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Memorable Moments

Year 6 - Harriers - Chicks

We have loved visiting and holding the chicks - they're extremely cute and fluffy! We handled them very carefully and one was so comfy that it fell asleep in our hands.

Year 6 - Boxercise


Year 6 loved getting the boxing gloves and pads out. They learnt several new skills (jab, hook, uppercut and cross) and were able to use these in a combination. They showed great power and were encouraging and coaching their partner too. 


Year 6 - Harrier - Electricity

Harrier had a great time exploring series and parallel circuits in Science. They loved using the equipment to power the bulbs, buzzers and motors. At the end of the lesson, they even created a human circuit to explain what they understood. 

Year 6 - Harrier - Jumping for Gold!

Harrier thoroughly enjoyed practising their jumping skills during the PE lesson. They learnt how to jump onto boxes, using their hands to steady themselves and landing with their knees, feet or in the straddle position. 

Year 6 - Eagels - Sewing Bee


We have been working really hard on our sewing skills and have been using the blanket stitch to make these amazing reindeers. We hope you like them!

Year 6 - Eagles - Evolution

For our adaptation and evolution lesson, we have been learning about how different species have evolved over many years. Each group chose a species to recreate with plasticine.

Year 6 - Eagles - Fossils

In Science, we have been learning about how fossils are made and what they can tell us. We made our own using plaster of paris which came out really well!

Year 6 - Harrier - Dance Comp

Harriers were so excited to learn that they had won the whole school dance competition. They worked so hard to choreograph a dance routine which even involved a lift! Congratulations Harrier! 

Year 6 - Harrier - Evolution

Harriers have been learning about Charles Darwin and the evolution theory in Science. They loved creating models of animals to show how they have evolved over time. 

Year 6 - Children In Need - Dance-a-thon!

Year 6 had a fantastic time partaking in the Danceathon. They were so enthusiastic, their dancing was brilliant and every child had a huge smile on their face! They had such a brilliant time and they can't wait to show off our moves again!

Year 6 - Hawks - Debate

The children loved transforming our classroom into a courtroom to have a court debate about religious art and architecture. The defending and prosecution counsels prepared their plea before entering the courtroom. We loved debating our point of view, calling witnesses to the stand and saying 'OBJECTION'!

Year 6 - Eagles - Snail Hunt

We have loved searching for snails in our Science lesson. We explored different habitats around the field and found that the most common colour shell was brown as these are able to camouflage into their surroundings. These snails have therefore adapted and evolved to suit this environment.

Year 6 - Diwali

To celebrate Diwali, Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the festival. We helped to create a giant piece of art, involving rangoli patterns and lots of colour which will be displayed in school.

The children loved coming into school wearing odd socks to celebrate Anti-bullying Week with Odd Sock Day. We learnt more about bullying, discussing what it is, how it makes people feel and the implications of it. We loved learning what was unique about the children in our class and especially enjoyed drawing and decorating socks on the playground for you to see. 

Year 6 - Harrier - Snail Hunt

Year 6 have loved getting their hands dirty, searching for snails in the woodland area. They did an amazing job identifying whether they were brown lipped or white lipped snails. Overall we found that the majority of snails were brown lipped with a brown, speckled marking. This is due to them evolving over time and adapting to its leafy habitat in order to camouflage.

Year 6 - Hawk - Shadow Puppets

In Hawks, we thoroughly enjoyed creating our articulated shadow puppets. Using our scientific knowledge, we were able to predict if the shadow would be smaller or bigger in different situations. Our puppets are designed on the theme of climate change that we have explored in English. We hope you like our puppets! They represent the sea level rising and endangered penguins.

Year 6 - Harrier - Shadows

Harrier loved learning about shadows and found out some interesting information about how shadows are formed and why they vary in size. In preparation for the Art lesson, the children decided to make hand shadow puppets - they loved being creative!

Year 6 - Harrier - Eye

Harrier have been learning about how the eye works and to explain our understanding, the children made models of the eye.

Year 6 - Hawk - Eye

In science after learning how light travels, we have enjoyed creating a model of an eye using different materials to explain how we can see. We hope you like our eyes!

Year 6 - Eagles - Defib Success!

As part of our Guided Reading, Eagles have been reading a First News article around the importance of defibrillator machines in schools. We wrote a letter to our Chair of Governors, Mrs Atkins, to persuade her to purchase one and she replied with a lovely letter informing us that the Governors agreed - we are delighted!

Year 6 - Eagles - Marathon Training

In preparation for the London Marathon on Sunday, Year 6 have signed up to run 2.6 miles each. We were amazed to see how many laps around the school field this is! We loved completing the challenge but we have a lot of training to go before completing the full 26.2 miles…! Many of us have been inspired to sign up in the future - we are in awe of all of the athletes who are completing it this weekend.

Year 6 - Harrier - Haka Dance

Harrier loved watching the Haka being performed by the New Zealand All Blacks and they were determined to perform their own Haka! The noises and faces being created in the lesson were great!

Year 6 - Eagles - Lets Dance

Eagles class are enjoying our dance topic where we have been looking at different actions and dynamics. We have been considering how we can link these together to form a routine. We hope you like our moves!