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Check out what we have been up to so far this year. We can also look back over your time at Woodthorpe Primary, from when you started in Nursery.

Reception - Gosling - Traditional Tales

We all have our favourite traditional tales and have really enjoyed reading some of these! We completed a science experiment using the Gingerbread man and made some porridge for Golidlocks and the three bears. Our favourite part of this topic has been a forrest walk where we had to look for clues from different traditional tales. We had to write down each clue and decide who we thought had been there ... We made excellent detectives for the day!

Reception - Gosling - Supertato and the police

We have been reading the story Supertato this week! We decided to create our own Supertato characters and discussed all the different super powers we would like our characters to have.
"Mine would be invisitble"- Preston
"Mine would freeze people"- Chloe
We have also discussed the differences and similarities between fictional superheroes and real life police officers. The children have really enjoyed role playing police officers and we have created lots of their own stories using both superheroes and police officers.
Cygnets have celebrated Chinese New Year and we have learnt so much about this culture.
We have learnt about the preparation for Chinese New Year and how it is celebebrated including:
Cleaning the house to get rid of bad things and to bring good things for the new year.
Decorating the house with red because red symbolises good luck.
Decorations include flowers to remind families of the spring time.
Chinese families wear new clothes to show a fresh start for New Year.
Families give red envelopes with money inside to celebrate.
Children attend Chinese school and make Chinese lanterns to show us the brightness of Spring.
They write Chinese good luck messages.
At the New year meal, 8 or 9 dishes are served because they are lucky numbers.
Food has special meanings e.g. soup has round shapes to remind us to be altogether.
Chinese families eat with chop sticks.
They celebrate with Dragon parades and dancing.

We also learnt some Chinese Dancing and we performed it to our parents and friends! We hope everyone enjoyed it!

We were so lucky to have been visited by Farmer Carl, Henrietta and Dot. We learnt about lots of different animals, how to care for them and how to look after them properly. We learnt about Henrietta's feathers and how she looks after them, what she eats and about the eggs that she lays.  We then had the pleasure of meeting a 10 day old lamb, Dot. We learnt about when she was born, what she has done in her life so far, what she drinks and how she will be sheared when she is older. We then felt some sheep wool, we were fascinated!
We all really enjoyed feeding Dot some milk from her bottle and then stroking her! We were confident to say whether we wanted to touch the animals or not and we were all very sensible and knew to wash our hands after touching the animals.
Thank you Farmer Carl for a lovely visit, we learnt so much about animals and the world around us.

Reception - Goslings - ICT

In the Goslings classroom we have been very excited to get a new interactive whiteboard to help us with our learning. We love practising writing words and numbers on this and are begining to show some excellent improvement with our letter formation and neatness. 

Reception - Goslings - Culture Day

On Monday 22nd January the Goslings took part in a culture day. We looked at the religion Hinduism and made our own lanterns, we also discussed some of the differences and similarities between the Hindu culture and our own. We also learnt all about Italy as this represents some of the cultures of children within our class. We learnt some italian numbers and colours and even made our own yummy pizza. The children were very interested at looking at the places we had learnt about on the map and discussed how long they think it would take them to get there.
Tommy "Italy is so far, we would definitely need an aeroplane or we would be driving for years!"
Gianluca "I am making a pizzeria, that where pizza is made"

Reception - Gosling - Our Maths Challenge Day

We really enjoyed our maths challenge day. We went on a number hunt all around school and helped to write the missing numbers. We also worked with the year 6 children to complete lots of maths activities. We made santas sleigh using the shapes, completed christmas themed dot to dots, programmed the beebots to find the presents and made boxes using 3D nets. We all worked really hard!

Reception - Cygnet - Super outdoor learning

Cygnets were visited by lots of different nocturnal animals. We saw an owl, a rat, a hedgehog and two cockroaches from Madagascar, a snake, a tarantula, two snails and a scorpian. We were so careful when touching the animals and we learnt so many different facts! We used this exciting visit to inspire our writing.

Reception - Cygnets - Father Luke Visits Cygnets

On the run up to Christmas, Father Luke from our local St James the Deacon Church came to visit Cygnets. He helped us retell the Story of Christmas and we had a birthday party for Jesus. We dressed up as different characters, retold the story and sang songs, it was wonderful! Thank you Father Luke!
We have been learning about the story of The Three Little Pigs! But, they had a problem! They needed some help with building a house in our forest, so we put our coats and wellies on and set off to help them!
When we arrived, the Three Little Pigs and the Big, Bad wolf were there! We worked with our friends to build a house using anything we could find. We did a fantastic job!  When we had finished, the Three Little Pigs came to have a look and the Wolf tried to blow our houses down! They were too strong though and he couldn't.
We had a lot of fun helping the Three Little Pigs.
The badger from 'The Disgusting Sandwich' set us a challenge! Our challenge was to make our own disgusting sandwich in the forest! So, we got our coats, wellies, hats and gloves on and went into the forest. Badger had delivered some bread for us and we worked in pairs to make our disgusting sandwich! Our ingredients were mud, sticks, leaves, feathers and grass! They were very disgusting!

