mostly dessert or jungle – not like here! We looked at our Atlas and discovered that Africa is MUCH bigger than England! We enjoyed exploring Africa through the story of Handa's Surprise, which is set in Kenya. We learnt that Africa is very warm and so lots of strange fruits grow well like the 'sweet smelling guava' in our story. We also found out that people live in different sorts of houses; sometimes they are made out of straw! There are many tall mountains in Africa as well as waterfalls too! We also especially enjoyed learning about African animals, which are quite different to the animals we see here! In our story, we saw zebras in the fields, monkeys in the trees, giraffes, elephants, ostriches and even a parrot too! We have enjoyed painting and drawing pictures of these animals, making them out of playdough and playing with them in small world activities. We had a go painting some African sunset scenes and also making the flag of South Africa too. We tried really hard to use the right colours for the flag. We have loved learning all about the different cultures and ways of life in Africa!

Our Teddy Bear's Picnic

We spent a lovely afternoon sharing our favourite stories with year 6, listening to year 6 perform some of the songs from their fantastic show, dancing on the big stage and sharing ice pops on our hill with them after they walked us back to Nursery! We loved chatting and having our favourite stories read to us by our new friends. What a super afternoon we had!

We spent a lovely afternoon sharing our favourite stories with year 6, listening to year 6 perform some of the songs from their fantastic show, dancing on the big stage and sharing ice pops on our hill with them after they walked us back to Nursery! We loved chatting and having our favourite stories read to us by our new friends. What a super afternoon we had!

Butterfly Art Project

We loved colouring and painting different sizes and patterned butterflies for an art project in school. We tried really hard to do or best colouring, trying to colour or paint each shape in a new colour. We took lots of time and care over each one!

Pirate Day 12.07.2017

We had a great day dressing up as pirates for Pirate Day. We got to join in with lots of different and exciting pirate activities. We made our own pirate treasure maps and telescopes before hunting for the golden treasure in the sand, we used black and white paper to make our own Jolly Roger flags, we used paper plates to paint some pirate faces with eye patches, we floated pirate ships in the water tray and played pirate matching games too. We even learnt a new pirate action song that we sang all together - it was such a fun day!

Our Chicks

We were very lucky to have eggs arrive at school for us to help hatch. We hatched 10 lovely fluffy and very lively chicks! We have loved watching the chicks hatch and looking after them. We have learnt about the life cycle of the chicken in Nursery and first hand watching our chicks being born. We have enjoyed chicks stories as well as making and painting chick and egg pictures in Nursery. But our favourite part has been holding our chicks! We learnt how to hold the chicks really carefully with two hands. Year 5 came and helped show us how to do it too. The chicks were so cute and soft! We were even lucky enough to have the chicks visit Nursery. We enjoyed watching them and seeing how much they had grown over the weekend. They were very lively, flapping there wings. We noticed that they had started to grow feathers too. What an amazing experience this has been for us to watch!

Sports Day

We had a brilliant Sports Day, we all did a fantastic job joining in with our races and trying our best. We loved the egg and spoon race, jumping over the hurdles, collecting the beanbags in our baskets and finally running as fast as we could! We also enjoyed cheering on our friends too. We had so much fun and we were all superstars!

Culture Week

For Culture Week in Early Years we explored India and we have been very busy! We had a look a map of the world and talked about how far away India is. We decided it would be best to get an aeroplane there, although some of us had an idea that we could build a boat!

We also looked at the Indian flag and had a go making our own. We also also talking about the Festival of Lights, Diwali. We reread the story of Rama and Sita and remembered it really well! We enjoyed retelling the story and acting it out in the home-corner with the Diya lamps. Then we talked about the special clothes and foods Indian people have to celebrate Diwali. We also had a go making our own Rangoli patterns, which are a sign of good luck, by drawing patterns in paint, sand and drawing patterns with chalk outside. We also decorated hand pictures with our own Mendhi patterns. Some of us also enjoyed trying on some real Indian dresses and outfits - they are so pretty! We even had a go at some Indian dancing called Bollywood dancing, after we watched a dance Reception performed to us telling the story of Rama and Sita.

We have really enjoyed learning about India and it’s culture!

Parents Open Sessions

We loved having our mummys’, daddys’ and grandparents come and visit us at Nursery. We showed them all the fun things that we get up too. We did painting, drawing, flower making, playdough, cutting, reading, necklace making and even decorated biscuits together too!

Looking at Eggs!

