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Year One

Year One

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year One.

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Year 1 - Hummingbird - Remembrance Day Poppies

We have been learning all about Remembrance Day this week and we have decided to write letters to the soldiers. We have learned all about the poppy and why it is used as a symbol of remembrance. We made our own poppies and put them into a class wreath! Now they are hung up in our classroom and every time we see them we will remember those brave soldiers. 

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Tudor Houses

Our topic this half term has been 'The Great Fire of London' and we have loved learning some new facts. We finished our topic this week by making models of Tudor houses and we are super proud of them!

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Perfect Potions

In Hummingbird we have been reading George's Marvellous Medicine. George wanted us to be scientists and create our own potions for him to make! He sent us some special items to help us and we had a great time making our very own perfect potions!

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Potion Making

We made a new potion for George to help him blow up his Granny. We used a variety of ingredients, along with getting dressed up and having the Harry Potter potion making theme tune in the background. Lets hope she goes with a bang!

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Summer Challenge

Our amazing Kingfishers completed their summer challenge by making fruit salads, writing postcards and making rockets. 


Year 1 - Newspaper

As part of our tiger fact file week, we pretended to be BBC newspaper reporters. We got dressed up in special glasses and used microphones to help us get into character.

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Library Bus

The children joined the Owl class to share books from the Library Bus. We looked at stories from some of the Traditional Tales.

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Exploring Magnets

The children used the magnets to make and build their own constructions. We tested to see if we could stick the magnets together and lift the various objects.


Year 1 2018 - 2019 Please see above 

The Kingfishers went to Tropical World. We looked at lots of mini beasts and reptiles. We got to watch a Butterfly be fed. We then went into the Roundhay Park and had a picnic. We had a game of rounders, played with bubble wands and enjoyed reading under the trees. "It was the best day ever" Olivia
Today we went on our school trip to Tropical World. Here we saw lots of amazing creatures and animals and discovered their different habitats. We walked through the Jungle and desert land learning how the animals survive. We loved seeing all the animals but it was extremely hot, exactly like the jungle! We then had our lunch in Roundhay park and enjoyed some games in the sun.

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Mrs Stainthorpe's Birthday

 To celebrate Mrs Stainthorpe's Birthday, we made her some lovely bunting. We worked in small groups to decorate a letter before putting them all together with string to spell out her name. 

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Releasing the Butterflies

In Year 1, we have been keeping our very own butterflies. We watched them grow from tiny lava, into a chrysalis, then finally into beautiful butterflies. We then went onto our playground to release them into the big wild world. We hope they have a lovely time!

Year 1 - Hummingbird - World cup shoot out

To celebrate the world cup, Year 1 had a penalty shoot out. We split into our four house point teams to see who could score the most points. We first had a go shooting against different goal keepers before shooting penalties against Mr Holmes! 
Today we went into the forest for our forest session. On the way, we found a mysterious letter. It was from a local fox! We wanted to write a reply but had to work out how to write back to the fox without any pencils or paper. Some children decided to write messages in the mud with sticks and some children made dens for the fox to keep him safe! It was lovely to see the children's imaginative creations.
Today we went on a minibeast hunt around the school. We first talked about the different types of minibeasts and discussed which ones we might see. We then went on a hunt around school looking in the grass, under rocks and along the walls to see which ones we could find! We was really lucky to see a butterfly on our hunt! 

Year1 - Hummingbird - Library Bus

Today the library bus came to visit year 1. We got to go onto the bus and look at all the lovely books they had. Once we had chosen a book, we took it onto the playground to read. We shared stories with our friends.

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Making invisible ink

This term in science we are looking at lots of different experiments. In today's experiment, we made invisible ink. We first predicted what we would use and we thought of different things such as lava, fairy dust and invisible pens. We then discovered that all we actually needed was paper, a cotton bus and lemon juice! Once we had drawn our designs in the lemon juice and let it dried, all we had to do was hold it up to the window, magic!  

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Meet Sally and Stanley the snails

Meet Stanley and Sally our class snails! We talked about how we can look after them and made them a new home using stuff from the forest. We then fed them some left over snack and ensured they had a drop of water to drink. "I love Stanley and Sally, they are beautiful Imogen"
Hummingbird Pirate Day - Today we celebrated the end of our pirate topic by having a pirate day! We all came to school dressed in wonderful pirate outfits. We then made our very own pirate flags using card, paint and wooden sticks. In the afternoon, we was visited by three pirates who had forgotten how to act like pirates. Luckily, we helped them out showing them our pirate moves and phrases.

Year 1 - Hummingbird's culture day and visit from 'Chill in the Community'

Today in Hummingbird class we celebrated culture day by learning all about Italy! We was luck enough to be visited by Jo and Mary from 'Chill in the Community who delivered a wonderful workshop on Italy. They taught the children how to say different Italian phrases, we played some lovely Italian games and we even got to try some Italian food! The children absolutely loved their workshop and have been practising their Italian wave! We then looked at another culture and tried out some African drumming! We had such a lovely day! 
Today we pretended we went to the country of Italy! First we made our own pizzas, before taking part in some African Drumming. After break we learnt some Italy from our Italian visitor and played some Italian music. Finally we went onto the field to eat our pizzas and play Italian football. "Making our own pizzas was exciting and they were really cheesy" Freya Luff. 

