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Memorable Moments

Year 6 - Hawk - Eye

In science after learning how light travels, we have enjoyed creating a model of an eye using different materials to explain how we can see. We hope you like our eyes!

Year 6 - Eagles - Defib Success!

As part of our Guided Reading, Eagles have been reading a First News article around the importance of defibrillator machines in schools. We wrote a letter to our Chair of Governors, Mrs Atkins, to persuade her to purchase one and she replied with a lovely letter informing us that the Governors agreed - we are delighted!

Year 6 - Eagles - Marathon Training

In preparation for the London Marathon on Sunday, Year 6 have signed up to run 2.6 miles each. We were amazed to see how many laps around the school field this is! We loved completing the challenge but we have a lot of training to go before completing the full 26.2 miles…! Many of us have been inspired to sign up in the future - we are in awe of all of the athletes who are completing it this weekend.

Year 6 - Harrier - Haka Dance

Harrier loved watching the Haka being performed by the New Zealand All Blacks and they were determined to perform their own Haka! The noises and faces being created in the lesson were great!

Year 6 - Eagles - Lets Dance

Eagles class are enjoying our dance topic where we have been looking at different actions and dynamics. We have been considering how we can link these together to form a routine. We hope you like our moves!