Reception - Gosling - Our Disgusting Sandwich Adventure

We have been learning about the story "The disgusting sandwich". We decided to go to the forrest to create our very own disgusting sandwiches and sang a song about all the different ingredients used. The children were very keen to find the MOST disgusting objects to add but we decided we would much prefer to have a ham and cheese sandwich instead!

Reception - Gosling - Our Witches Potions

During the Halloween period we learnt a lot about potions. As a class we created our own witches potion following instructions left my a mystery character. We loved adding all the disgusting ingredients such as blood, bats and a witches hat. This sparked lots of imagination and many of the children chose to make their own potions in the ourdoor water trays. We also wrote the instructions during our literacy lessons. 

Reception - Cygnets - Visit from the Theatre Royal!

We were so lucky to have a visit from the Theatre Royal. We acted out the story of the Gruffalo, turned ourselves into different characters and thought about their feelings in the forest. We used our voices and actions to recreate sounds from the deep, dark wood and we had to hide from the Gruffalo. We then met the mouse and we were trying to help him become friends with the Gruffalo. We thought of lots of different ways to help the mouse make friends in the woods.
"I liked when we were hiding" said Audrina.
"I liked it when we ran away from the Gruffalo and when we went to find him food" said Riley.
"I liked making all the different noises" said Scarlett.

Reception - Cygnets - Gruffalo Adventure!

Today, the Gruffalo took us on an adventure. To start with, we watched the Gruffalo video and then we got our coats and wellies on! The Gruffalo took us down to the forest and we discovered a big box he had left us. Inside the box was the story, clay, clay tools and wooden boards. We walked through the forest acting out the story using actions, noises and repeating language from the story we know off by heart. Then we made our own clay Gruffalo! We used the clay, tools and natural materials to make our Gruffalo. We thought using sticks for his purple prickles was a brilliant idea!
I liked acting out the story” said Dillon.
My favourite part was when I got my hands dirty touching the clay and the mud” said Elizabeth.

Reception - Gosling - Forest Walks

We love forrest walks and take part in one each week. This week our theme was the Julia Donaldson story "Stick man" . The Goslings created their own stickman which we will use to help us re-tell the story to our friends later this week.

Reception - Goslings - Fitness Day

On National Fitness day the Goslings enjoyed their first PE session in the playground. They were brilliant at following instructions and moving carefully around the cones. We also discussed the importance of keeping fit and healthy and told our friends what our faviourite fruit was.

Reception - Goslings - Library Bus Visit

The Gosling's class are very eager to complete the reading challenge this half term! They are getting very good at recognising sounds and blending simple words, both Miss Miller and Mrs Devonport are very impressed. As a treat we had a visit from the Library bus where we had the oportunity to find new books to read with our friends. We really enjoyed it!

Reception - Goslings - Roald Dahl Day

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters for Roald Dahl day. We read The Enormous Crocdile and The Giraffe, Pelly and Me in class and really enjoyed activities based around these characters.
We had a wonderful time today when Woodthorpe's library bus came to visit us at school. Dean read us a brilliant story, we went on to explore all the different types of books and chose our favourite to read with a friend. We cannot wait for the Library bus to come visit us again soon.
"I liked the books" said Grayson.
"I liked inside the bus" said Sonny.
"I liked it when I went inside the bus because there were so many books" said Jaxon.
We have really enjoyed bear hunting this week! We have read the story, performed it with actions and we were fantastic at 'We're going on a bear hunt' yoga!
"It was really fun. The bear has two big eyes rooaaarrr!" said Elsie.
We have been on our first forest walk! It was linked to our focus on poetry and signs of Autumn. We found different signs of Autumn including brown and yellow leaves, conkers, and berries. We really enjoyed it. When we were in the forest we also performed our Autumn Days Poem with our musical instruments and actions.

Cygnets - Roald Dahl.

Cygnets really enjoyed learning about Roald Dahl. We learned that he wrote lots of different books and we read 'The Enormous Crocodile' and 'The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me!' We were being authors ourselves and writing our own books, and being creative making our own collage of the enormous crocodile!

Cygnets - First Few Days at School

Cygnets have loved our first few days at school. We have been measuring and pouring in the water, building train tracks and driving trains on different adventures and made Enourmous Crocodiles to celebrate Roald Dahl day!

Goslings - First Few Days at School

We have had so much fun during our first few days in reception. We are enjoying making new friends and exploring our environment!