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Health and Safety Policy



Approved by Trustees March 2018
Adopted by Governing Body: Spring 2018
Review Timetable: 3 years
Renewal Date: March 2021


As a responsible employer, the South Bank Academy Trust Board is committed to the following:

 Ensuring that the Health, Safety and Welfare of all its employees are of equal importance to all of its other commitments.
 Ensuring that the Health, Safety and Welfare of all its Pupils, Parents, Visitors and other Stakeholders (such as Trustees, Governors, visiting professionals etc) are of equal importance to all of its other commitments.

 Ensuring that the level of Health and Safety performance across the Trust is consistent with best practice in education.
 Recognising the importance of suitable and up-to-date training in order to assist staff in properly understanding their responsibilities and ensuring that they can carry out their duties in a safe manner.
 Ensuring that the importance of safety is shared with contractual workers and regular visitors to all schools in the Trust.

 Ensuring full co-operation with key partners, such as Trade Unions, City of York Council, public bodies, other local employees and any regulatory bodies.
 Ensuring that a culture of openness is encouraged, so that employees can learn from experience across all schools within the Trust, in order to further improve and develop best practice.
 Ensuring that policy and procedure is regularly revisited and revised, so that documents are current, reflect recent experiences and advice, and are fully understood by all employees.


Page Content
1 Statement of intent
2 Contents
3 Introduction and linked policies
3 Purpose
4 The duty of the employee
4 Roles and responsibilities
6 The role of the Headteacher
6 The role of individual members of staff
6 The role of Trustees
6 Managing a major disaster



1.1 This policy emanates from the need for the governors and Headteacher of each academy within the trust to demonstrate through a range of effective practices their commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment for all.


1.2 This policy sets out procedures and guidelines that enable each academy and the Trust itself to demonstrate that they comply with the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the regulations made under this Act. This includes the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, including the requirement for employers to take all reasonable steps to ensure that staff and pupils are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. This applies to activities on and off the school sites.


1.3 The procedures and guidelines set out in this policy also ensure that the health and safety of all visitors to the site is taken into account.

1.4 This policy and its procedures should be applied in addition to and alongside the following policies:

 Safeguarding & Child Protection
 Lone Working
 Business Continuity & Recovery Plan
 Staff Code of Conduct
 First Aid
 Manual Handling
 Working at height
 Medical Needs
 Educational Visits


2.1 The purpose of this policy is to set out the way in which each academy is required to assess the risks that school activities and school premises could potentially have on staff, pupils and visitors.


2.2 This policy also sets out how each academy is required to establish and maintain the necessary health and safety measures to manage the identified risks.

2.3 This policy requires each academy to understand and follow the following four steps for the appropriate management of risk:

i. Identify the potential for risk;
ii. Introduce measures to manage risks;
iii. Inform employees about the risks and measures taken to manage them;
iv. Ensure employees receive adequate training on health and safety matters.


2.4 This policy is relevant to the following areas of risk (NB: This is not an exclusive list):
 Accidents
 Individual medical needs or disabilities
 Use of resources, substances and equipment
 Fire
 Legionella
 Asbestos
 Security matters
 Manual handling
 Educational visits off-site
 Working at height
 Lone working
 Criminal actions
 Contact with inappropriate people
 A major disaster

 Aggressive/violence incidents
 Infection control
 Slips & trips
 Stress
 Workplace Transport



3.1 Employees are required by law to have regard to their own health and safety and that of others affected by their work. They must cooperate with the employer on health and safety matters, perform their duties in accordance with training and instructions and inform their employer of any situation in work that represents an immediate serious danger so that appropriate action can be taken.


3.2 Teachers and other staff in schools, when in charge of pupils, have an additional, common law duty to act as any prudent parent would.

3.3 All Trust employees are provided with guidance about Health & Safety as part of their induction. There is an obligation, as set out in 2.1 above, for employees to follow that guidance surrounding their own safety and that of others while at work.

