Welcome to Woodthorpe Primary School. - Work available under curriculum class pages if any children would like to complete these activities whilst off school. (all voluntary)

Woodthorpe Primary School

Welcome toWoodthorpe Primary School

Reception 2020 -2021

Reception - Cygnets - Our First Week

Cygnets class have had a great first week at school. They have come in beautifully, settled into routines very well, tried many new activities and made lots of friends. To name just a few things we have been doing, Cygnets have loved drawing pictures, practising our writing, building, counting, making faces using different materials and exploring our outdoor area together with Goslings class. What a fantastic start to the year!

Reception - Goslings - Starting School

Wow, what a fantastic start to Reception! In Gosling class we have had so much fun making new friends, playing in our new classroom and learning new things. We have enjoyed talking about ourselves and creating our own faces in many different ways as well as exploring our fantastic outdoor area. Well done everyone for such a super start to school!