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Our school is a happy, exciting and caring community in which each child thrives.

Year Two

Welcome to Year Two!

Check out what we have been up to so far this year.  We can also look back over your time at Woodthorpe Primary, from when you started in Reception.

In our literacy this week we have been learning all about instructions. We followed a recipe to help George make a Marvellous Medicine for granny. We used flies, worms, teeth, lips, spiders eggs and yellow slime, YUCK!
Welcome to Year 2
Our new topic is traditional tales and we have been doing lots of exciting things such as making gingerbread men and houses, drawing and painting forests and making a map for Little Red Riding Hood. We are looking forward to all the different tales we will be reading.
Roald Dahl Day
To celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday we came to school dressed as our favourite character from his books. We had some amazing characters in Year 2. Miss Thompson and Miss Brookes were so impressed with everybody!
To celebrate we did a character description of Mr Twit, we thought of all sorts of horrible words to describe him!
We then made a collage of Mr Twit using items we found from the forest such as leaves, twigs and grass.
To finish off our day we made some beautiful dream jars. We thought of our favourite dreams and added them to our jars.

1KW - Learning about Australia

As part of our culture week, we looked at the country Australia. Frist we received a message from some relations of Miss Wheelers who live in Australia and had to write them a post card. We then looked at Aboriginal Art and used paint and ear buds to make our very own art. Finally, we explored and researched about The Great Barrier Reef. We made our very own under the sea puppets along with making a musical storm in the forest.

1KW celebrated Pirate Day by painting pirate portraits, a Pirate fashion show and making parrots. We also went on a treasure hunt around school and had to solve the various clues. We then went to woods and had to achieve a challenge of building our very own Pirate ships. Finally we went in the hall to look through all of our amazing photos of our day. 

1KW Butterflies!

Class 1KW celebrating the end of the mini beast topic by releasing their butterflies!
Year 1 had an absolutely amazing time at Flamingo land Zoo. We saw lots of fantastic animals from giraffes
and baboons to a baby wallaby! We learnt all about the animals different habitats and how they survive. Miss Newson and Miss Wheeler were incredibly proud of all the children's behaviour

1KW Went to Flamingo Land!

1KW went to Flamingo Land. We had a workshop and looked at the life cycles of many different animals including a frog, snake, and stick insect. We then went on a tour around the Zoo and looked at various animals including a Rhino, Giraffe, Penguins and a Kangaroo. Finally we visited the bird show and got the opportunity to meet a Mascow parrot up close.

Check out our Spring Topic Homework!

We designed our own mini beast houses.  We then went into the forest to use the natural materials to build them.
We have been learning all about mini beasts in our topic lessons this week. At the start of the week, we designed our very own 'Bug Hotels'. We thought carefully about the different types of things the mini beasts might enjoy such as leaves to eat and a plank to help them get into the hotel. We drew some beautiful designs and added fantastic labels and key words. In our next topic lesson, we went into the woods to start building the hotels! We gathered different sized twigs, leaves and grass to start making the hotels. Our bug hotels looked amazing and we are sure the mini beasts will love them!

Mini Beast Hunt!

Mini Beast Hunt! 1
Mini Beast Hunt! 2
Mini Beast Hunt! 3
Mini Beast Hunt! 4
Mini Beast Hunt! 5
Mini Beast Hunt! 6
In 1KW we went on a minibeast hunt as an introduction to our topic. We had to use the magnifying glasses and sheet to help us find the various mini beasts. 

Culture Week

Culture Week 1
Culture Week 2
Culture Week 3
Culture Week 4
Culture Week 5
Culture Week 6
This week has been culture week and in Year 1, we have been learning all about Africa! We have focused on the book 'Handa's Suprise' in which a little girl called Handa makes a journey to see her friend with lots of exotic fruits. We designed our own fruit baskets and added labels. We then looked at the different ways in which African children live, discussing their homes, schools and the things they eat and drink. We wanted to experience what it would be like for these children so in our PE lesson, we had a challenge! One of our challenges was to balance a beanbag on our head, pretending it was a huge bucket of water, we all did extremely well. We have also been making lots of African art including some beautiful sunset pictures using paint and material. 

RE Day

RE Day 1
RE Day 2
RE Day 3
RE Day 4
RE Day 5
Today we celebrated a whole day of RE, focusing on the Easter Story. We began the day by looking at the Easter story in the Bible, discussing how Jesus would have felt at different times in the story. We then made our very own Easter Sunday scene using different coloured card. After break time we discussed the different ways in which people celebrate Easter before making our very own Easter cards. In the afternoon, we were very lucky to have a talk from a Minister. He discussed the Easter story with us all before sharing ways we could be helpful to our friends and family. We had such a lovely RE day.

Church Visit

Church Visit 1
Church Visit 2
Church Visit 3
Church Visit 4

Fun on the Field!

Fun on the Field! 1
Fun on the Field! 2
Fun on the Field! 3
Fun on the Field! 4

As a Woodthorpe Value, sport is something we really enjoy! We regularly take part in a range of competitive and team sports, developing our skills and improving our fitness.

1KW Celebrating Shrove Tuesday

1KW Celebrating Shrove Tuesday 1
1KW Celebrating Shrove Tuesday 2

Reptile Day

Reptile Day 1
Reptile Day 2
Reptile Day 3
Reptile Day 4
Reptile Day 5
The children loved seeing and holding a range of different reptiles! We learnt all about the different things reptiles need to survive and how to best look after them. 

Visit from Farmer Carl!

Visit from Farmer Carl! 1
Visit from Farmer Carl! 2
Visit from Farmer Carl! 3
Visit from Farmer Carl! 4
Visit from Farmer Carl! 5
Farm Visit - We had a visit from a local farmer called Carl! He brought along Henrietta the Hen and Spotty the Lamb. We learnt all about the different animals on the farm and how Carl looks after them. We got to carefully stroke Henrietta and feed Spotty his bottle. We had such a lovely time.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day - The children all looked fantastic in their World Book Day costumes! We spent the day looking at George's marvellous medicine by Roald Dahl. We first designed a brand new recipe for Grandma before going outside to test it! We also enjoyed lots of lovely stories throughout the day, with a visit from the library and we even read stories to each other! 

Reception Nativity (2015/2016)

Reception Nativity (2015/2016) 1
Reception Nativity (2015/2016) 2
Reception Nativity (2015/2016) 3
Reception Nativity (2015/2016) 4
Reception Nativity (2015/2016) 5
Reception Nativity (2015/2016) 6