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Have a look at all we have been doing in Reception.

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Reception - Goslings - Happy Holi

This week Goslings have really enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of colour, Holi. We have explored colour in many different ways including wet and dry chalk, colouring mixing and creating patterns. We even enjoyed our very own Holi festival in the outdoor area by throwing bright powder paint onto paper. Happy Holi!

Reception - Goslings - Pancake Day!

In Gosling class we have loved learning about Shrove Tuesday. We have learnt about this time of year for Christians and what lent is. Throughout the week we have taken part in many activities such as flipping pancakes on the computer, role playing making pancakes and adding toppings in the maths area. The highlight of our week was when we got to make pancakes. Goslings worked amazingly taking it in turns measuring, pouring and mixing. The pancakes tasted delicious!

Reception - Goslings - Dinosaurs!

Ducklings Class were very lucky as Farmer Carl came to see us at school and brought some of his animal friends. We got too meet Henny the hen and Lola the lamb. We loved gently stroking them. We also got to feed Lola her milk. We learnt lots about animals and had such a fun afternoon. Thank you Farmer Carl!


Scarlett said “Lola, she’s so cute”.

Bella explained “She feels really soft”.

Reception - Gosling - Stick Man

Stick Man arrived at our classroom this week. He wrote us a letter explaining that he was lost again and asked if Goslings could look after him. Of course we said yes! We have enjoyed reading the story Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and talking about if we had sticks what they could become. Goslings have created their own stick families, made a new home for the Stick family and counted out sticks to the corresponding numeral.  

Reception - Cygnets - Traditional Tales

This week we have had a wonderful time learning all about Traditional Tales. We have enjoyed using drama to act out different stories, including The Three Billy Goats Gruff where we went trip-trapping over a rickety bridge. We also went on a forest walk which involved us searching for 'fairytale clues' as well as playing the game 'What time is it Mr Wolf?' Finally, in class we have done lots of super pieces of writing, artwork and number. Well done everyone!

Reception - Gosling - Traditional Tales

Traditional Tales took over Gosling’s class this week. We have loved reading so many stories and seeing the tales come alive in our classroom! We have made bridges for The Three Billy Goats Gruff, created scary trolls, measured the giant’s footprints, counted out magic beans, decorated tasty gingerbread men, retold the stories through writing and storytelling as well as many more things!

Reception - Goslings - Frozen

Reception embraced the theme of Frozen! We loved singing songs, making castles for Elsa as well as counting Sven’s antlers. We particularly loved creating things to do with Olaf, we made him lots of friends in the creative area and on the computer too!

Reception - Cygnets - Do you wanna build a snowman?

The Cygnets' Classroom has transformed to Arendelle this week and we have been having lots of Frozen fun! We have enjoyed using our imagination to take on different roles in Elsa's magic kingdom. Our outdoor area has also been very frosty as we suspect Elsa has been using her powers overnight to send us into a deep freeze. We can't wait to build Olaf when the weather turns snowy!

Reception - Gosling - Adopted Elephants

To continue learning about our adopted elephant this week Goslings have enjoyed finding out even more about wild elephants. We have found out so many facts! As well as this, we have stomped like elephants, squirted water like elephants, added elephant herds and created some fab artwork.

Reception - Goslings - Elmer

At the beginning of the week we found out that as a class we adopt an elephant from the WWF. To help us learn more about elephants we have enjoyed reading the story Elmer.  We have been busy counting herds of elephants, colouring in elephants on the interactive whiteboard, designing our own unique elephants and giving Elmer his colour back by adding pompoms to his body.


Reception - Gosling - Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November… In Goslings we have been celebrating Bonfire Night. We have discussed why this festival is celebrated, what we enjoy doing with our families and how to stay safe around this time of year. Goslings have enjoyed creating beautiful, exploding firework pictures, building bonfires as well as putting gloves on to hold our sparklers in the role play area.

Reception - Goslings - Room on the Broom

In Goslings this week we have enjoyed the story Room on the Broom. We have loved acting out the story in class, making potions and casting our own spells with the beautiful wands we have made outside.

Reception - Cygnet - Diwali Celebrations

We have had a brilliant time learning all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We now understand that it is the Festival of Light and an opportunity to remember the story of Rama and Sita. We have explored this topic through lots of creative activities, such as, decorating Mehndi hands, creating Rangoli patterns and making Diva lamps.

Reception - Cygnets - Our visit from the Fire Brigade!

We were so lucky and excited to have a visit from the Fire Brigade at school. We looked at the fire engine and all of the special equipment and asked the fire fighters lots of super questions.

Reception - Cygents - Clay faces in the forest

The children supported the Hello Yellow campaign for World Mental Health Day by making clay faces, representing their emotions, in the forest. They enjoyed splatting some clay on a tree and then gathering natural resources in order to make the facial features. They found and used a variety of Autumnal objects, including acorns, conkers, grass, leaves and twigs.

