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Memorable Moments

Year 4 - Owl - The Queen's Jubilee!

In Owl class, we absolutely loved celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! We were blown away with the effort that people had put into their red, white and blue outfits! We spent the morning thinking about things that are important to the Queen before incorporating them into a piece of artwork based on the Union Jack. After this, we loved going outside to eat our picnic based lunch together before judging each year group's decade dances in a Eurovision style competition. We were really proud to come in second place with our dance based on the 60's Twist!

Year 4 - Owl - Computational Thinking

In Owl class, we have been developing our computational thinking skills over the last few weeks. We have been learning about the four strands of computational thinking, including the understanding of abstraction and using concrete thoughts to break down abstract concepts. We have also learnt about the importance of decomposition and breaking problems down into small, manageable chunks. We have used scratch games and coding to help us understand this.

Year 4 - Owl - Dance Medals

This year, the whole school entered a dance competition. Owl class were incredibly proud of winning the competition with our fantastic moves to one of our favourite Moana songs! We were absolutely thrilled to celebrate together when our medals arrived!

Year 4 - Osprey - Water Cycle

In Science this week, Osprey class have enjoyed learning about the Water Cycle. They learnt all about how the sun warms water and creates evaporation which turns into condensation in the clouds. They also learnt that snow and rain is called precipitation. The children loved creating their own water cycles and seeing them working on the window.

Year 4 - Osprey - Chick Visit

We loved having the chicks visit Woodthorpe and were so excited when they made a visit to our classroom. We thought they were so adorable and fluffy and loved holding them gently and hearing their little chirps.

Year 4 - Osprey - Planting Potatoes

Osprey class absolutely loved planting potatoes with Mrs Percy and had a great time digging the soil and planting. They also loved exploring the garden and seeing all the other things that have been planted. Thank you Mrs Percy!

Year 4 - Owl - Life is a Journey

In RE this half term, Owl class have started our new topic and we have been focusing on how life is a journey. We really enjoyed thinking about different events that happen to us in our lives and thinking about how important these are for us. We represented each life event with a stick and the longest sticks represented the events that we thought were the most important. We then compared this to the life events that may be important to religious individuals too. 

Year 4 - Owl - World Book Day

Owl class had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day! Not only were we able to come to school dressed in our favourite animal themed outfits, but we were also lucky enough to share some stories with both Year 1 and nursery children. We absolutely adored reading with other children in our school to share our love for reading and we hope that we can go and share some of our favourite stories with them again soon!

Year 4 - Owl - Viking Houses

Over the last week, in Owl class, we have been developing our design and technology skills. Using teamwork, we have constructed our very own Viking longhouses! We had to create our very own stable roof structure using accurate measurements, saws and hot glue guns. We then attached these to a shoe box base before decorating the exterior of our houses with lolly sticks and hay to make them look realistic. We are incredibly proud of our final products and we are impressed that they look so similar to our plans!

Year 4 - Owl - Planting Potatoes

This week, Owl class were able to plant our very own potatoes. We learnt about the importance of planting them in the correct direction so that they can grow upwards and we also learnt about how to water them and care for them correctly! We cannot wait to see how well our potatoes grow over the next few months.

Year 4 - Owl - Boxercise

As part of our fitness activity this week, Owl class took part in a boxercise lesson. We really enjoyed working on our different moves and constructing technical sequences with our partner. It gave us a fantastic opportunity to work on our communication and we cannot wait to develop our technique and skills further over the rest of the year!

Year 4 - Owl - Holi

To celebrate Holi, Owls class thoroughly enjoyed creating some pieces of art inspired by the festival. We made some fantastic lolly stick images using watercolours and black paint and we are incredibly proud of our final, colourful creations.

Year 4 - Osprey - Viking Longhouses

In Year 4, we have designed and now built our very own Viking Longhouses. We worked hard in teams to make sure we listened to each other and shared our ideas. We were very excited to measure and use the saws to cut the wood down to the right sizes that we needed.

Year 4 - Osprey - RE Hinduism

This term the children in Year 4 have been learning all about Hinduism. They spent some time researching how Hindus celebrate their faith and created these amazing pieces of work to show what they have learnt.

Year 4 - Osprey - Netball

Osprey class enjoying some basketball! 

