Woodthorpe Primary School

Welcome toWoodthorpe Primary School


This is a good school!


Feedback Highlights:


  • Pupils show a thirst for learning. Pupils are polite and courteous. They behave well around school and show respect to adults.


  • Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities make good, sometimes exceptional, progress from their starting points because their needs are identified well.


  • The school has devised a curriculum which plays a valuable role in motivating pupils and enabling them to make rapid progress in their literacy and numeracy.


  • Pupils are encouraged to be aspirational for themselves and others.


  • Teachers plan work that interests pupils and extends their learning.


  • Pupils are confident and self-assured. They speak enthusiastically about their learning. They take pride in themselves, their work and their school.


  • Many pupils of differing ages are able to talk about their learning, reasoning and skills in some depth. This is particularly the case by the time pupils reach Years 5 and 6, where a great many pupils demonstrate very positive attitudes to learning and a love of mathematics and writing in particular.


  • The strong relationships seen between pupils and adults enable pupils to feel very confident in sharing worries or concerns. Pupils value their teachers and other staff for being there for them if needed.


  • In the early years, the high-quality provision found at the time of the previous inspection has been maintained.