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Our school is a happy, exciting and caring community in which each child thrives.

Year One

Welcome to Year One!

Check out what we have been up to so far this year.  We can also look back over your time at Woodthorpe Primary, from when you started in Reception.

We had such a wonderful day in Hummingbird class on Roald Dahl Day! The children all wore beautiful costumes and we loved seeing all their different creations from a giant peach to a homemade wonka bar. We made our very own lolipops for Mr Willy Wonka and dream catchers for the BFG using paper plates, glitter and glue. We then designed our own bookmarks for when we read our own magical stories. 

Year One - Kingfisher - Our First Few Days in Year 1.

In Year 1, we started our Traditional Tales topic by having a launch afternoon. The children went into the forest and had to find the clues for the various Traditional Tales. We then came back together and used the items that we had found to retell the Story of 'Jack and The Beanstalk'.
In Maths we have been working on our number formation and used the numicon to help us to count accurately.

RMB - Pirate Day

RMB - Pirate Day  1

Our Chicks

This week the children have had a lovely couple of days learning about chicks.  When the eggs arrived, we made predictions about what we thought the chicks might look like when they hatched.  It was magical coming into school on Wednesday morning and watching some of them hatching from their eggs.  Today we enjoyed the 'Chick Ceremony' as we put the hatched chicks into their new tank.  We are so excited watching them grow and change.

New Sandpit!

New Sandpit!  1
We are so lucky - Reuben's Dad and his friends from Joseph Trust came to build us a new giant sand pit today! We can't wait to get our sand!

Reception meet some Firefighters!

Reception meet some Firefighters!  1
Reception meet some Firefighters!  2
We were very lucky today when some firefighters brought their fire engine into the playground. They talked to us about what firefighters do and showed us some of the special equipment on the fire engine. We got to sit in the cab and had a go with the hose they use to put out the fires.

Reception Class - Chinese New Year

Reception Class - Chinese New Year  1
Reception Class - Chinese New Year  2
Reception Class - Chinese New Year  3
In Reception Class we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We welcomed two Chinese students, Daisy and Yesi to our classroom and we learnt about traditions and customs surrounding the festival. We enjoyed making Chinese dragon puppets and lucky red envelopes.

RMB - Reptile Roadshow

RMB - Reptile Roadshow  1
RMB - Reptile Roadshow  2
RMB - Reptile Roadshow  3
RMB - Reptile Roadshow  4
Today we were very lucky because Liam's auntie brought lots of reptiles from her Reptile Roadshow into school for us to learn about. We went in the hall and she told us a little bit about the snakes. Some of us even held them!

RMB - Space Dome!

RMB - Space Dome!  1
We were really lucky today because we got to go inside a real space dome.
First we found out a little bit about the sun and the 8 different planets.
Then we found out how to build a rocket and we blasted off into space for a space adventure.
We looked at all the stars and the moon.
It was very exciting. We had lots of fun!

RMB - Forest Walk

RMB - Forest Walk  1
RMB - Forest Walk  2
This week on our forest walk we collected logs together and made a fire circle. We talked about how important it is to always walk around the circle rather than through it.

Reception Children in France!

Reception Children in France! 1
Reception Children in France! 2
We were really lucky to be joined by four teachers from France this week. They helped us to discover lots about what France is like. Camille, one of our French visitors, read us a story in French about a big green monster!  We listened really well and tried to work out what was happening in the story - it was really funny! We also shared a French breakfast with our friends.

Culture Week

Culture Week 1
Culture Week 2
Culture Week 3
Culture Week 4
Culture Week 5
Reception have loved learning about Indian culture this week. We've learnt to Bollywood dance with Caitlin and performed our own version of an Indian traditional tale to our friends in Key Stage 1. We've discovered what Indian people like to wear and eat. We've even made and tasted one of their favourite drinks - a mango lassi! We've made our own Diva lamps and decorated them using a repeating pattern. We've experimented with colour and pattern creating Rangoli chalk patterns and our teachers had Mendhi patterns on their hands using Henna.

Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday!

Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 1
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 2
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 3
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 4
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 5
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 6
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 7
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 8
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 9
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 10
Pancake Fun on Shrove Tuesday! 11
It's Shrove Tuesday! We learnt about the traditions around Lent and made some pancakes! We carefully measured out the ingredients, checking we had reached the correct numeral on the measuring jug. Then we mixed the ingredients together.
This afternoon we tasted pancakes and chose our favourite topping. Then we voted and made a graph to see which was the most popular topping. We counted up and golden syrup was the most popular!

'The Bog Baby' - Forest Walk

'The Bog Baby' - Forest Walk 1
'The Bog Baby' - Forest Walk 2
'The Bog Baby' - Forest Walk 3
'The Bog Baby' - Forest Walk 4
'The Bog Baby' - Forest Walk 5
'The Bog Baby' - Forest Walk 6
This week before we set off on our forest walk we read the story 'The Bog Baby'.
When we got to the forest we looked for our very own Bog babies. Then we gave them names, thought about what they like to eat and do and made homes for them.

Nativity 2015 (Nursery)

Nativity 2015 (Nursery) 1

Mud Pie Arts (2015/2016 Nursery)

Mud Pie Arts (2015/2016 Nursery) 1
Mud Pie Arts (2015/2016 Nursery) 2
Mud Pie Arts (2015/2016 Nursery) 3
Mud Pie Arts (2015/2016 Nursery) 4


Nursery, Early Years and Key Stage 1 welcomed the theatrical experience of 'Mud Pie' enabling children to get stuck in to the story. This approach is believed to enhance a child's communication, confidence, language and empathy skills which form the foundation of every child's development and success.

Fireworks (2015 / 2016 Nursery)

Fireworks (2015 / 2016 Nursery) 1 Look at the lovely firework pictures we made!
Fireworks (2015 / 2016 Nursery) 2 We used lots of different techniques.
Fireworks (2015 / 2016 Nursery) 3 We drew patterns in sparkles and sand.
Fireworks (2015 / 2016 Nursery) 4 We used paint flicking techniques.
We learnt about Remembrance Day. We talked together at nursery about how it is important to remember all the people who fought to make our country safe. We all made a poppy and went outside and held up our poppies to remember. Then we made our own field of poppies by each putting our poppies in the grass.

Remembrance Day (2015 / 2016 Nursery)

Remembrance Day (2015 / 2016 Nursery) 1
Remembrance Day (2015 / 2016 Nursery) 2
Remembrance Day (2015 / 2016 Nursery) 3
Remembrance Day (2015 / 2016 Nursery) 4

(2015 / 2016 Nursery)


Look at the work we have done in our first weeks at nursery!

We learnt all about shapes whilst making our lovely stained-glass windows. We have also been learning about mini beasts and looked at different pictures of spiders and experimented with different ways to make our own.

We painted pictures of spiders using straws to blow the paint and paper plates and wool to make our webs.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3