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Year Three

Year Three

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Three.

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Year 3 - Magpie - Remembrance Day

All week we have been learning about Remembrance day and thinking about why the poppy is so symbolic of World Wars. Together, as a class, we have made this beautiful piece of art. We thought that each poppy could symbolise an individual who fought in the war. 
To Celebrate Diwali, we first learnt what Diwali is and why it is celebrated. We learnt that Diwali is the five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. We discovered, Diwali celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. We then made our very own rangoli patterns. We first drew out our design before using different shades of sand to fill the different sections in'
Lacey - J ' I created a flower design and used different shades of pink sand'

Year 3 - Magpie - Divali

After studying Rangoli patterns in class and learning about the special meaning of the patterns, Magpies ventured into the forest to create their very own works of art. There were so many pretty coloured leaves that we perfect for our task!

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Reading

In Woodpecker class we have spent time reading with our friends in order to complete our reading chart, we was only a few ticks away! We spent time reading to and hearing other children read, before writing a lovely comment in their reading records. We enjoyed hearing different stories and listening to the different voices children used for the different characters.
Sebastian - 'I enjoyed listening to Alyssia read,it was a funny story and we laughed together'.

Year 3 - Magpie - Kit Kat

In Magpie class we have been creating a time line to show when the different editions of Kit Kat came out! We were amazed to find out Kit Kats used to be a box of chocolate and the wafer bar was only invented due to a suggestion from one of Rowntree's workers. We discovered that the orange flavour kit kat was the first flavour variant to be used and that the chunky kit kat came out in 1999! One team were successful at ordering the different types of kit kat.
On Tuesday, Woodpeckers visited the York chocolate Story in town. We first learnt about the chocolate making process before watching a a professional make chocolates for us to try. We then got to make our very own chocolate lollies. We could choose from a range of toppings, we all loved the caramel pieces! After out visit to the factory, we went on a chocolate trail around town. Here, we saw Joseph Rowntree's first ever shop and counted how many chocolate shops we could see in York, we counted 13! Miss Newson was incredibly proud of the children's behaviour. 
Magpies had a brilliant time at York Chocolate story this week. The children became chocolatiers and even made their own chocolate lolly... they were delicious! We were all mesmerised when watching how a chocolate could be filled with ganache and we could not believe that the snickers bar is actually the top selling chocolate bar in the world! It was a fantastic day and a great way to further our understanding of history of chocolate. 

Year 3 - Magpie - Mayans

In Magpies we have been learning all about the Mayans and their love of chocolate. We have learned so many interesting facts, including how they believed that chocolate was a food from the Gods! 

The children have been drawing their own pictures of the Mayans and have then used watercolours to create some beautiful pieces of art. 


In Woodpecker class, we have been learning about The Maya's, the first people to discover chocolate. We looked at the Maya's cave paintings and discussed the style and colours they used. They used different shades of reds and browns and strong, bold lines. We then created our own Maya art work using poster paint. We experimented mixing our own different shades. 


Ruby - 'I made a darker shade of red by adding a really small amount of brown. I painted in the same direction to make my painting neat'.

On Monday, Woodpecker class visited the library bus. We worked with Finch class to help them choose a story and listened to them read. It was lovely to see the two year groups working together to support each others learning. We had a lovely time and enjoyed hearing so many new and exciting stories. 

Year 3 - Magpie - Library Bus

Magpie Class had a fantastic time sharing books with Robin Class on Monday, when the library bus came. We even found some books linking to the Year Three animal- the panda!


Year 3 2018 - 2019 Please see above. 

Year 3 - Magpie - Chocolate

In Year 3 we are learning all about chocolate this half term! To launch our topic, we have been making chocolate lollies and designing the packaging for them. We have thought carefully too about how the chocolate changes state when it is being turned into a lolly. As well as this, we have written a set of instructions explaining the different steps we completed. The children have had so much fun making their creations and it has been a fabulous way to start Year 3!

Year 3 - Magpie - Barley Hall and the Minster Trip

Magpie class have had a fantastic trip to Barley Hall this week learning all about the terrific Tudors! We learned how the rich individuals would show how wealthy they were by having tiles on their floor and inviting guests to large banquets. We also learned about the different methods of treating poorly patients in Tudor times- we were all shocked at how bizarre some of their thoughts and treatments were! Finally we were able to look round the fantastic Minster and we discovered the reasons for it needing several refurbishments. We were able to try on various outfits and looked at different Roman artefacts. Our favourite part was looking underneath the glass floor where we could see the remains of a Roman column!

Year 3 - Magpie - Handwriting Competition

Recently, in Class Magpie there has been an intense competition running. The competition was aimed at the children improving their handwriting and showing progress. The children have been trying so hard to win the incredible prizes on offer and they have become very competitive! The winners were Lillyanne, Harry, Ava and Jimmy. Well done super handwriting stars!
We had a fun, full-packed day on World Culture Day! To begin with, we shared our outfits- Miss Kay was very impressed at the effort we had all gone to! We then looked at a Spanish artist, Picasso, and his famous faces and created our own with oil pastels. Following this, we had an African drumming session and the opportunity to do some Spanish dancing!

Year 3 - Magpie - Circuits

This week we have been learning all about electricity! We have learnt what the different symbols in a circuit represent and what is needed to make a circuit work. Josh and Layla were the first pair to make a working circuit with a motor in!
Last week we created our clay dragons for St George's day! We had so much fun making and painting them! Here are pictures of us holding our dragons.

Year 3 - Magpie - Colour Wheel

This week Magpies have been experimenting with paint and learning all about the primary and secondary colours. The children were fascinated at how the colours could vary in shade and tone, depending on how much of each you added! We are using our new knowledge to paint our clay dragons that we have been making.

Year 3 - Magpie - Reading

Magpie have really been taking advantage of the glorious sunshine we have had recently! On several occasions, we have read outside this week and have absolutely loved it! We have shared our reading books with our friends and have read to each other too.

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - World Book Day!

We had such a fun day celebrating World Book Day on Monday! We got to dress up as our favourite characters and Miss Miller from reception visited us and read us a story!

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Premier Sport

We had so much fun on Monday with Mr Harrison! We got to do some boxing and learnt many cool things about the sport! We even got to put on the boxing gloves and practice some moves!

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

We had so much fun at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Even in the snow, we managed to see lots of animals, such as polar bears, lions and camels. We got the chance to hold cockroaches and even stroke a snake! We were so brave, Miss Tutill couldn’t even stroke it because she was scared! Overall, it was a fantastic day and Miss Tutill was really proud of how well we represented the school!