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Have a look at all we have been doing in Nursery.

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Ducklings - World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day by coming in dressed as our favourite book characters and bringing in some of our favourite books! We enjoyed talking about our favourite stories and characters as well as listening to some of our favourite stories too. We were also very lucky as Miss Wheeler came down from Year 1 to read to us. She read us a story all about a Blue Balloon that we had to blow up as we went – we loved it!

Ducklings - Fun in the snow

We wrapped up warm and had so much fun experiencing the snowy weather. We absolutely loved catching snowflakes, making snow angels, building snowballs and snowmen, sledging down our little hill and making footprints as we walked. It really was quite magical if a bit chilly!

Ducklings - Chinese Dance Workshop

To Celebrate Chinese New Year we had a very special dance workshop. We got learnt to move around like all the different animals of the Chinese zodiac. We also got use some special Chinese fans and parasols. We practising swaying, twirling and moving around with them to music – it was so much fun!

Lucy said “I love spinning the pretty umbrellas round”.

Ducklings - WellComm with Year 6

In Nursery we are very fortunate to have some year 6 helpers come down and play different games with us to help support our language development. Year 6 have lots of really fun ways to teach us new words and we love making new friends with the big children too.

“The big children my friends!” says Sivani.

Ducklings - Santa's visit!

This Christmas we were very lucky as we had a special visitor – Santa himself! We all got a chance to go up into Santa’s sleigh and have a chat. We even got a present too! It was such an exciting day for us all.

The children all exclaimed “Santa’s here!!!” when they saw his sleigh arrive in the playground!

We have been learning about penguins. We learnt that lots of penguins live in Antarctica and that they are birds that can't fly. We have enjoyed dressing up as penguins and pretending to waddle and swim like them. We also enjoyed making models, collages and painting pictures of penguins.

“I love penguins ‘cos they slide on their tummies!” Elijah told everybody.

Ducklings - Planting Trees

We had a special delivery of baby trees at school, with the help of Year 3, we all worked together to carefully plant them in different spots. We can’t wait to look after them and watch them grow to hopefully make our woods even bigger!

“They’re going to get bigger and bigger and bigger!” Callum is really excited about our new trees!

Ducklings - Remembrance Day

For Remembrance Day, we learnt why it is important to remember and about the Poppy story. We watched a video from the perspective of a family of rabbits and it showed all the beautiful poppies growing. We learnt that we wear poppies to remember all the people that were hurt or lost and that the poppies were the first flower to grow again when peace was restored. We made our poppies with playdough and paint. Then we all made our own poppies with tissue paper and went outside and put them in our own special field so we had lots and lots of poppies too.

Amelia explained “We wear poppies to remember the solider”.

Ducklings - Making Pumpkin Soup.

In Autumn we went on a forest walk and explored the story Pumpkin Soup and then we learnt how to make our own pumpkin soup. We had to scoop out the pumpkin, add herbs, stock and a little salt (but not too much!) and then mix it all together. We really enjoyed working together to help mash up the pieces in our soup before cooking it and tasting it. It was yummy!

Ducklings - Fireworks!

We have learnt about staying safe around fireworks and enjoyed making different firework pictures. We tried rolling marbles around a tray as well as printing with cut up cardboard tubes to make pretty firework patterns and then, of course, we added glitter!