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Memorable Moments

Reception - Cygnets - Cygnets visit the Allotment

In Science, we have been learning all about plants so to help us really understand this topic we took a trip down to see Mrs Percy in our school allotment – it was amazing! Mrs Percy showed us all the fantastic things that are growing there. We loved looking at the strawberries and spotting potatoes, beans and courgettes as well as smelling the beautiful lavender! We then finished our visit in the cosy polytunnel, where our plants are kept warm as they start to grow, to hear a wonderful story. Thank you Mrs Percy, we can’t wait to come and visit again soon and see how much the corn has grown!

Reception - Gosling - Queen's Platinum Jubilee

In Reception we have really enjoyed learning all about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We have explored the Queen from past to present, her role in society, her family and all about the celebrations for the Jubilee. We have loved learning so many facts about the Queen and the United Kingdom by exploring books, magazines, and the internet. We have created some super Union Jacks, made the Queen’s carriage, had royal parades, made crowns and even made the Queen’s favourite cake – chocolate biscuit cake. It tasted delicious!

Reception - Cygnets - The Queen's Jubilee

There has been a real buzz in Cygnets around the Queen’s Jubilee and we have loved learning all about the Queen, her family, her corgis, her role and her life before she was a queen. We have enjoyed painting pictures of the Queen, making our own crowns and Union Jack flags, creating playdough cakes fit for a royal party and even dressing up as kings and queens too!

Reception - Gosling - Minibeast hunts!

In Reception we have loved learning all about minibeasts! We have been amazing at exploring our outdoor area and looking for minibeasts in different habitats. We used fantastic magnifying glasses and pots to look at our minibeasts up close and describe what we could see. We learnt to use the words arthropods, molluscs and annelids. We found such a selection including slugs, spiders, beetles and so many worms! With all the worms we found, we enjoyed creating our very own wormeries. We also gave our bug hotel a revamp to invite lots of new minibeasts too! 

Reception - Goslings - Transport

In Reception we have been exploring all about transport from the past to now! We have loved learning all about different modes of transport and how they have changed over time. One of our particular favourites has been learning all about the Penny-farthing. We had so many questions about this bicycle, including how to get on it! We have applied our knowledge about transport in our play too. Outdoors, we have enjoyed racing cars on steep ramps, creating fantastic vehicles and even making our own car wash. Indoors we have loved sorting transport past and present as well as creating huge train tracks! 

Cygnets have loved our new history topic about transport and having enjoyed exploring all different types of vehicles from the roads to the skies. We began discussions around different modes of transport that we already knew and then enjoyed exploring how these vehicles have changed through the years. Cygnets particularly enjoyed learning about the Penny Farthing, with the enormous front wheel!

Reception - Cygnets - Minibeasts

Cygnets have loved learning all about minibeasts! We have been on lots of minibeast hunts outside, enjoyed creating wormeries, making minibeasts out of playdough and created some beautiful symmetrical butterfly paintings. We have also investigated different creatures, learnt the scientific term for minibeasts – invertebrates and explored how to identify different minibeasts. It has been fascinating!

Cygnets have absolutely loved watching our eggs hatch into little, fluffy chicks. It has been a really amazing experience to see and it was so special to be finally be able to hold our chicks. Cygnets were amazing at being calm, quiet and careful as they gently held our little friends. Well done Cygnets!

Reception - Gosling - Spring has Sprung

Reception has loved the arrival of our special, feathery friends the last couple of weeks! We have really enjoyed seeing our little friends grow from eggs to chicks. We started off by exploring the eggs in their warm incubator and talked lots about this time of year and signs of new life. Then, when we revisited the incubator, we were very excited to find out that some of the chicks had started to hatch! We really enjoyed meeting the chicks close up by carefully taking it in turns to hold the chicks. Reception was fantastic at keeping calm, quiet, and being gentle whilst holding the new arrivals. 

Reception - Goslings - Fun in the Forest

In Reception we love exploring the forest. Recently, we enjoyed creating faces on the forest floor. Firstly, we discussed which sort of ground would be best for drawing on and discussed what natural materials we could find in the forest to help us with our drawings. Once we were ready, we got creative! We collected lots of different natural materials from leaves to bark. Then, we use our sticks to mark the ground or to help make our faces. They looked super!

Reception - Goslings - Ships Ahoy!

Goslings have been on some amazing adventures this week sailing across many oceans! They have been to Japan, Scotland, China, Germany, Spain and even Shark Land! At times, the sea was a little choppy and some boats flooded. Luckily, with fantastic paddling and rowing we were soon back on track. Some of us created speed boats, warm boats (with blankets to keep warm) and also some snacks for our journeys; freshly caught fish right from the sea!

