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Memorable Moments

Year 4 - Owl - London Marathon

Across Year 4 this week, we have all taken part in running a section of the London Marathon which has been incredibly fun! In Owls, we worked as a class, each running one mile to add up to the overall 26 miles! We had to use our resilience skills to encourage ourselves to keep going and it was a great challenge for us to complete! We also loved learning about the London Marathon and taking part in it in some way for ourselves!

Year 4 - Owl - Snakes and Ladders Addition

In maths, Owls class have been focusing on two of the four main operations: addition and subtraction. To consolidate our knowledge, we played a game of snakes and ladders that enabled us to put our skills of column addition into practice. We had to race our partner to the finish line, finding the ladders and avoiding the snakes by being extremely accurate with the answers that we gave to the addition questions that we found on the squares we landed on!

Year 4 - Owl - Taj Mahal Inspired Art

Over the last week, Owl class has loved creating a piece of artwork inspired by the Taj Mahal! By applying our watercolour and drawing skills, we were able to create some fantastic pieces of artwork that we are so proud of! We initially painted a watercolour background inspired by a sunset before we created a silhouette outline of the building using black pens. After this, we challenged ourselves even further by adding more detail and outlining the windows and doors of the Taj Mahal too. Our final pieces look so amazing and some of them have been showcased on our WOW wall!

This week in football we have been practising our football skills and looking at tackling and how to make a good attacker in football!