Reception - Cygnets - We're going on an Autumn Hunt

We had the most magical morning on our Autumn forest walk. We found lots of different signs of Autumn and enjoyed waving to the leaves as they danced in the breeze, choosing our favourite leaves and looking at conkers, berries and flowers. In the forest, we enjoyed the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and then came up with our own story and actions... We’re Going on an Autumn Hunt! Within this topic, we have learnt lots of lovely songs and dances and really developed our Understanding of the World.

Reception - Gosling - Autumn

Autumn has arrived in Reception! Goslings have enjoyed all things autumn in class. They have created prickly hedgehogs, made yummy pumpkin soup in the water tray and created leaf kebabs. We have loved talking about how things are changing outside such as colder days and orange leaves falling.

Reception - Goslings - The Little Red Hen

Goslings have had lots of fun this week reading the story The Little Red Hen. In class we have made rocking red hens, counted out grains to be planted and played farms in the small world. Our highlight of this week has been receiving a letter from The Little Red Hen asking for our help to make some bread. Of course we said yes! We really enjoyed working together to make some yummy bread, it tasted delicious!

Ducklings - A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood........

We were so surprised but thrilled to find a HUGE footprint in our classroom! We soon learnt that it had been left by the Gruffalo; when he had visited our classroom over the weekend. This was the start of a variety of different activities and learning experiences all about him and his story. We enjoyed receiving letters from him which included lots of different challenges and we even made a delicious Gruffalo Crumble for his woodland friends to enjoy. 

Reception - Our first days at school

The Cygnets Class have settled into Reception wonderfully. We have had lots of fun exploring our new environment and becoming familiar with our school day. Some of our favourite activities have been playing on the bikes and splashing in the water in our lovely outdoor area. We have made lots of new friends and can't wait for a fun-filled year; learning and growing together!

Reception - Gosling - Superheroes!

Goslings have really enjoyed our new story, Supertato. We have helped Supertato with special superhero missions, acted out the story using the vegetables, dressed up as superheroes and created our own superhero masks. We have also enjoyed circle times where we have discussed real life superheroes who help keep us safe.

Reception - Gosling's - First Week

Goslings have made a fantastic start to Woodthorpe Primary School. We have had lots of fun exploring our new classroom, making friends and learning all about the Gruffalo. We look forward to some more exciting learning in the forthcoming weeks.
Goslings - 2019 Upwards 

Reception - Cygnets - Measuring Trees

This week in the forest, the children explored the age of the trees. They recognised that the thicker the trunk, the older the tree. We used tape measures to accurately measure and then recorded our findings on a sheet. The children were absolutely brilliant!

Reception - Cygnets - Forest

We had an amazing time using the iPads to take photos in the Forest. We enjoyed capturing snapshots of nature, our environment and, of course, each other!

Reception - Cygnets - Pirate Potions

The Cygnets Class were so excited to discover a ‘message in a bottle’ in our water tray! It was from the Woodthorpe pirates and we were asked to make a potion. We had to carefully measure out the different ingredients in millilitres and add them to our mixing bowl. The pirates told us that we had to be extra careful not to spill any of the potion on us or we might turn into frogs!

Reception - Gosling - Cricket

We have enjoyed taking part in cricket sessions over the last few weeks and have developed our balance, co-ordination and team work skills. We hope to continue developing our cricket skills during the summer term. 

Reception - Gosling - Easter Fun

The Goslings took part in numerous problem solving activities to celebrate Easter. They had to work together to follow clues which lead them to a mystery prize. We also enjoyed making Easter nests which were very yummy!

Reception - Gosling - Maypole

Well Done to all our fantastic Maypole performers. We were so proud of the children's confidence and super skipping.  We hope we brightened up everybody's rainy day. 

Reception - Goslings - Measurements

The Gosling's have been learning about different forms of measurement. We have enjoyed comparing size, length, weight, distance and time. The children have been superstars at remembering different mathematical language such as centimetres, milliliters and grams. They have measured shapes, used balance scales and followed instructions to create potions. 

Reception - Cygnets - World Book Day

We have had a wonderful World Book Day! We enjoyed looking at everyone’s costumes and telling one another about our favourite books. We all agreed that everyone looked AMAZING! This morning, we had a special assembly and then we spent some time with some year 3 boys and girls who we were paired up with to read stories, which we absolutely loved! Some children even got to enjoy a book with their sibling, which was especially lovely. Then, at the end of the day, we enjoyed another story whilst having a biscuit and some juice together. Well done, we are all superstar readers! 

Reception - Cygnets - Spring Painting

We love Spring flowers in the Cygnets Class and have enjoyed creating beautiful paintings of the daffodils. We have explored colour mixing and different painting techniques to improve our precision and results.

Reception - Cygnets - Holi Celebrations

We have been learning all about the Hindu festival of Holi. We know that this festival involves lots of colour and celebrations and so we enjoyed lots of messy art activities. We even spent an afternoon decorating a big white sheet with powder paint and water. We discussed colour mixing and how our celebrations were similar to those at the Hindu temples and had so much fun in the sunshine!

