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Our school is a happy, exciting and caring community in which each child thrives.

Year Five

Welcome to Year Five!

Check out what we have been up to so far this year.  We can also look back over your previous year at Woodthorpe Primary.

Year 5 - Topic Launch

On the 6th and 7th of September, year five and six were launched into 1940’s life and attended a military camp including: Mrs Humprey’s rationed (freshly picked) apple and blackberry crumble, Miss Taylor’s emergency shelter building, Miss Illingworth’s persuasive propaganda and Sargent Burns’ boot camp! The children had a brilliant time, despite the forfeit squats, press ups (!), and are really looking forward to their WWII topic for the rest of the term.

Year 5 - Falcon - The Minpins!

Roald Dahl drama:

To celebrate Roald Dahl day, Falcon class have been reading ‘The Minpins’ and trying to avoid the ‘terrible bloodsucking, toothplucking, stonechuckling SPITTLER!’ We decided to go out into our forest and freeze-frame the moment when the beast charges at Little Billy. We will be writing our own alternative endings to the original story, so who knows what will happen next!

Year 4's Trip To Leeds City Museum

Year 3/4 Tea Party

DT Product Research - Tasting Bread


Cricket 1
Cricket 2

Culture Week

E-Safety Week

E-Safety Week 1

Year 3 - Baking Maths - measuring & weighing - 2015/2016