3.4 Where the employee has been provided with specific training in relation to their role, there is an obligation, as set out in 2.1 above, for the employee to adhere to the requirements of that training and to inform their employer immediately if they experience any difficulty in doing so.


3.5 All academy staff have a responsibility to advise the Headteacher of any situations, equipment or activities that are potentially hazardous to the health and safety of staff, pupils and visitors.


4.1 Each academy within the Trust will clearly identify the named person(s) for the following discrete responsibilities:

 Site Manager / Senior Site Manager
 Site Asbestos Liaison Officer (SALO)
 Site Legionella Representative (SLR)
 Responsible person for Fire Safety
 First Aider(s)
 Educational Visits Co-ordinator
 Risk Assessment Manager
 Designated Safeguarding Officer
 Medical Needs Manager


4.2 These named individuals will be identified individually and visibly in the academy’s entrance area.

4.3 The key functions of these individual roles are set out in Appendix One and will be incorporated into the relevant Job Descriptions.



5.1 It is the responsibility of the Headteacher to:

 Manage all H & S matters in accordance with this policy
 Draw the attention of staff to this policy and associated procedures
 Ensure that appropriate induction is provided specific to the postholder’s individual needs, including a relevant Handbook or workplace instruction
 Ensure that staff receive H & S training appropriate to their role and responsibilities
 Ensure that appropriate emergency procedures are in place
 Arrange for termly practices of emergency evacuation procedures
 Ensure that risk assessments are carried out as required, putting measures in place to reduce risk where needed
 Ensure that all relevant incidents/accidents are reported to the Trust’s chosen H & S provider, using the agreed incident form
 Ensure that records are made of all incidents where First Aid is given
 Ensure that no works are carried out by the Site Manager or any contractor, without prior consideration of the Asbestos Management requirements
 Seek support and advice from the Trust’s chosen H & S provider to resolve any problems


6.1 It is the responsibility of all staff to:

 Share responsibility for the management of H & S, with support from the Headteacher and Governing Board
 Take reasonable care of their own H & S and that of anyone else who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work
 Ensure that relevant policies, procedures and guidance are followed at all times
 Ensure that there is no intentional interference with, or misuse of, anything provided by the school, in the interests of the health, safety and welfare of everyone in the school building
 Reinforce the importance of school rules when moving around school and using school equipment
 Use any equipment, substances or safety devices in accordance with instructions and training
 Explain to pupils the safest way to carry out tasks and instructions
 Provide effective supervision of pupils in order to minimise the risk of accidents or incidents
 Report immediately to the Headteacher any observed risks to H & S in and around school


7.1 It is the responsibility of the Trustees to ensure that the effective management of Health & Safety in each academy is overseen by the Local Governing Board, in order to:


 Ensure that the academy complies with local and national H & S requirements
 Establish and maintain safe working practices and procedures for staff and pupils
 Ensure that procedures set out in this policy (and related policies) are followed

 Ensure that a termly inspection of the premises (internal and external) takes place, identifying and responding promptly to any safety concerns
 Ensure that appropriate Risk Assessments are carried out and regularly reviewed
 Ensure that the academy periodically reviews its individual Disaster Plan (set out within the Trust’s Business & Recovery Plan)
 Seek to resolve any H & S problems identified by staff
 Report to the Trust Board those issues which are beyond the limits of the Governors’ responsibilities, taking appropriate short-term steps to minimise the risk until rectification
 Support and facilitate H & S training wherever relevant
 Ensure that accidents and incidents are monitored, that all preventable steps are taken to avoid recurrence, and that the success of such measures is reviewed regularly


9.1 The Trust has agreed a separate Business & Recovery Plan, which sets out how any major disaster impacting on an individual academy would be managed.
9.2 Within the Business & Recovery Plan, each academy has identified the specific procedures it would implement in the case of individual disaster scenarios. This individual Disaster Plan is overseen at Local Governing Board level.