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Forest School

Year 4 - Osprey - Witch in the woods

Year 4 - Owl - Missing Witch

Year 3 - Magpie - Panda Research

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Giant Panda

Year 1 - Hummingbirds - Autumn

Reception - Cygnets - Clay faces in the forest

Forest School 2018 - 2019 Please see above 

Duckling - Mini-beast Hunt

Duckling’s class enjoyed hunting for mini-beasts in the woods. We searched high and low to see what we could find – we even checked up in the trees too!

EYFS - Mobiles

EYFS Miss Smithson’s class

Today we enjoyed collecting things from the forest to make a woodland mobile with.

We helped each other to tie our things onto our stick and then found a special place to hang them in the tress.

EYFS - Making Minibeasts

EYFS Miss Smithson’s class
We have been hunting for mini-beasts at the forest today.

We looked at them carefully and then used clay and natural materials to make some of our own.

Can you guess what we have made?

EYFS - Forest Paintings

EYFS Miss Smithson’s class

We made our own paint at the forest today. We mixed up leaves, grass, mud and other things we found to see what colours we could make.

We also used some paint that Mrs Balmer brought and enjoyed painting forest pictures.

EYFS Finding Fairies

EYFS Miss Smithson’s class

This week at the forest we went hunting for fairies.

We very quietly crept around looking for them and then made some of our own.