We have been looking at new life and growing so we talked about chicks hatching from eggs in the Springtime. We talked about different sorts of animals that lay eggs and we even got to look at and hold some eggs. We learnt that there are lots of different sorts of eggs, we looked at quail eggs, chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs and even an ostrich egg! We talked about what the different chicks were called and what the different birds looked like. Then we had a look at the eggs and even got to hold them. Some were small and some were really big, especially the ostrich egg! Some of the eggs were brown some were white and some were spotty! We even had a go at painting pictures of them too and making our own fluffy chicks. We really loved looking at all the different sorts of eggs and learning about the birds that they come from!

Gardening Club with Year 6

We loved working with year 6 during their lunchtime to plant some flowers for our Nursery garden. Year 6 helped us collect the soil, carefully dig a hole to put our plants in and then pat the soil down around the plants. It was lots of fun!

Maypole Day!

We loved learning how to dance around the Maypole and then doing a performance to all our mummies’ and daddies’ and the rest of school too! It was very windy but held tight onto our ribbons and danced beautifully as well as singing some lovely spring songs too!

Making Gingerbread Men!

We have really enjoyed learning the story of The Gingerbread Man so we wanted to have go baking our own. We enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together, rolling out the dough and cutting out our gingerbread teddy bears. We were a little worried that they might try and run away like in the story but luckily our gingerbread teddies behaved! Then we put them in the oven before tasting them, they were really yummy!

We have enjoyed learning about the Christian celebration of Easter as well as Spring and new life.  We have enjoyed making Easter cards, Easter nests, making and painting daffodils, planting cress and playing with little chicks and eggs.  We even dressed up in Easter bonnets, rabbits' ears and masks and did a number of Easter egg hunts outside!

Storytime with Mr Dennison

Storytime with Mr Dennison 1
Storytime with Mr Dennison 2
Storytime with Mr Dennison 3
Storytime with Mr Dennison 4
Storytime with Mr Dennison 5
Storytime with Mr Dennison 6
Storytime with Mr Dennison 7
Storytime with Mr Dennison 8
Storytime with Mr Dennison 9

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day by coming in dressed as our favourite book characters and bringing in some of our favourite books! We enjoyed talking about our favourite stories and characters as well as listening to some of our favourite stories too. We were also very lucky as Miss Tutill came all the way down from Year 3 to read to us - we loved it!

French Day

French Day 1
French Day 2
French Day 3
French Day 4
French Day 5
French Day 6
French Day 7
French Day 8
French Day 9
French Day 10
French Day 11
French Day 12

French Day

We were very lucky to have some French teachers come and visit us at school so they taught us about France! We saw some pictures of the mountains where they live and learnt about different French foods and the Eiffel Tower and French flag. We then had a go making our own French flags with crayons and made our own Eiffel Towers using matchsticks. We also talked about if we would like to go to France and drew what we would pack in our suitcase if we were going to France! Then we got to try some French croissants - they were yummy! We hope the French teachers will come back and visit us again!

Pancake Day!

We learnt about Pancake Day which is also called Shrove Tuesday. We watched a video that told about Lent which is part of the celebration of Easter that Christian people celebrate. During Lent some people give something up to give thanks and pancakes are the last treat before Easter so we had a go making our own! We had to put eggs, milk and flour in a bowl and mix it all up with a whisk. Then you cook them and flip them in a frying pan until they are lovel and brown. Then we added lots of yummy toppings like jam, lemon and chocolate. They were so tasty!

Tasting Chinese Food

For Chinese New Year people celebrate by having a big meal so today we watched a video about the different sorts of food people eat in China and then we tried own. We had prawn crackers, noodles, rice and vegetable spring rolls. We smelt the different foods, had a good look at them all and then tasted them. We learnt that Chinese people use chopsticks to eat their food so when we had our food we tried using chopsticks too. They were quite tricky to use but lots of fun. The food was really yummy too!

Reptile Day

We had some reptiles come to visit us at school, it was very exciting as we got to look at them and hold them. We loved holding the snakes, stroking the lizards and playing with the tortoises. It was so much fun and the animals were all very friendly!

Mr Dennison reads a story

Mr Dennison reads a story 1
Mr Dennison reads a story 2
Mr Dennison reads a story 3
Mr Dennison reads a story 4
Mr Dennison reads a story 5
Mr Dennison reads a story 6

Mr Dennison came to Nursery to read us a story, he read the Tiger who Came to Tea! We loved it, the tiger ate all the food and drank all the milk – it was funny! We enjoyed drawing pictures of tigers for Mr Dennison and chatting to him afterwards too.


