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Memorable Moments

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Recognising Feelings

This term in PSHE, we are learning all about different feelings and emotions. In our PSHE lesson this week, we learned how to recognise different people’s emotions. We decided that people’s facial expressions are a great clue to how someone is feeling! See if you can work out how the children below are feeling!

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Colour Monster

On Monday morning, the children arrived at school to discover that the Year 1 classroom had been taken over by monsters! The monsters link to our PSHE where we are looking at emotional wellbeing. We decided to link this to the story ‘The colour monster’ where each colour represents a different emotion. Throughout our areas of provision you can see that the pesky monsters appear!

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Hello Yellow

For our new English scheme ' Our Trip To the Woods' we are focusing on being able to write an independent recount. For this, we all went to the forest and explored! We took part in some den building and a colour hunt. We had such a good time!

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Hello Yellow

To celebrate ‘Hello Yellow’, we came dressed in wonderful, bright yellow clothes! We all looked amazing in our yellow outfits! We spent the day learning about how to look after our mental health and wellbeing. We also created some posters with top tips for improving your mental health!

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Hello Yellow Day!

On friday the 8th of October, it was Hello yellow day which supports young children's mental health. The children came dressed in their best yellow clothes and were super keen to show off. Have a look at some of the photos!

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Forest School

For our new English scheme ' Our Trip To the Woods' we are focusing on being able to write an independent recount. For this we all went to the forest and explored! We took part in some den building and a colour hunt. We had such a good time!

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Colour Monster

In PSHE this week, we read 'The colour monster book'. We discussed the different faces you might make for different emotions. We each had a go  choosing a different colour monster and pulling a face that represents that emotion.Take a look at our faces! Can you guess which one is which?

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Jesus calms the storm

In RE, we looked at a Christian story in which Jesus performs a miracle. We read the story of Jesus calming a storm to save his disciples. To understand the story further, we created freeze frames for the key points in the story.

Year 1 - Hummingbird- Time to feed the Dinosaurs!

In Hummingbird class, we discovered some very hungry dinosaurs roaming around the classroom! We had to feed them in order to stop the roaring! The dinosaurs were very hungry so we had to make sure they ate the largest pile of food. We used our knowledge of 'greater than' and 'less than' to ensure we fed them correctly! 

Year 1 - Kingfisher - The colour monster!

This week, the provision areas have been taken over by colour monsters! In the maths area we have been busy practicing our number formation with help from the colour monster and their pesky glitter! In the construction area the colour monster's jar has broken. Our task was to create a house suitable for each monster!

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Maths, Dinosaurs

In maths we have been learning about the greater than and less than symbols. We had some very hungry dinosaurs roaming around the classroom. So, we had to feed them making sure the symbol was facing the right way!

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Experience day!

This term, we have been focusing on the story 'Last Stop On Market Street' by Matt de la Pena. The children had come in from break to a surprise, the classroom had been transformed into a bus! We had to line up and buy tickets from the bus driver and then find our spaces on the bus. We travelled through the countryside and spoke about what we could see!

Year 1 - Kingfisher - P.E Jungle

For our P.E this term, we have been focusing on dance. To kickstart our first lesson it was linked to the Jungle! First we watched a snippet from 'Our Planet' and discussed the type of animals you may see in the jungle. We took these into the hall and used different body parts to reenact different animals. Our favourite was swinging through the trees like monkeys!

Year 1 - Hummingbirds - Science, Animal Hunt!

This term, we are learning all about 'Animals including Humans'. We started our topic with a hunt around school to see if we could spot any animals. We decided to hunt for different types of birds as we thought we were most likely to spot birds in school! Luckily, we spotted three pigeons and a Magpie!  

Year 1 - Hummingbirds - Maths, Taco Creations!

For our practical maths day, we made our very own filled taco shells using items we could find around the classroom. Unfortunately, the taco recipe went missing, so we had to use our maths skills to count out how many ingredients we had! We thought the Taco shells looked delicious, despite them being made out of wool and wood!