Reception - Cygnets - Celebrating Holi

Cygnets have enjoyed learning about Holi, the Hindu festival of colour. We explored what Holi is about and how it is celebrated. To mark the festival, we created some colourful, collaborative lollipop stick artwork. First, we stuck down the lollipop sticks to create our canvas, then we painted them bright colours. Finally, we added a silhouette of a bonfire, to show one of the ways that Holi is often celebrated. 

Happy Holi everyone!

Reception - Cygnets - World Book Day

Cygnets had the best time celebrating World Book Day. This year, we all came dressed with an animal theme to link to our whole story ‘Under the Same Sky’ By Britta Teckentrup. Throughout the day, we shared what we had dressed up as and why, enjoyed listening to our favourite stories, made our own bookmarks, played a ‘What’s that book?’ quiz and we even paired up with year 5 who read us some stories – we loved this!

Reception - Cygnets - Exploring the Forest

Cygnets enjoyed exploring the forest. We had fun making dens, looking for mini-beasts, making dinosaur houses and climbing trees. We just love being surrounded by nature!

Reception - Goslings - Exploring Capacity

In Reception we have loved learning about capacity in our maths sessions. In our sessions we have explored vocabulary such as empty, full, half full and nearly full. We have also explored different containers and how much they can hold. Reception loved this so much that we extended our learning to our water tray outside! In the water area Goslings have explored how they can fill the cylinders and cups in many ways. We have been fantastic at using so many words to describe what we could see!

Reception - Cygnets - Maths on the Smart Board!

Cygnets have loved practising their number and computing skills on our Smart Board by identifying the correct numerals to get the helicopter to rescue the stranded people – great work Cygnets! 

Reception - Cygnets - World Religion Day

For World Religion Day, Cygnets class enjoyed learning about a new religion – Buddhism. We learnt that Buddha was a teacher, that Buddhists like to worship through meditation and that they celebrate Wesak – Buddha’s birthday. Throughout the day, we enjoyed having a go at some meditation and creating postcard collages with facts about Buddhism on and Buddhist symbols such as the lotus flower

Reception - Gosling - Baking Gingerbread People

In Reception we have really enjoyed reading so many traditional tales! During one carpet session we were reading one of our favourites 'The Gingerbread Man', when all of a sudden a letter popped out! It was a letter from the characters in the story asking for our help to make a new batch of gingerbread people. First of all we listened and discussed the recipe we were going to follow. We looked closely at what we would need and the order of the instructions. Then we were ready to bake! We worked in teams to create two batches. We were amazing at taking it in turns to measure out, mix, stir, roll out and cut our gingerbread people. They smelt delicious as they cooked and we all enjoyed taking one home. 

Reception - Cygnets - Practising Writing Letters and Numbers

Recently, Cygnets class have been really enjoying practising writing their letters and numbers independently. They have shown great determination and perseverance to form their numerals and letters correctly. Fantastic work Cygnets!

Reception - Goslings - Traditional Tales

In Reception we have loved all things to do with traditional tales. We have really enjoyed sharing lots of classic tales in Goslings and joining in with the parts we know! We have made some hungry trolls in the creative area, threaded the basket that Little Red Riding Hood carries to her Granny’s home and made so many different homes for The Three Little Pigs too. We have been amazing at retelling the stories in our own words, using great actions and fantastic voices!

Reception - Cygnets - Hot Chocolate

Cygnets loved taking part in the whole school DT Sewing Bee. We worked in small groups to fill bags of yummy hot chocolate, then turned them into reindeer! We carefully wrapped up the hessian, tied it with some curly antlers and added some wiggly eyes. Last of all, we gave our lovely reindeers a bright, red nose. We were all so proud of our creations! Great job Cygnets!

Reception - Gosling - Maths

We have really enjoyed using Numicon in lots of different ways to explore numbers in Reception. We have written our own numbers, ordered numbers and selected the corresponding Numicon. We have also been fantastic at using the Numicon to explore how we can make numbers in many ways using different combinations. For example, 5 could be 3 and 2 or 1 and 4. Super maths everyone!

Reception - Cygnet - Christmas Party

Cygnets class had the best time at their Christmas party. They came in looking fabulous in their outfits and loved dancing the afternoon away and playing games such as musical statues and pass the parcel. They even enjoyed some yummy party food too – it was the best!

Reception - Gosling - Things that move

In Reception we love all things that move! We have loved using cardboard boxes to whisk us off on adventures. The ‘boxes’ have turned into boats, cars, buses and even aeroplanes. We have also had so much fun making huge ramps for our trucks and cars to go speeding down. Some of us even measured the distance that the vehicles went! As well as this, we have loved to work with friends to make super long train tracks that twist and turn in all sorts of directions. 

