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Year Two

Year Two

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Two.

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Year 2 - Finch - Painting Snow Leopards

Year 2 have been busy learning about snow leopards for our new writing genre, non-chronological reports. We learnt some key facts to help us paint our snow leopards. We worked really hard to create their smoky grey fur using different tones and brushstrokes.

Year 2 2018 - 2019 Please see above. 

Last Friday, Year 2 went to Tropical World in Leeds. We saw all different minibeasts and some of the butterflies even landed on our hands! We then had lunch and explored Roundhay Park. We had a great day and our teachers we so proud of us! 
Year 2 had a fantastic time at Tropical World as part of our 'Minibeasts' topic. We especially loved the butterfly gardens and saw some beautiful butterflies! We were very lucky to have amazing weather, and had a picnic and played games in Roundhay Park afterwards.

Year 2 - Finch - Minibeast Hunt

Year 2 went to the forest on a minibeast hunt. We found bees, woodlice, butterflies, snails, beetles and even a tiny caterpillar!

Year 2 - Robin - Pirate Day

We loved being pirates for the day in the Finch class! We designed our own treasure maps and took part in a really exciting drama workshop with some real pirates!!
We were very lucky to have Mr Crilley come in and teach us some African drumming. We loved learning how to play the drums and we managed to all play in time towards the end of our session!
'I thought the drumming was really good and everyone enjoyed it' Heather

Year 2 - Robin - World Culture Day

We had a fabulous day in Year 2 and the children’s costumes were brilliant! Throughout the day we did lots of things to do with India including discussing traditional dress which some of the children came in. We learnt what is was like to be a child in India and the differences tween here and in India! In the afternoon we made peacocks using different art materials. We found out that the peacock is the national bird of India.

Year 2 - Finch - Yoga Workshop

Finch loved their Yoga Workshop with Tatty Bumpkin today! We stretched, balanced and explored different yoga poses, including the dolphin, oyster and seahorse poses.

Year 2 - Finch - Summer One Fire Engine Visit

To finish off our 'Superheroes' topic we were visited by some people who work for the fire service. We had a talk about fire safety and then we all got to sit in the fire engine!

Year 2 - Finch - Spring Two Nurse Visit

As part of our 'Superheroes' topic we learned about real life heroes. Tahlia's Grandma is a nurse and came to visit us to talk about her job. We even got to roleplay!

Year 2 - Finch - Spring Two Science and Engineering Week

For Science and Engineering Week we designed and then made a new home for the chicks.

Year 2 - Finch - Spring One Chinese Dance Workshop

For Chinese New Year we had a Chinese Dance Workshop, where we learned about the zodiac animals and some of their stories. We then learned a dance which told the story of the dragon.

Year 2 - Finch - Spring One RE and Culture Day

We spent the morning learning about the Islamic religion and decorated the symbol of Islam. In the afternoon we learned some French and looked at France's famous landmarks and events. We then did a collage of the French flag.

Year 2 - Robin - YoYo Workshop

Last week YOYO came in and taught us all about Easter and why Christians celebrate the way they do. We learnt a song and all performed it in the hall. We then had a workshop where we were taught a little bit more about Easter. 

Year 2 - Robin - Sport Relief Friday Activities

As part of the sport relief launch we have had premier sports and i2i in to teach us some ball skills. 

Year 2 - Robin - Science and Engineering

This week we had the chicks delivered! As part of Science and Engineering Week we designed and constructed some houses for the chicks. We thought about what they might need in their houses and the used different materials to build it.