Year 4 - Owl - First Aid

Over the last few weeks, Owl class have been developing their first aid skills. We started off our topic by thinking about emergency situations and how we should react before considering how to place someone in the recovery position if it was needed. We have then extended our knowledge further by educating ourselves about how to treat someone who is bleeding or someone who has burnt themselves. 

Yea 4 - Owl - Sketching Vikings

As part of our art topic, Owl class have started sketching our outlines of our VIkings this week. We have had to think carefully about the sizes and proportions of our Vikings to ensure that they are accurate. We used our observational drawing skills to use a wooden mannequin modelled into a Viking stance to help us with our drawing. We also experimented with pencils of different grades so that we could add some shading detail to our Vikings and show the light and darker areas. 

Year 4 - Owl - Sketching Viking Joints

This week, we have begun to complete our drawing topic. We started off by looking at the arm and leg joints in a person in order to think about the different poses that a Viking may stand in. We sketched these joints, thinking about the shading and texture of the Vikings' skin.

Year 4 - Owl - Safer Internet Day

To celebrate internet safety week this week, Owl class have worked together to construct and design a parent and carers guide for an app that we use frequently; TikTok. We thought about both the positives and the negatives of using the app as well as how  we can help ourselves to stay safe. We have even considered the actions that our family can take in order to keep us safe while we are using it too. 

Year 4 - Owl - World Religion Day

This week, Owls class celebrated World Religion Day by creating some fantastic postcards on the religion, Buddhism. Later on in the day, we then exchanged our postcards with Year 6 to learn about and to create a google quiz based on Judaism. We thoroughly enjoyed making our quiz and sharing our artwork and information with other children in our school!

Year 4 - Owl - Christmas Sewing Bee

Before the Christmas holidays, in Owls class, we showcased our sewing skills by creating some mince pie cushions. We had to practice our running stitch before using this technique around the edges of our cushions. We really enjoyed stuffing our cushions and seeing our final products and we were incredibly proud of the resilience that we applied to our sewing. We hope that you loved seeing them when they were displayed in our classroom windows too!

Year 4 - Owl -Christmas Decorations

This week, as part of our nature and danger topic, Owls class made some reindeer Christmas decorations. We took small tree branches and cut them into wooden slices using a saw. We had to think really carefully about how to keep ourselves and others safe during this activity. Then, we were given the opportunity to use a power tool and drill holes into our wooden slices in order to attach some sticks that we had collected as antlers. We are so proud of our finished creations and cannot wait to decorate our own Christmas trees with them! We hope you love them as much as we do!

Year 4 - Owl - Building Shelters

This week, in forest schools, Owls class were given the opportunity to build shelters. We were challenged to construct a shelter that would help us to survive a night in the cold weather! We absolutely loved building our shelters and developing our team building skills too! We were so proud of our shelters because we measured the temperature outside the shelter and compared it against the temperature inside our shelters and most of us had been able to increase this!

Year 4 - Owl - The Plague

In Year 4 today, we became plague doctors and had to deal with a very real incident of the plague that broke out in the school office! We were caring for a patient who was showing extremely severe symptoms and we offered her suggestions about what she could do to make herself feel better. However, we made sure that we kept a good distance away so that we would not catch the plague ourselves! It was incredibly intense but we absolutely loved seeing signs and symptoms of the illness in real life!

Year 4 - Owl - RE Conscience Alley

In RE today, Owls class were retelling the events that occurred between Moses and the Pharaoh in order to make connections between stories and beliefs. We used a conscience alley to begin to understand what Moses might have been thinking and feeling in this scenario in order to determine what his next steps could have been.

Year 4 - Owl - YoYo Christmas Workshop

In Owl class today, we had a visit from Yoyo. We were lucky enough to take part in a workshop all about the Christmas story. We loved thinking about our favourite parts of Christmas and acting out the different roles involved in the Christmas story before then taking on the role of one of these characters to write a Trip Advisor review from their perspective!

Owl class have absolutely adored going to the forest this week! We had the opportunity to build our own fire and then cook some bread on it! However, before we could do this, we had to learn about some fire safety rules based on how to keep ourselves safe and then we also had to learn the best ways to build a fire, thinking about the fire triangle. We were then able choose our willow sticks and peel back the bark using a potato peeler in order to make sure it was clean for us to put our dough onto. Then, we were able to cook our bread in the fire pit! We loved tasting our bread and singing some campfire songs!