Penguins 1
Penguins 2
Penguins 3
Penguins 4
Penguins 5
Penguins 6
Penguins 7
Penguins 8
Penguins 9
Penguins 10
Penguins 11
Penguins 12
Penguins 13
Penguins 14
Penguins 15
Penguins 16
Penguins 17
Penguins 18
Penguins 19
Penguins 20


We have been learning about penguins. We learnt that lots of penguins live in Antarctica and that they are birds that can't fly. We have enjoyed dressing up as penguins and pretending to waddle and swim like them. We also enjoyed making models and painting pictures of penguins. We also like using the playdough to make penguins too.

Making Christmas Decorations

Making Christmas Decorations 1
Making Christmas Decorations 2
Making Christmas Decorations 3
Making Christmas Decorations 4
Making Christmas Decorations 5
Making Christmas Decorations 6
Making Christmas Decorations 7

Making our Christmas Decorations

For Christmas we made sparkly decorations to hang on our Christmas trees or in our house. We carefully poured glue into a pot and used a pipette to add colour and glitter before mixing and leaving to dry. When they were finished they were so pretty!

Parents Open Sessions

Parents Open Sessions 1
Parents Open Sessions 2
Parents Open Sessions 3
Parents Open Sessions 4
Parents Open Sessions 5
Parents Open Sessions 6
Parents Open Sessions 7
Parents Open Sessions 8
Parents Open Sessions 9

Parents Open Sessions

We loved having our mummys’, daddys’ and grandparents come and visit us at Nursery. We showed them all the fun things that we get up too. We did painting, drawing, cutting, reading and decorated biscuits together too!

Family Phonics

Family Phonics  1
Family Phonics  2
Family Phonics  3
Family Phonics  4

Family Phonics

We invited our parents to come and see how we learn phonics. We enjoyed teaching them our phonics songs and showing them how we explore and create phase 1 sounds.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
Remembrance Day 2
Remembrance Day 3
Remembrance Day 4
Remembrance Day 5
Remembrance Day 6
Remembrance Day 7
Remembrance Day 8
Remembrance Day 9
Remembrance Day 10
Remembrance Day 11
Remembrance Day 12
Remembrance Day 13

Remembrance Day

We learnt about the Poppy story and Remembrance Day. We watched a video from the animals perspective and it showed all the beautiful poppies growing. We learnt that we wear poppies to remember all the people that were hurt or lost and that the poppies were the first flower to grow again when peace was restored. We made our poppies with playdough and paint. Then we all made our own poppies with tissue paper and went outside and put them in our own special field so we had lots and lots of poppies too.

Making Pumpkin Soup

Making Pumpkin Soup 1
Making Pumpkin Soup 2
Making Pumpkin Soup 3
Making Pumpkin Soup 4
Making Pumpkin Soup 5
Making Pumpkin Soup 6
Making Pumpkin Soup 7
Making Pumpkin Soup 8
Making Pumpkin Soup 9

Making Pumpkin Soup

In Autumn we looked at the story Pumpkin Soup and then we learnt how to make our own pumpkin soup. We had to scoop out the pumpkin, add herbs, stock and a little salt (but not too much!) and then mix it all together. Then we helped mash it up into soup before cooking it and tasting it. It was yummy!

Children in Need Bonanza

Children in Need Bonanza 1

Children in Need Bonanza

Year 6 organised a Children in Need Bonanza with lots of games and activities. We went over to the big school hall where the Year 6 children looked after us. We enjoyed colouring Pudsey, making a giant penny Pudsey, making Pudsey bandanas and having cake and juice with the big children - it was lots of fun!

Making Diya Lamps for Diwali

Making Diya Lamps for Diwali 1
Making Diya Lamps for Diwali 2
Making Diya Lamps for Diwali 3
Making Diya Lamps for Diwali 4
Making Diya Lamps for Diwali 5
Making Diya Lamps for Diwali 6

Making Diya Lamps

We learnt about the festival of lights, Diwali. Hindus celebrate Diwali with pretty decorated lamps called Diyas. We had a go making our own Diya lamps. We mould and shaped the clay and then decorate them with paint, pretty patterns and glitter.

Forest Walks

Forest Walks 1
Forest Walks 2
Forest Walks 3
Forest Walks 4
Forest Walks 5
Forest Walks 6
Forest Walks 7
Forest Walks 8
Forest Walks 9
Forest Walks 10
Forest Walks 11
Forest Walks 12

Forest Walks

We love spending time in our ‘Outdoor classroom’. In particular, we love learning from nature and exploring the environment around us on our weekly forest walks. We learn through our senses by talking about the things that we can see, hear, feel and smell as go out, often in all weathers! We enjoy collecting items to talk about and look at how the trees and plants grow to build on our understanding of the world around us.