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Year Six

Year Six

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Six.

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Year 6 - Eagles & Hawks - Train Visit

Half of year 6 went on the train from York to Harrogate. We explored Harrogate train station and learnt about all of the different jobs available at Northern Rail. The most exciting part was making the train arrival announcements over the tannoy.

Year 6 - Eagles & Hawks - Green Apples

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to York St John University where they learnt about all of the courses and opportunities available after leaving college. We explored the various aspects of university through playing games and taking a tour of the campus. We were amazed at the wide range of courses available and many of us are eager to join a society and become a student!

Year 6 - Hawks & Eagles - Buddhism

Year 6 had a wonderful morning learning about Buddhism. We re-enacted the story of Buddha, learnt about life as a monk and created a shrine with offerings.

Year 6 - Hawks - World culture day

Hawks and Eagles celebrated Brazil for World Culture Day.
Using paper, Year 6 designed and created their own carnival outfits and enjoyed parading them on a catwalk.

Year 6 - Eagles - Judo

Year 6 took part in a taster Judo session. We were a little nervous at first but when we discovered that Judo means, "gentle way", we felt much more confident. We learnt techniques that allow you to defend yourself in a safe and controlled way.