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Lettings Policy

Aims of the Policy


The Governors of Woodthorpe Primary School wish to encourage community use of the school’s facilities when they are not required for school use.  This Policy, which compliments the Charging and Remissions Policy, describes the arrangements the Governing Body has approved to facilitate this aim and should be read in conjunction with the School’s Rules of Hire (Letting).  The school will seek to treat both Hirers and prospective Hirers fairly. 




     2.1    All prospective hirers are required to complete an Application Form (see Appendix 1) in advance of their event.  When an organisation wishes to hire school facilities the first named contact on the Application Form will be deemed to be the hirer.


     2.2    All hirers are expected to respect school property and to comply with:

  • the school’s general Rules of Hire (see Appendix 2), a copy of which will be supplied with the Application Form, please note any damages must be paid for by the user; only the areas of the school booked on the booking agreement may be entered or used
  • the School’s conditions of Hire relating to specific facilities and/or equipment;
  • any other legal requirements.


     2.3    Governors have delegated to the Headteacher the authority to refuse an application for hire, the purpose of which is:

  • deemed to be incompatible with the ethos of the school, and/or
  • likely to have a detrimental effect on the school’s good relationship with its neighbours. 
  • any activity that the Headteacher considers has a high risk factor.


     2.4    In the event of a letting being refused the prospective hirer may appeal, in writing, to the Chair of Governors whose decision will be final.


     2.5    Hirers are required to comply with the Health and Safety as well as the Safeguarding provisions set out in the Rules of Hire and staff must inform the Headteacher at the earliest opportunity of any incidents reported to them by hirers.


     2.6  Any damages must be paid for by the user.


     2.7  Please note there are no storage facilities at the school.


     2.8  A risk assessment should be submitted to school before letting commences.



3.0    Hire Charges


     3.1    Charges will be made according to the facility being hired, the length of time it is hired and the category of the letting as determined by its purpose namely:

  • Internal School Use
  • Directed Use
  • Community and/or Charitable
  • Commercial


     3.2    Internal School Use includes Governors’ and Trust meetings and for which no charge will be made.


     3.3    The School recognises the Local Authority may from time to time direct the use of school premises for such purposes as Adult and Community Education classes, Youth Organisation meetings or as a Polling Station.  Compensation for such use will be by negotiation between the School and the Local Authority.


     3.4    In setting charges for community and /or charitable purposes the Governing Body will seek to recover only the additional variable costs incurred in hiring out school facilities.  Such variable costs may include energy, water and sewerage, repairs and maintenance, cleaning, caretaking, and domestic supplies. 


     3.5    Hire charges for commercial purposes will be as displayed on the Lettings Charges Sheet.


     3.6    Governors have delegated to the Headteacher the authority to decide on the category of each letting.


     3.7    Should a hirer disagree with the category into which their letting is placed they may appeal, in writing, to the Chair of Governors whose decision will be final.


     3.8    Hire charges will be reviewed annually.  The current scale is appended to this Policy (see Appendix 3).


     3.9    Any change in charges will -

  • be notified to regular users at least one month in advance of implementation.
  • apply to occasional and one off lettings taking place after the implementation date and booked after the date of the Governors’ meeting at which the change was approved.


     3.10  In exceptional circumstances the Governing Body will consider, on a case by case basis, the remission of charges in part or in full upon receipt of a written application.  Their decision will be final.


  1. Insurance


4.1  Individual clubs or groups using the facilities must have their own liability insurance to at least £5m. Third party insurance cover is readily available through most insurance brokers, or may be available through affiliation to a recognised governing body.  A copy of the insurance certificate must be given to the school office in advance of using the facilities. 


    5.0    Management


     5.1     Governors have delegated day-to-day managerial responsibility for the hire of school facilities (lettings) to the Headteacher in accordance with the Governing Body’s policy.  Where appropriate, the Headteacher may delegate all or part of this responsibility, such as security or administration, to other appropriate members of staff whilst still retaining overall responsibility.


     5.2    School staff will be consulted where it is proposed to hire out their rooms and are asked to inform the Headteacher if any problems occur arising from this use.


     5.3    An annual report of lettings will be made to Governors upon request and include information on hirers, finances, incidents and accidents, enquiries and any applications that were refused.


     5.4    Governors will review this policy annually.


Summer Term 2019                                      Headteacher               James McGann


Review Summer Term 2020                         Chair of Governors     Amanda Atkins



Appendix 1



Please see rules of hire attached

Hirer’s details

Name of person or organisation:



Please specify the age group for your activity and state whether male / female / mixed:



Type of activity:


Details for invoice

Details of 1st contact

Details of 2nd contact























Post Code





Home Phone





Mobile Phone





Email address







Facility to be Hired – please tick                                                                                                                        

KS1 Hall              


KS2 Hall






Sports Pitch




Times, Dates and Costs – Please see table of hire charges overleaf.


Start Time

Finish Time

Total Hours

Day(s) of the Week

Cost per week

Start Date

End Date

Total No. weeks

Total cost
















        I understand this is a request form and the booking is not confirmed until I have received confirmation from the School.  I understand, under South Bank Multi Academy Trust insurance rules, that all hirers using the facilities are required to have their own liability insurance to at least £5m. A copy of the insurance certificate must be given to the school office in advance of using the facilities. 

I accept and understand all the Rules of Hire of the School supplied with this form.












