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Memorable Moments

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Multiplication Medicine

This week in Woodpeckers, our maths sessions have been focusing on multiplication. We decided to put our skills to the test and make George’s marvellous medicine by solving different multiplication questions.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Hello Yellow!

Hello Yellow day was so much fun. We got to wear our most brightly coloured outfits to celebrate Mental Health Awareness day. We discussed what mental health was and how we take care of our mental health. We enjoyed taking some time in our day to relax and enjoy some cosmic yoga.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - London Marathon

To celebrate the 2021 London Marathon that is occurring on Sunday, we have been running our own 26 miles around our school. We ran three laps around the entire school field which is equivalent to one mile each. It was hard work, but it definitely got our blood pumping! 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Stone Age Paintings

Another week another forest school session. We are so thankful for Mrs Begham and all of her fun activities she has ready for us every Tuesday! This week we got the chance to create some Stone Age cave painting using only natural materials - just like they would have done all those years ago! Look how fantastic they were! 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Making a Stone Age Dish

To kick start our Autumn topic: The Stone Age, we adventured outside to our forest to pick blackberries by hand and made a delicious Stone Age styled apple and berry dish. We even cooked them on our very own campfire and sang campfire songs! 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Welcome to China

For our first English genre of the year we are reading the fantastic story: The Magic Paintbrush written by Julia Donaldson. This story is set in China, so we have been diving deeper into the genre by painting our very own scenic chinese paintings using water colours. Also we have been looking at the different chinese zodiac signs, we grabbed some chalk and made our way outside to have a go at drawing these symbols on the ground! 

Year 3 - Magpie - Forest School Making a dish

Forest Schools making a dish- Magpie class went into the forest with our forest schools expert Mrs Banham. We had to forage for berries and apples along the headrow and trees around our school. We then cut our food to make our dishes before lighting our class fire. Finally we cooked our special dishes and sang songs around the fire whilst we ate our incredible apple and blackberry creation.