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Chinese New Year

Ducklings have really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. We listened to the story of the Zodiac and loved the animal race. We learnt that this year it is the year of the rat. We also enjoyed watching a video about how a little girl called Abbie celebrates Chinese New Year with her family, wearing traditional Chinese outfits, playing with Chinese resources in the home corner, feeding out puppet dragon, practising using chopsticks, hunting for golden coins in the sand to go in our lucky Chinese envelopes that we made, copying Chinese symbols outside, ordering the animals from the Chinese Zodiac and re-telling the story, drawing animals, collecting ‘lucky’ red things from around our classroom, counting Chinese objects and making playdough dragons as well as creating our own Chinese dragon puppets too!

“I can use the stick for noodles” Mason said.

“Happy Chinese New Year!” Lucy said.