Appendix 2

Rules of Hire (Letting)


  1. Anyone using the facilities without prior booking arrangements with the School is trespassing.


  1. The Hirer (s) shall:

2.1  comply with all reasonable instructions and requests of the School;

2.2 ensure that the part of the premises and any equipment used is left in a clean, tidy and orderly condition at the end of use;

2.3  refrain from any conduct which is unseemly or which might cause annoyance, offence or danger to other users of the premises.  The School will not tolerate abuse to its staff or other customers. In the event of any in your party causing offence, that person will be asked to leave the premises and your booking may be cancelled without refund;

2.4  ensure all children under 16 are fully supervised at all times by responsible adults;

2.5  park all vehicles, including bicycles and mopeds, in the designated parking areas and are left at the owners’ risk.   Under no circumstances should any vehicle, including bicycles or mopeds,  be taken onto the School grounds beyond the designated parking areas;

2.6  ensure all refreshments are consumed in areas designated by the School;

2.7  provide First Aid equipment appropriate to their activity and ensure a suitably trained First Aider is on duty during the let.


  1. The Hirer (s) shall NOT:

3.1  Sub-let the facility.

3.2  Permit smoking in any part of the School.  The entire School is a non-smoking site including the grounds

3.3  Move equipment or furniture without prior permission.

3.4  Leave the premises unattended.  A named person on the Booking Form will therefore be expected to be on the School premises at all times throughout the duration of the letting.

3.5  Use the facility for any other purpose than that specified on the booking form

3.6  Bring onto the premises or consume any dangerous, obnoxious, illegal or alcoholic substances.

3.7  Bring any animals, except dogs supporting those with disabilities, into the School or its grounds.

3.8  Sell or supply to other users any goods of any description whatsoever without the School’s prior permission.

3.9  Put up any posters, flags, emblems or other interior decorations without the School’s prior permission.



  1. All hirers must ensure that those adults in charge of children and/or vulnerable adults have undergone an enhanced DBS check and have appropriate qualifications and experience relevant to their roles.  DBS disclosure numbers and dates must be made available to the School on request.


  1. The responsibility for permitting photography at an event is entirely at the hirer’s discretion.  As a result of current concerns about child protection issues, the Institute of Sport and Recreational Management have issued guidelines on ‘Photographing of Children in sports centres/swimming pools’.  A copy of this is available on request and it is our recommendation that these guidelines are followed. The South Bank MAT and the School take no responsibility for the misuse of any photographs taken at your event.



  1. The School may refuse the admission of any person without giving a reason for so doing and may similarly require any person to leave the facility.



  1. Details of fees and charges may be obtained from the School Office.


  1. The School reserves the right to alter charges and availability of the facility.


  1. Any casual bookings must be paid for in full before using the facilities.


  1. Invoices for regular bookings must be paid according to the Terms stated on the invoice, except in circumstances approved by the School in advance of using the facilities.

Rules of Hire (Letting) continued



  1. The School reserves the right to cancel bookings, when possible, with appropriate notice.


  1. In exceptional circumstances the School reserves the right to cancel a booking without prior notice; for example if a sports pitch is unfit for use or the Hall is required for external examinations.


  1. A period of 7 full days notice in writing is required from the hirer to cancel any regular booking.  For casual bookings, at least 24 hours notice is required.



  1. The hirer will observe all regulations applicable to any on-licence music, dancing and entertainment in operation at the School.


  1. If copyright work is to be performed, the hirer must obtain a licence from the owner of the copyright and submit a copy with the booking form. The hirer shall indemnify the South Bank MAT against any infringement of copyright occurring during the letting.



  1. The hirer should ensure that all members of their party are fully aware of the School’s fire regulations and evacuation procedure.  Information is available from the School Office.


  1. Use of the facilities and any equipment provided is entirely at the hirer’s own risk and hirers must ensure full supervision is provided throughout the letting.  Hirers are advised to check facilities and equipment before use and report any defects to a member of the School staff.


  1. All electrical equipment brought onto the site by hirers must be PAT tested and within testing expiry date.


  1. Clothing suitable for the activity being undertaken must be worn at all times.  Casual clothing, such as jeans, will not be permitted for sporting activities.


  1. Users are required to change into appropriate non marking footwear before their activity commences.  No studded or bladed footwear is permitted indoors and on artificial pitches.


  1. South Bank MAT or the School will not be held liable for any accident or injury arising due to the actions of customers using the facilities and the hirer shall indemnify the South Bank MAT or the School against all actions, claims, demands, losses and liability in respect of any breaches of its obligations under this hire agreement.


  1. All accidents should be reported immediately to a member of the School staff, if available, and a written report of the incident must be submitted within 24 hours to the School office.  In the event of an injury requiring First Aid treatment, the First Aider on duty has the authority to stop the activity while the casualty is dealt with.  In these circumstances no refunds or extra time will be given.



  1. South Bank MAT insurance rules state that individual clubs or groups using the facilities should have their own liability insurance to at least £5m. Third party insurance cover is readily available through most insurance brokers, or may be available through affiliation to a recognised governing body.  A copy of the insurance certificate must be given to the School office in advance of using the facilities



  1. The South Bank MAT or the School does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage to or loss of any articles of personal property placed or left in any part of the School.



  1. Hirers are responsible for reimbursing the School for the cost of repairing any damage to premises and/or equipment caused during or as a result of their letting.



The above general rules should be read in conjunction with the school’s regulations and/or conditions of hire relating to specific facilities and/or equipment.  If applicable, these are available from the School office.









Category of letting

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3


School Managed



KS1 (Infant) Hall




First hour

No charge



Each additional hour (or part of)

No charge



KS2 (Junior) Hall




First hour

No charge



Each additional hour (or part of)

No charge







First hour

No charge



Each additional hour (or part of)

No charge



Playing Field




First hour

No charge



Each additional hour (or part of)

No charge




For lettings open to the public - it will be referred to a Governor for a decision

on the caretaker being present on site throughout the duration of the letting.


For block/long term community bookings a discount can be discussed with the school.




Lettings Policy