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Memorable Moments


 To kickstart our new writing genre, based on Little Red Reading Hood, year 2 searched high and low for the best places to read in school. We found that the sensory room, the library and the outdoor areas were the best!

After thinking about the five different  food groups and what makes a balanced diet, Year 2 had a great time designing and making their own delicious wraps. We thought  carefully about what rules we needed to follow to ensure it was made hygienically. The end results were delicious and we hope to make them again soon.

We were extremely lucky this week when 2 paramedics came in to talk to us about keeping safe and the differences between accidents and emergencies! We loved looking inside the ambulance and trying on the bandages and helmets which the paramedics use! 

We had lots of fun investigating different materials to make a paper boat float for the longest time. We made our predictions about which material would be best: oil, PVA glue, cling film or glue stick. Which do you think won?

Year 2 have loved learning about Judaism and some of the Jewish traditions. Last week, we were fascinated when learning about the festival of Sukkot and what the families do to celebrate. Families make their own ‘huts’ (sukkots in Hebrew) and are meant to live in these during the weeklong celebration. Year 2 had a great time creating their own ‘huts’ in the forest.  

Year 2 - The Building Boy

Our writing this week is based on the story The Building Boy so year 2 have had a great time taking on the role of an architect. We were challenged to design and make a building made from marshmallows and spaghetti, which was both structurally strong and of an interesting design. 

This week we have enjoyed learning about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, we loved listening to the story about the miracle of light and how even when surrounded by darkness the candle still shone brightly. We used our creative skills to create our own Menorahs which was great fun.

Team work has been the focus or our PSHE lessons these last couple of weeks and we have done an amazing job using our communication, planning and listening skills to complete our goals. We worked in teams to see who could get the furthest in the balloon train challenge and build the tallest tower!

Year 2 - You're Welcome!

Year 2 have performed their PHENOMONAL dance performance to ‘You’re Welcome!’ from Moana as part of the school-wide dance competition! We used our super strong body positions, and bright smiley faces to make our performance the best it could be- it was truly amazing.

 The Year 2 children looked incredible when they came to school dressed in their spotty or yellow clothes to celebrate  Children in Need Day. We began the day by taking part in a special Joe Wicks workout where we tested our general knowledge as well as exercising - it was great fun! Later in the day we had our own danceathon where the children showed us some amazing moves and enthusiasm.

Year 2 - PSHE -Who can help us?

During PSHE this week we have been thinking about who we can talk to if things worry us. We realised there are so many people who are around us who will always be there to listen. We drew some pictures of different people we can talk to

Year 2 - Finch - Anti-Bullying Week

Odd Sock Day was a wonderful start to Anti-Bullying week. We have talked lots about what makes us unique and have celebrated our differences.

What a fantastic week we’ve had learning all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot! The children have loved finding out why we celebrate Bonfire night and what life was like in 1605. On Friday, the children had a great time taking on the roles of Guy Fawkes, King James I, the King’s guards and other plotters to act out the story. It was wonderful to watch.

Year 2 - Finch - Remembrance Poppies

Robin and Finch really enjoyed making our Remembrance Day Poppies this year. Whilst decorating, we discussed the importance of the poppy and how it helped us to remember the brave soldiers who fought for our country.

Year 2 - Finch - Rangoli Patterns

As the playground is full of autumn leaves, Year 2 enjoyed gathering them before using them to create our very own Rangoli patterns. The results were fantastic.

Year 2 - Finch - Conker Challenge

Now the conkers have fallen from the tree, we loved collecting them and bringing them into school. After Mr Fishwick’s help we had our conkers ready! We had a fantastic time playing conkers with our friends and some of us managed to break our partners with a fantastic hit!

Year 2 - Finch - Microhabitats

To continue our science topic, we looked at microhabitats. Once we had found out that microhabitats were smaller habitats within a big habitat, we went on a hunt around our school grounds to see what we could find! We decided there could be living things surviving within piles of grass, under logs and hiding under  fallen leaves where it was damp, dark and warm for them to thrive. We even used our magnifying glasses to get a closer look!

Year 2 - Finch - Asia Tour Guides

Our Geography this week took us to Asia where we looked at the physical features of the continent. We discovered Mount Fuji, Chocolate Hills, the Dead Sea and the Gobi Desert and presented our findings on each of the features as travel agents! 

Year 2 - PSHE - What makes a Good Person

To begin the year, Finch and Robin thought about what made someone a good person. We drew round each other on the playground using chalk and filled each body with words that made them a good person. Kind, lovely, hardworking, polite, sharing, smiley, helpful, honest and friendly were just a few of the amazing words we came up with!

Year 2 - Living, Dead or Never Alive?


Year 2 took a trip to the forest as part of our Science topic: living things and their habitats. We firstly looked at what made something ‘alive’ before deciding whether different things we found were alive, dead or had never been alive. Have a look at our photos to see what we found.