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Reception - Goslings - Diwali

Happy Diwali! We have really enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali. In class we have enjoyed learning about the special traditions for this festival and listening to the story of Rama and Sita. We have created our own rangoli patterns, made diya lamps, decorated mehndi hands and retold the story in our own words. 

Reception - Goslings - Bonfire Night!

We had so much fun celebrating bonfire night. Throughout the week we learnt all about this time of year, then as a special treat we created our very own bonfire in the outdoor area. We found lots of natural materials to construct our bonfire including golden, autumn to represent the flames. Once our bonfire was created we all sat and enjoyed our yummy marshmallows. We even pretended to roast them on our warm fire. Amazing teamwork work everyone! 

In the run up to Halloween, Cygnets class have been exploring the story ‘Room on the Room’. We knew this story really well and have loved listening and re-telling the story with our friends. It has been so much fun doing lots of witchy and magical activities. We have particularly enjoyed making our own magic wands, creating potions in the water tray and home corner, making pumpkin soup outside and re-enacting our story on the stage. Happy Halloween!

Reception - Goslings - Room on a Broom

In Goslings we have loved reading the story ‘Room on a Broom’ by Julia Donaldson to get us excited about this spooky time of year. We were superstars at joining in with the story and saying some of key repeated phrases in this tale. Over the weekend our classroom had a touch of magic! We have really enjoyed making magical wands, casting our own spells, creating some very inventive potions and exploring pumpkins in many ways. 

Reception - Goslings - Our adopted animal - Elephants

In Goslings we have had so much fun learning about our adopted animal - Elephants. We have enjoyed reading the story ‘Elmer’ by David McKee and talking in our morning circles about what makes us unique, just like Elmer! We have given Elmer his colour back by decorating him in our creative area and using lots of different colours on the interactive whiteboard. Outside, we have stomped around on stilts using super balancing skills as well as using water tools to squirt our water just like elephants do!  
Cygnets were amazing at coming together to support #HelloYellow for World Mental Health Day. The children looked fantastic in their yellow attire and enjoyed joining in with many activities surrounding feelings and looking after each other throughout the day. We all discussed and identified different feelings and talked about how we all feel different things at different times and how this is okay. We used emotion fans to further explore feelings and demonstrate how we were feeling. Then, we talked in depth with our friends about this, discussing why we might feel differently.

Reception - Cygnets - Elmer and Our Adopted Elephant

In Cygnets class, we have been exploring all things elephant as our adopted class animal is an elephant. We began by reading the story of ‘Elmer’ and have enjoyed talking about what it means to be ‘unique’. We loved making patchwork elephant collages, decorating elephants with cotton buds and paint, using repeating patterns, colouring elephant pictures and creating repeating patterns using our colourful linking elephants. We then moved on to learn all about elephants in the wild, learning all about what they eat and their magical trunks. We enjoyed stomping around like elephants outside on the pot stilts, exploring water tools that were like an elephant’s trunk, such as watering cans and pipettes, and completing some elephant writing where we filled in the missing letters of different parts of an elephant. Great work Cygnets class!

“Elephants use their trunks to hug” Mollie explained.

“A baby elephant is a calf” said George.

In Cygnets class, we had a special visit from the Gruffalo himself so we have loved learning all about the story and doing lots of fun Gruffalo activities. It has been very exciting. We have helped Mouse make Gruffalo crumble, learnt and performed a Gruffalo song, acted out the story, been on a Gruffalo sound hunt, painted and drawn Gruffalo pictures and made the Gruffalo out of special chocolate playdough. We even had a special mission from Mr McGann to help find all the characters from our story, including the Gruffalo, in the deep dark woods after they had all got lost! It has been so much fun, can you spot the Gruffalo hiding in any of our photographs?

Reception - Goslings - The Gruffalo visits!

Goslings had a surprise visit this week… The Gruffalo! The children were super detectives, looking closely at the muddy footprints left in our classroom and worked out who had been. Throughout the week we have enjoyed making Gruffalo crumble, going on sound hunts and making The Gruffalo in so many ways. 

Reception - Cygnets - P.E with Mr Dooley

Cygnets have really enjoyed trying different P.E activities with Mr Dooley. We loved learning new games and exploring different equipment and what we can do with it. We have enjoyed rolling hoops, balancing balls and beanbags as well as throwing and catching. We tried really hard to follow all of Mr Dooley’s instructions – great job Cygnets!

“I love P.E., it’s my favourite!” Joel explained.

Reception - Cygnets - Our First Week

Cygnets class have had a great first week at school. They have come in beautifully, settled into routines very well, tried many new activities and made lots of friends. To name just a few things we have been doing, Cygnets have loved drawing pictures, practising our writing, building, counting, making faces using different materials and exploring our outdoor area together with Goslings class. What a fantastic start to the year!

Reception - Goslings - Starting School

Wow, what a fantastic start to Reception! In Gosling class we have had so much fun making new friends, playing in our new classroom and learning new things. We have enjoyed talking about ourselves and creating our own faces in many different ways as well as exploring our fantastic outdoor area. Well done everyone for such a super start to school!