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For Red Nose Day, we loved wearing red and learning all about this wonderful cause. We talked about why we dress up, have fun and raise money on this special day. Carys gave a beautiful explanation - “some people aren’t as lucky as us. They don’t have much food or any clothes to keep them warm”. This helped us to understand why Red Nose Day is so important and lots of children wanted to help. We had a lovely day together and enjoyed lots of activities. We made our own red noses in the creative area, listened to a Red Nose Day story and also decorated some biscuits.

Nursery - Ducklings - Were going on a Spring hunt....

We went for a lovely walk to the forest looking out for signs of spring. We spotted some pink and white blossom on the trees, daffodils, crocuses and daisies growing from the ground and even some minibeasts! It was lots of fun.

Nursery - Ducklings - Caring for our planet

We have had a very lovely and meaningful week in Nursery; embracing our children's pure love of nature and learning all about caring for our planet! We have been ridding our ocean water tray of rubbish and plastic, caring for the polar bears and penguins who we know are in danger of their icy home melting and shopping small at our local farmers' market. It has been a joy to see our children being so conscious and keen to look after our planet. Well done everybody!
This week our children have been fascinated by fireworks! We have loved creating our own night sky scenes using glitter, oil pastels, paint and play dough. In the water area we have been making dazzling fireworks and in the writing area we have enjoyed colouring them in. Lots of children have been pretending to go camping and enjoyed toasting marshmallows with their friends before getting tucked in for bed inside our special tent. Outside, we have been very busy collecting leaves, sticks and grass for a bonfire. We are having so much fun!
The witches and wizards in Nursery have had a spooktacular week celebrating Halloween! We have been busy making poisonous potions, exploring pumpkins and singing spooky songs! We also made an exciting discovery. Lots of magical dust, a witch's hat and a special letter had been left for us in our classroom. The letter was from 'The Wonderful Witch' who is a kind Halloween helper. She explained that she is keeping a watchful eye on us and looking for fantastic things so that she can leave us some Halloween treats. We have been so excited!!! We spent the rest of the week searching for the witch and using our amazing imagination skills.
We are so proud of how well our Duckling children have settled into Nursery! We have had a wonderful week of making new friends, exploring our classroom and playing outside in the beautiful sunshine. Some of our favourite activities have been dressing up in the home corner, building tremendous towers, mark-making and exploring our forest area. We can't wait for lots more fun together - well done Ducklings!