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Year Five

Year Five

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Five.

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Year 5 - Falcon - Festive Falcon Fun

Falcon class have created their own sprout pompoms and written fantastic instructions for others. It took a lot of patience and at times required them to support each other, but in the end, the results were fantastic. 

Year 5 - Falcon - Science and Media Museum

This week, Year 5 and 6  had such a wonderful trip to the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford! Throughout the day we were able to take part in lots of hands on activities which allowed us to learn how films, television and computer games have changed during the last 100 years. Whilst in the Wonderlab we were able to think like a scientist and complete lots of challenged about light and sound. 
Falcons class have enjoyed learning about Diwali and how Hindu's celebrate this important festival.  We were really lucky that we could listen to a member of our class talk about how he, and his family, celebrate. We then worked in groups to create our own rangoli patterns using natural materials we found in the forest. The designs and patterns were amazing. 

This week, Year 5 were amazed when they discovered a number of strange objects and markings on the field. They looked closely and pieced together the evidence to conclude there must have been an alien encounter.

Year 5 - Falcon - Fashion Week

This week, Falcon class have been learning all about fashion during the Swinging Sixties. New colours, fabrics and patterns were being used to make clothes young, fresh and exciting. Unbelievably in 1964, a ‘Disposable Paper Dress’ was introduced and sold an amazing 500,000 dresses. Inspired by this, we created our own version in groups - the results were fantastic!
The photos are in Falcon's folder and called Dresses.

Year 5 - Falcon - Topic Launch

Throughout our topic this term, we will be embarking upon a voyage of discovery through the ages. We started with a launch into the decades of the 21st century, children took part in activities ranging from learning the ‘Twist’ dance craze of the 1960's, making forest crowns for the Queen’s 1953 coronation and even baking raspberry buns from a traditional 1940’s recipe. We have had a fantastic first 3 days in Year 5.

Year 5  2018 - 2019  Please see above 

We all had such a wonderful trip to York College this week! We created home made pizzas, bespoke mocktails and even were treated to an ice cream! At the end of our morning, we had a tour around the enormous college and lots of us spotted some courses that we might like to try when we're older. York College were so kind to put on such a brilliant day and we hope to return again soon.
As we explored the legend of George and the Dragon we created our own caves. Although not completely hidden we had to remain as quiet as possible to avoid detection by our very fire breathing dragon - guess who?

Year 5 - Kite - Judo

As a class, Kites showed perseverance, determination, resilience and respect during their judo session. They also had a tremendous amount of fun.

Year 5 - Kite - Drumming

Feeling the rhythm with African drumming!

Year 5 - Falcon - Reading Reward

This half term, Falcons have been busy racing along the reading chart and as everybody had finished by half term, we were treated to a hide and seek festival, with games, football and refreshing rocket lollies. We had a lovely afternoon on the field in glorious sunshine.

Year 5 - Falcon - China Culture Day

Falcons have loved learning about Chinese traditions. We have written our name using Chinese symbols, made our very own paper fortune cookies and listened to traditional Chinese music. Everybody had a super day and made a fantastic effort with their outfits!
This week, year 5 have recreated their very own Royal Wedding, complete with outdoor ceremony, VIP guests and wedding favours! Everybody had a tremendous time and especially enjoyed the wedding reception, complete with dance-offs and suitably British refreshments.

Year 5 - Falcon - Sherlock Holmes

Falcon's are currently writing their very own mystery novels, inspired by Sherlock Holmes on the streets of gloomy Victorian London! This week, we were given suspicious packages that had been dropped by a Victorian criminal. Using our detective skills, we pieced together the evidence to form a theory as to what had happened. Each idea was expertly discussed and backed up with carefully considered evidence

Year 5 - Falcon - NSPCC

This week, Woodthorpe were visited by the NSPCC, who talked to us about staying safe and happy.Year 5 and 6 were also lucky enough to take part in a special workshop, which made us think about our personal safety and gave us the opportunity to discuss some really important issues. 

Year 5 - Falcon - Forest Fun

This week, Falcon class have been learning all about dens, caves and caverns, the very type that St George's dragon may have lived in. We went out into our forest and had such a brilliant time making our best dens out of natural resources. We even had time for a quick game of Medieval 'intruders'!
Recently, Falcons have been loving the vast array of new sports that they have tried at school. These have included: judo, tri-golf and even 'tchoukball'! As a class, we love to play sport and some of us are even thinking about joining new clubs outside of school.

Year 5 - Kite - Birdman

Kites learnt a number of survival techniques on our amazing visit to the forest with Wolf. From shelter building, to setting a fire, we gained so much.

Year 5 - Kite - Forest Quest

Kites learnt a number of survival techniques on our amazing visit to the forest with Wolf. From shelter building, to setting a fire, we gained so much.

Year 5 - Falcon - Macbeth Drama

Falcons have been lucky enough to take part in a unique drama workshop by Julian from the Theatre Royal. We looked at the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare and took on the roll of the fearsome witches! We hope that you enjoy our 'twisted' poses as much as we enjoyed acting them!