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Memorable Moments

Year 5 - Falcon - Th Queen's Jubilee

In preparation for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, Falcon class are creating a whole class art piece in honor of her majesty. Falcons have used stippling and tracing skills to create a precise outline of the Queen's profile that will be printed in red, white and blue in the shape of the Union Jack. 

Year 5 - Falcons - Paint Mixologists

Falcons have been busy this week exploring the tertiary colours in our colour wheel and recreating their own colour wheels. They had to be careful to mix their paints accurately to create the correct colours. Then they explored different brush strokes and the effect these strokes can have along with the type of brush that is used.

Year 5 - Falcon - Pancake Day

We have celebrated pancake day early in our outdoor kitchen this year. Year 5 whipped up some delicious pancakes on our outdoor trangia stoves. We had to make sure our batter was of the right consistency and follow our fire rules to keep everyone safe. A great team effort and the end results were fantastic!

Year 5 - Kite - Tree Investigators

 This week Kites have been investigating different trees as part of their nature and danger curriculum. We learnet how to age a tree by its height and circumference using our knowledge of maths, triangles and measuring. We also discovered the names of trees by looking at the clues available to us.

Year 5 - Kite - Scientific Investigators

Kites have been looking at reversible and irreversible reactions as part of their science topic. We loved watching the vinegar react with the bicarbonate soda and used a balloon to show the gas given off as part of the reaction. 

Year 5 - Kite - Scientific Inventors

Year 5 were challenged to create a waterproof material as part of their science unit. They set to work testing different materials to ensure their coat would be both waterproof and warm. They then layered different materials to create their ideal sample. 

Year 5 - Kite - Fire Starters

Kites class were absolutely blown away with our first venture to forest school this week. We learnt how to start a fire by using a flint and the importance of fire safety. We then build a big class fire (to keep ourselves warm) and roasted marshmallows! They were amazing! We had so much fun and cannot wait for our next session. 

Year 5 - Falcon - Gymnastics

Falcons have been busy putting our balancing skills to the test. We have focused on grounding ourselves in our balances and as an extra challenge we made our balances symmetrical. We also used travelling across the space to transition between our balances. 

Year 5 - Flacon - Journey to Europe

Falcons have jetted around the world to plan a sightseeing trip across Europe. It was an intense race to get to the finishing point outside Big Ben. Each team worked well together and supported each other to ensure as many landmarks were visited in just 72 hours. Congratulations to the winners Lewis and Oliver - it was a tight battle!

Year 5 - Kite - Sewing Bee

Year 5 have been putting our sewing skills to the test; it has been tricky at times but we have preserved to create some magnificent Christmas puddings

Year 5 - Kite - Geography Christmas Challenge

This week we have put our map reading and grid referencing skills to use to complete our geography Christmas challenge. We have navigated around the UK and found 6 and 8 figure grid references of key locations around our British isles. Congratulations to the winning groups, it was a tight battle but in the end the quickest group won.

Year 5 - Kite - Egg-cellent Science

Kites have had an amazing time designing parachutes for re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere! Neil Eggstrong buckled up his seat belt as our Year 5’s tested their creations. We had a cracking time!

Year 5 - Falcon - Eggecellent Parachutes

Falcons have had a cracking time designing a parachute to keep Eggnaut Armstrong safe on his journey from space. We tested different materials to see which parachute provided the greatest air resistance and delivered our Eggnaut safely. 

Year 5 - Flacon - Phases of the moon

Falcons have had an extraordinary time learning about Earth and Space in science. We have particularly enjoyed exploring the 8 phases of the moon and discovering how our moon orbits our planet. The children got stuck into some oreo fun to create these phases of the moon and the results are out of this world.

Year 5 - Kite - Phases of the moon

Kites class are loving our science topic Earth and space! We have begun looking at the phases of the moon (with the help from some yummy oreos) creating our own scientific diagrams.  Check out our incredible creations! 

Year 5 - Falcon - English Detectives

Falcons have been busy describing their favorite book without using the title of the book. They have dropped clues for their group and their group tried to guess which book they were describing. We have also drawn some lovely pictures of our favourite scenes from these books to help our classmates guess the story.

Year 5 - Flacon - Is God Real?

Year 5 entered a religious discussion about whether God is real or not. They took on the roles of Atheists, Theists and Agnostics to discuss different viewpoints and debate their beliefs. 

Year 5 - Kite - Diwali

Year 5 had a fantastic time learning all about Diwali and rangoli patterns. We were so excited to take part in a whole school art project to display our beautiful designs. We are very proud of the work we created. 

Year 5 - Is God Real?

Year 5 entered a religious discussion about whether God is real or not. They took on the roles of Atheists, Theists and Agnostics to discuss different viewpoints and debate their beliefs. 

Year 5 - Kite - Marvellous Maps

Kites class have loved diving into our geography topic this half term and discovering Europe. We have put our amazing map skills to the test locating countries and capital cities all over Europe.

Year 5 - Inter-house

Year 5 have been battling it out in our inter-house hockey tournament. Everyone displayed fantastic dribbling and shooting skills as well as great sportsmanship. Congratulations to Oak who were the winning team in a very tight tournament.

Year 5 had a choc-tastic time at the York Chocolate Story! The children learnt all about the origins of chocolate and the impact York has had on the production of chocolate around the world. They even got to taste some of the hand crafted chocolates that are sold at the chocolate story before having a go themselves and making their own chocolate lollies! 

Year 5 - Falcon - R.E

Falcons have been exploring the many names and titles that Christians give God and they have created some artwork to depict God and his many parts.

Year 5 - Kite - God Is......

Kites have been learning all about who God is to Christians in our RE sessions this week. We have looked at all the names God can be called and what these mean to the people who follow him.  From these names we created pieces of art work to symbolize all the labels and names God is given.

Year 5 - Kite - The Explorer

Kites class absolutely loved our English unit based on the novel written by Kathenrine Rudell 'The Explorer' . To finish off all of our work we created a piece of art work to celebrate our love of this book as a class. We were all so proud of both our artwork and our writing inspired by it. 

Gold medals all round as Year 5 have taken part in the Woodthorpe London Marathon! Each child has shown an outstanding level of resilience, determination and perseverance as we have tackled the challenge of running 2.6 miles each. As a whole year group this accumulates to a whopping 161.2 miles -that's roughly the distance from York to Milton Keynes!

Year 5 - Falcon - Joseph Rowntree

Year 5 have been exploring their line work and mark making techniques to create a whole class portrait of our local hero Joseph Rowntree. We have been experimenting with how we can create different tones and shades with the thickness and density of our lines.

Year 5 had a raft-astic time in the forest as part of our experience day for our English topic ' The Explorer'. The children gathered resources and constructed their very own mini rafts that were put to the test in the mighty Amazonian sink. All children worked fantastically in their teams and every raft passed the flotation test despite the strong currents. 

Year 5 - Kite - Bollywood

Year 5 have loved getting stuck into all aspects of our curriculum but this week we have thoroughly enjoyed our first Bollywood dance session in P.E. We began looking at some traditional moves and then put this inspiration to the test by creating short routines, which we build on as we progress. 

Year 5 - Kite - Team Building

Year 5 has had a fantastic first week back and loved getting stuck into a mind-boggling challenge. We put our communication skills to the test when we attempted to replicate a piece of art work with only one pen between us. We had such a great time!