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Celebrating the Royal Wedding

The Kingfishers celebrated the Royal wedding by having a carousel of activities. We used the IPad's to paint our own Royal wedding scene along with dressing up as the Royal family, decorating cakes and making new crowns for the occasion. 
As part of our story writing week the Kingfishers went into the forest and used the natural materials to make their own magic keys. We had to intially design our key before we were allowed to make them. We then looked at each others creations and told the various groups one thing that they had done well and a tip for how they could improve their keys.

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Magic wand Forest School

Today we went into the woods to collect some perfect sticks to make wands! Once we had chosen the perfect stick, we went back to the classroom to get to work. We used string, wool, feathers, flowers and leaves to create our perfect natural wand. 

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Yoga

The children participated in a yoga class and listened to a story and acted out the various animals through Yoga.
The children went on a spring walk and into the forest. We then listened to a story about a little Spring bird who needed a new nest. The children then built the bird and new nest using the forestry around them.

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Outdoor Golden time

As the sun was shining the Kingfishers went outside for Golden time and enjoyed the outdoor area. We had reading on the new grass and building in our construction area. "This is amazing Miss Wheeler I love it out here" Harvey.

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Parachute Fun

Today we went outside to use the parachute. We played lots of different games in which we had to work as a team to win! One game we had to play, involved getting a ball through the middle of the parachute. 
Louis - 'We had to work together to get the ball through. We lifted the parachute at our side and they had to put their side to the ground'.
Today we went into the forest to continue building our dens. This time, we had different items to use such as wooden crates and tyres. We decided we needed to make our dens waterproof in case it rains. We decided to use lots of leaves to create a thick barrier against the rain. Some groups even used fallen petals to create exciting entrances to their den! 
Sophie - ''I have added bright, yellow dandelions to our den. It looks pretty so other children might come and use it''

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Painting desert islands

In our Pirate topic, we have learnt about desert islands. We have looked at where they are located in the world and what they are like. We used paint and card to create our very own desert island painting. To create the sea background, we used different shades of blue and green and waved our paintbrush to create a wavy effect.
Today in Hummingbird class, we went to the woods to complete our forest school session. We first became spring detectives, looking for a range of spring items such as brightly coloured flowers and vivid green grass. Once we had found all of our items, we then had to work in pairs to build a den. Children used lots of different materials such as twigs, logs, leaves and flowers. It was lovely to see the children working as a team to create their designs

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Pirate Practical Day

This week in our Literacy, we are writing letters to our families. We are pretending that we have been stranded on a desert island. Today in our practical day, we made our very own binoculars. Hopefully we will be able to spot a ship to save us!

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Pirate Topic Launch

We launched our Pirate topic off by going into the forest to find some Pirate treasure. We then discovered that a mystery pirate had left some clothes, coins and a note. We then made wanted posters to help track down the mystery pirate.

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Easter Egg Hunt

The Kingfishers celebrated the end of term by having an Easter Egg hunt. We had to find the numbered eggs on the playground and tick them off on our easter egg hunt chart.

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Learning about the Queens Jewels.

Year 4/3 Swimming - please note that payment for swimming lessons is now overdue. Please make payment via parent pay. Thank you
The Kingfishers had an afternoon looking at the chicks. We all got to hold a chick and learnt how to rock them to sleep.

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Science Week

In science and engineering week the children learnt how to make a space aircraft. We used art straws, sellotape and paper to make them. Finally we went outside to test them out and watched them fly around our playground.

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Sport Relief Day

To celebrate sports relief we took part in some different activities around school. The first activity was based on football skills in which we had to practise our ball control. In the second activity, we put these skills to action, shooting at goals, moving around hoops and passing to our friends. We all enjoyed the day and especially loved our sports relief song in assembly! 
Noah W - 'I loved trying to kick to ball into the goal. I scored one goal!'
For world book day we dressed up in lots of wonderful books characters. We had a singing mermaid, lots of superheros and even a Horrid Henry! The children all looked amazing in their outfits.

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Police

We was really lucky in Year 1 to be visited by a local police man. We learnt all about what policeman do, how they keep us safe and what special equipment they wear. We then got to try on his uniform, we was surprised at how heavy his jacket was! We even got to listen to his radio and send a message to a fellow police officer.
The Kingifshers celebrated World Book Day by designing and making our very own Supertato. We used potatoes, match sticks, glue and felt tips to design and make them. We then had a class photo with our finished designs. In the afternoon we explored POP ART. We made our own piece of POP art work and had to act the word out to our friends. Finally we had some time sharing our favourite books with our friends. We paired up with a person from the class and read a book to their that we really enjoyed. "Look at my Supertato it has hair and can fly really fast through the night sky" Harvey.

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Snow Day

The children played outside in the snow and learnt how to sledge down the hill. We then made a KS1 snowman and used sticks, buttons and carrots to decorate our snowman.