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The geography curriculum at Woodthorpe Primary seeks to give pupils a solid foundation and broad overview into some of the most important factors that affect the world we live in and helps them to develop a comprehensive understanding of place. The curriculum gives pupils a strong grounding in world geography and provides them with the opportunity to compare their local area of Woodthorpe to settlements within the UK and beyond. While studying these periods, the units explore themes of environmental change, human impact on the world and natural phenomenon. 


Progression within our geography curriculum is clear: it starts with what is familiar to children and extends outwards. Progression in fieldwork skills is built across units and offers rich opportunities for mapping, technical drawing and exploring the environment in a concrete physical way. Other units offer scope for pupils to use digital resources, globes and atlases to explore regions. Key technical vocabulary is mapped onto each unit, allowing children to build a rich bank of geographical language.


Our curriculum is deliberately ambitious. It challenges pupils to make connections across place and time and sets up pupils for a life-long love and understanding of an important subject, while providing a foundation of understanding that will make them curious, active citizens of this country and the world.

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