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Year Four

Year Four

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Four.

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Year 4 - Owls - Reading with Cygnets

On Friday, Owl class went to read with Cygnets in EYFS. The children loved having the opportunity to read with the younger children and they did an amazing job supporting Cygnets when words became more challenging.

Year 4 - Osprey - Digestive System

Osprey class acted out each section of the digestive system. Firstly, they crushed up bread, banana and water in the stomach then passed it through some tights that acted as the intestines. Eventually, the mushed up food was passed out through a small hole in a cup.

Year 4 - Owl - Cricket

Owl class had a fantastic cricket session led by Rachael from YCC. We began by practising our throwing and catching skills, which we then used in an exciting game. During the game, each side took turns at batting and fielding, but we had to work as a team showing sportsmanship and resilience.

Year 4 - Owl - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Despite the cold and snow, Owl class had a fantastic day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Throughout the day, we had the opportunity to see some amazing animals, learnt lots of fascinating facts and had the opportunity to hold some interesting creatures. Some of our favourite animals were the giraffes, lions, wallabys, tigers and polar bears.

Year 4 - Owl - Boxing

Owl class have taken part in two Boxing sessions led by Mr Harrison from Premier Sports. We learnt some of the different techniques including the hook, cross, uppercut and duck. The children had a fantastic time and joined in with real enthusiasm.

Year 4 - Owl - Pedestrian Training

Owl class have taken part in pedestrian training, during the sessions the children thought about the dangers of the road and how to keep safe. The children had the opportunity to cross different roads after identifying hazards and steps to ensure a safe crossing.