Year 4 - Osprey - Bee homes

In forest school we have been looking at our nature and danger topic and we have been using power drills! We have worked in small groups to create a bee house using a power drill. We have absolutely loved challenging ourselves with a new piece of equipment!

Year 4 - Owl - Children in Need

Owls class had a fantastic time this week celebrating Children in Need! We started off the exciting day by participating in a live Joe Wicks workout and by coming to school in our Pudsey inspired, spotty clothing items! Some of us even demonstrated our artistic abilities by wearing tops that we had created ourselves! Then, in the afternoon, we took part in a dance-a-thon to show off our fantastic dancing skills!

Year 4 - Owl - Odd Sock Day

This week, Owls class have taken part in anti bullying week by wearing odd socks and taking part in a variety of different activities. We absolutely loved drawing an odd sock trail outside our classroom too which symbolised how we are all unique and how this is something to be celebrated! We also learnt a lot about bullying and how we can help out other people.

Year 4 - Owl - Diwali Rangoli Patterns

Owls class absolutely loved celebrating diwali and learning about this important celebration. We had the opportunity to collaborate on a piece of artwork in the hall and we made rangoli patterns using a variety of different resources and materials. We were incredibly proud of the symmetry and intricate details that we were able to include in our patterns.

Year 4 - Owl - Remembrance Day Poppies

Year 4 have spent some time remembering all of the soldiers that have fought for us as well as learning about what a poppy symbolises. We absolutely loved decorating our own poppies to display outside of the school gates. We thought that our poppies looked incredible!

Year 4 - Owl - Forest School

In Owls class, we thoroughly enjoyed our first afternoon in the forest! All of our learning was linked to our new science topic, 'Living things and their habitats'. We were able to go on a mini-beast hunt around the surroundings, prepared with our magnifying glasses to observe the creatures in their natural habitats. We even applied our understanding of food chains because we constructed a whole class food web to notice the effect that we can have on ecosystems! We are extremely excited to go to the forest again next week!

Year 4 - Owl - South America Presentations

Over the last half term, Year 4 have been constructing slideshow presentations based on South America to link together both our geography and computing topics. This week, we were able to present our work to the rest of the year group in Owls classroom to showcase the knowledge and skills that we have gained. We were blown away by the voice recordings, videos and transitions that had been included in our presentations!

Year 4 - Owl - Mummy Circuits

To end our science topic on electricity, Owl class absolutely loved applying our knowledge by creating our very own circuits. We were challenged to make a working circuit out of wires, bulbs, batteries and other pieces of equipment and we had to use our problem solving skills to detect why some of our circuits didn't work at first! Then, we linked our science knowledge to our current history topic, 'Ancient Egypt', to create a light up mummy! We were so proud of the circuits that we created!

Year 4 - Owl - Hello Yellow Day

Owl class absolutely loved wearing yellow for 'Hello Yello Day' and focusing on our mental health. We found it incredibly interesting and thought that it was very important to understand how we can support our mental health so we had great fun making some mental health guides in order to share our knowledge with other people!

Year 4 - Owl - London Marathon

Across Year 4 this week, we have all taken part in running a section of the London Marathon which has been incredibly fun! In Owls, we worked as a class, each running one mile to add up to the overall 26 miles! We had to use our resilience skills to encourage ourselves to keep going and it was a great challenge for us to complete! We also loved learning about the London Marathon and taking part in it in some way for ourselves!

Year 4 - Owl - Snakes and Ladders Addition

In maths, Owls class have been focusing on two of the four main operations: addition and subtraction. To consolidate our knowledge, we played a game of snakes and ladders that enabled us to put our skills of column addition into practice. We had to race our partner to the finish line, finding the ladders and avoiding the snakes by being extremely accurate with the answers that we gave to the addition questions that we found on the squares we landed on!

Year 4 - Owl - Taj Mahal Inspired Art

Over the last week, Owl class has loved creating a piece of artwork inspired by the Taj Mahal! By applying our watercolour and drawing skills, we were able to create some fantastic pieces of artwork that we are so proud of! We initially painted a watercolour background inspired by a sunset before we created a silhouette outline of the building using black pens. After this, we challenged ourselves even further by adding more detail and outlining the windows and doors of the Taj Mahal too. Our final pieces look so amazing and some of them have been showcased on our WOW wall!

This week in football we have been practising our football skills and looking at tackling and how to make a good attacker in football!