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Year Six

Welcome to Year six!

Check out what we have been up to so far this year.  We can also look back over your previous year at Woodthorpe Primary.

Year 6 - Tpoic Launch

On the 6th and 7th of September, year five and six were launched into 1940’s life and attended a military camp including: Mrs Humprey’s rationed (freshly picked) apple and blackberry crumble, Miss Taylor’s emergency shelter building, Miss Illingworth’s persuasive propaganda and Sargent Burns’ boot camp! The children had a brilliant time, despite the forfeit squats, press ups (!), and are really looking forward to their WWII topic for the rest of the term.

We loved spending part of the afternoon with the chicks! Look how tiny and fluffy they are! We all had a chance to hold the chicks and we even spent time showing the nursery children them. Miss Brookes was extremely impressed with how sensible we were and how carefully we handled the chicks.
The RSPCA joined us for the afternoon and talked to us about animal welfare and safety. We took part in different activities and understood the importance of making sure we look after all animals and treat them with the respect and care they deserve.
On Friday 16th June, year 5 and 6 organised a tea party in aid of breast cancer research. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of local shops and businesses, whom supplied prizes and ingredients for the afternoon tea and overjoyed at everybody that was able to attend. We raised a fantastic: £410! Every penny of which, will go towards providing a range of information and support services for anyone affected by breast cancer, including friends and family of the person diagnosed. A huge thank you to everybody that got involved, we really do appreciate it!
We spent this afternoon creating mood boards to help us with our poetry! We had a great afternoon tasting foods and up levelling our descriptive language to describe the foods, using all our senses to create the very best language possible. We can now use our mood boards to help us plan our sonnets and then we will show how much we have learnt when we write our sonnets, ensuring they follow all the features.

5HBr Learning About Breakfast!

We've had a brilliant afternoon in 5HBr learning about how our breakfast reaches our breakfast table. We've learnt about the journey of milk, oranges and rice pops and how many miles these foods have to travel in order to get to our mouths. We were amazed to find out the process that these foods go through and what countries they can originate from. We couldn't believe that rice pops can come all the way from Vietnam! Our task was to create a comic strip to show this impressive journey! We won't take our food for granted now as we know how much goes into us being able to eat the foods we enjoy so much! Have a look at our brilliant work!

Check out our Summer 1 Topic Homework!

Creative ideas in RE

Creative ideas in RE 1
Creative ideas in RE 2
Creative ideas in RE 3
Creative ideas in RE 4
What a fantastic afternoon! We used the medium of art to design an original piece on what we believed God to be like. Many of us had some fantastic, creative ideas and our skill of using paintbrushes and paint effectively was clear. We are also showing off our new talents of shading and using different materials to create different textures.

RE in 5HB

During RE day, we all took part in a number of different cookery activities, which all used fresh ingredients. We all participated and took a role in the different tasks we needed to do in order to prepare the food efficiently. Obviously, the best part was when we got to taste the delicious recipes that we had all worked so hard on!

Swirling, Whirling Tornadoes!

Swirling, Whirling Tornadoes! 1
Swirling, Whirling Tornadoes! 2
Swirling, Whirling Tornadoes! 3
Swirling, Whirling Tornadoes! 4
Swirling, whirling tornadoes! We have created some super artwork, showing off our skills in the use of line, colour and shading to create fantastic 3D effects! Some of us progressed so much with our use of shading, which we weren't so confident with at the beginning of the sessions. However, perseverance certainly pays off when you produce a piece of artwork that is of such a high standard and clearly depicts a tornado terrorising its way through the landscape.

English Topic

English Topic 1
English Topic 2
English Topic 3
English Topic 4
In English and Topic, we have been learning about Jamie Oliver's healthy school meals campaign and the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. This is so that we can send letters to Jamie, outlining the difference we feel it has made (especially in terms of our own school lunches). Kelly from the canteen came to visit us to talk about the effects Jamie Oliver's initiative has had on the food she prepares daily for our school meals and we gained so much from her fantastic 20-30 year knowledge of the food industry! Kelly was really impressed with our well thought-out questions.

Dangerous Disasters

At the end of last half term, 5HBR ended their Dangerous Disasters unit on a high! We were asked to perform a piece of music (using percussion instruments) in order to create the effects of a storm! Our team work was superb! We really thought about the way we could create the sounds of rain, lightning, thunder, etc, and also how we could use our bodies to add extra effects. Our performances were of such high quality and we used each of the instruments to great effect.


Humanism 1
Humanism 2
Humanism 3
On Tuesday 4th April, Ian Hodgson from North Yorkshire Humanist Society came to talk to us all about humanism and what it means to be a humanist. We were all extremely interested by his fascinating presentation and his fun and engaging activities. This has been a brilliant addition to our RE topic and we are looking forward to learning about and exploring other different religions and perspectives.

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