In Reception we love all things that move! We have loved using cardboard boxes to whisk us off on adventures. The ‘boxes’ have turned into boats, cars, buses and even aeroplanes. We have also had so much fun making huge ramps for our trucks and cars to go speeding down. Some of us even measured the distance that the vehicles went! As well as this, we have loved to work with friends to make super long train tracks that twist and turn in all sorts of directions. 

Reception - Cygnets - Children in Need 2021

Cygnets looked fabulous in their spotty and yellow attire for Children in Need this year, thank you for all of the fabulous outfits! We learnt what Children in Need is and all the boys and girls it helps. We also thought about who we can help and how. The children were super at sharing their ideas and listening during our circle time. We loved being active and joining in with a Joe Wick’s Children in Need live workout and completing a dance-a-thon in the school hall. Throughout the rest of the day, we also loved doing lots of Pudsey bear crafts including, creating pictures, masks and collaborative collages. It was such a fun day!

Cygnets class have enjoyed learning all about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali, and how it is celebrated. We learnt the story of Rama and Sita and how the special candles, diya lamps, helped them find their way home. We have loved making our own playdough diya lamps, making Diwali cards, creating rangoli patterns and collages as a whole school collaborative art piece and drawing rangoli patterns outside with chalk. We were even able to try on some beautiful outfits that had come all the way from India. 

Reception - Gosling - Remembrance

This week in Reception we have been looking at Remembrance Day. We have spent lots of time sharing what Remembrance Day is and understanding the symbol of a poppy. We have enjoyed creating poppies in so many ways. We haved painted them outside and used lots of different media inside to create beautiful poppies. We have also enjoyed planting poppies and thinking about their importance. We are so proud of all the children for their mature, respectful ideas and discussions.

Cygnets have been learning all about Remembrance Day. To help us all remember the soldiers who fought to keep us safe, we each made a poppy for our own special Remembrance Day ceremony. We then took them outside to create our own field of poppies just like in the poppy animation we had watched. We stood beautifully and silently in a circle and took it in turns to plant our own poppy. We started off with just one poppy but before we knew it our soil had flourished into a field full of our beautiful poppies, a lovely symbol of hope. Whilst we were planting them, we took the time to reflect, remember and say thank you to the armed forces for keeping us safe.
Well done Cygnets, we were so proud of your beautiful behaviour and mature attitudes. It was quite a moving experience for everyone as we supported all of our friends in our class.

Reception - Goslings - Room on the Broom

In Goslings we have had so much fun reading the story Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. We have loved reading the story lots and joining in with the rhymes too. We have loved creating our own potions, brooms and spells with so many different resources! Everyone has been fantastic at using their imaginations and thinking of their own brilliant rhymes when casting their spells, just like in the story. To end our magical week, we enjoyed creating some sparkling wands. We carefully followed the instructions and were amazing at taking turns to dip our chocolate wands into the icing sugar and then covering them in magic (hundreds and thousands)!

Reception - Cygnets - #HellowYellow

Cygnets shone in yellow last Friday to support the event #HelloYellow for World Mental Health day. Throughout the day, we talked lots about all the different emotions that we have and what we can do to support these. Cygnets were amazing at recognising our emotions and showing how these emotions could look on our faces. We did a great job talking about how we felt and how we can help each other out when we feel different things too. Cygnets also enjoyed circle times about our feelings, drawing and making different faces and doing a wake up shake up based on our feelings.

Reception - Gosling - All about Autumn

Autumn has arrived! We have loved learning about this season in Goslings. We have had so much fun exploring the changes outside and ticking off all the things we could find. We have also been helping Mr Fishwick by raking up the leaves from the ground. We have used the leaves inside too by creating some prickly hedgehogs. We are excited to see what else happens this month and what changes we will see!

In Cygnets class, we are often found exploring our natural environment and this week we had our first trip to the forest. We loved being at one with nature and exploring the changes that autumn has brought. We even made some special natural bracelets using things that we collected on our visit.

Reception - Gosling - Our start in Reception

Wow, what an amazing start to Reception! We have had a great time making new friends, exploring our exciting environment and learning lots of new things too. In Goslings, we have enjoyed getting to know each other, what we like and dislike as well as talking about what makes us special. Well done for such a fantastic start to school Goslings!

Cygnets class have had a great first few weeks at school. They have come in beautifully, settled into routines very well, tried many new activities and made lots of friends. To name just a few things that we have been doing, Cygnets have loved drawing and making pictures, practising writing our numbers, counting, building, taking on different roles in the home corner and exploring our outdoor area together with Goslings class. What a fantastic start to the year!