Woodthorpe Primary School

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Although part of a Multi-Academy Trusty, we continue to follow the City of York Admissions Policy and the admissions process is managed by the City or York Council’s Admissions Department. This means that we normally take children who live in the school’s catchment area.  There may occasionally be times when this leaves the school with spare places – under these circumstances it may be possible for pupils who live outside the catchment area to gain a place. In the event of the school being over-subscribed, the City of York Council will allocate places according to its Admission criteria (see CYC Admissions Booklet).  Parents who are unable to obtain a place for their child have the right to an independent appeal.



Key dates for starting primary, infant or junior school in September 2019:

  • 15 January 2019 - deadline for applications
  • 16 April 2019 - National Offer Day
  • 4 June 2019 - deadline for return of appeal forms if appealing
  • 19 June 2019 - first date appeals may be held
  • 19 July 2019 - final date appeals are planned to be held
The planned number of places (PAN) for Reception in September 2020 is 60 and for Year 3 in September 2020 is 60