Reception - Cygnets - Fun in the Forest

As we move into Spring, the children are really enjoying their weekly forest walks and have made some wonderful creations using natural resources, including nests and minibeast hotels.
The children have absolutely loved caring for our lovely chicks. It has been a wonderful experience for us all and I’m sure the highlight for most children was getting to have a little cuddle with them. I was so proud of everyone for being so brave and careful when holding the chicks. The children were so calm and took care not to scare them as we passed them around our circle, holding them securely and stroking them. The chicks are definitely very lucky to have such caring and friendly boys and girls looking after them and I’m sure they’ll miss us just as much as we’ll miss them!

Reception - Goslings - Holi Celebrations

The Gosling's have been learning all about the Hindu festival 'Holi'. We learnt that this is also known as the 'festival of colour'. Therefore to celebrate we decided to get very creative and colourful. We created our own powder paint explosion on a large white sheet and also made a wax crayon masterpiece of a lion. We all enjoyed exploring the different art techniques and getting a little messy too!

Reception - Goslings - Our Spring Chicks

The Gosling's have loved our chick visitors. We found it fascinating watching them hatch and grow into fluffy chicks. We were very lucky to see a live hatching and were amazed at what the chicks looked like straight after they hatched. We learnt how to care for the chicks including how to hold them safely, how to clean them out and what they need to survive. We were all a little sad to say goodbye to the chicks when the farmer took them back to his farm.

Reception - Goslings - Searching for signs of spring

As Spring is approaching, The Gosling's have been on a Forest walk to hunt for signs of spring. We had to use all of our senses to find the items on our checklist. We found buds, daffodils, green leaves, bugs and birds. Once we were in the forest we also enjoyed climbing trees and making dens

Reception - Goslings - World Book Day

The Gosling's class looked excellent dressed as their favourite book character for World Book Day! We enjoyed lots of story themed activities and spent some time enjoying our favourite stories with our friends and class teddies. 

Reception - Goslings - Dogs Trust

In Reception we have enjoyed a visit from the Dogs Trust where we learnt all about how to be safe around dogs and the things dogs need to keep them healthy. We found out about the foods that dog's can and cannot have and were challenged to tell a grown up this at home. We also discussed why dogs need to go for walks and what we can do around dogs to ensure that our safety is maintained. The session sparked lots of conversations about dogs and we enjoyed discussing what we would call our dogs if we had our own. 

Reception - Goslings - Fun in the Snow

The Gosling's class were so excited to see all the snow! - We decided to get suited up with waterproofs and wellies and explore outside together. We made snow men using buttons and carrots, Snow angels and scooped the snow with spades and diggers. It was lots of fun and we hope to get some more snow soon!

Reception - Goslings - Paint Station

The Goslings have loved the recent addition of a 'paint station' to their classroom. They are focusing on mixing their own colours and using specific colours for a purpose. The activity is allowing the children to become more independent as well as encouraging their creativity and imagination.
The Cygnets Class loved counting down to Christmas Day! We did lots of exciting things and even met Father Christmas on his magical sleigh! We wrote letters and posted them to the North Pole and even got a reply from the helpful elves. Our favourite part of the festivities was our Christmas party because we did lots of dancing, ate yummy party food and even played ‘pin the nose on the snowman’!

Reception - Cygnets - Our First Nativity

What superstars we are! Miss Heyes and Mrs Devonport were so proud of us in our Nativity. We were so brave to perform in front of so many grown-ups and did such a fantastic job with singing, dancing and remembering our lines. Well Done boys and girls!

Reception - Goslings - Christmas Fun

The Gosling's have had lots of fun during the countdown for Christmas. We have enjoyed decorating our Christmas tree and making various Christmas crafts such as trees and baubles. We have worked very hard writing our letters to Santa and had a very exciting forest walk to post our letters in a special post box. We would like to wish everybody a wonderful Christmas break. 

Reception - Gosling - Our First Nativity

What a bunch of superstars we have! - The children put on a wonderful performance for our Nativity. They showed confidence when saying their lines and singing all of the songs. The performances were enjoyed by everybody and the children should be very proud of themselves - we certainly are. 

Reception - Goslings - Animated Objects Performance

KS1 and Early years have been treated this term by a super performance from Lee Threadgold who used various puppets to tell the story of Aladin. The children showed excellent concentration throughout the performance and found it very funny!- As did the staff. 

Reception - Goslings - Divali Celebrations

Reception have really enjoyed learning about Divali. We have explored the Hindu culture and looked at some of the different elements of Divali celebrations. We made special lanterns and learnt that Divali is the 'festival of light.' We have also enjoyed making rangoli patterns using the chalks outside and even used ipads to create firework pictures.

Reception - Goslings - Halloween Fun

We loved our Halloween adventures! A kind witch visited our classroom and asked us to make special potions following her instructions. We had to read each of the words very carefully using our phonics knowledge! We also made some super Halloween biscuits with spooky sweeties and enjoyed lots of spooky stories throughout the week. 

Reception - Cygnets - Our very first days of school

We have had a wonderful first few weeks at Woodthorpe! We are all settling in really well and all feel part of a very special class family. We have really enjoyed lots of different activities, such as, playing in the home corner, exploring play dough, making lots of yummy treats in the mud kitchen and splashing in the water tray. Our favourite thing has been making such lovely new friends! Well Done Cygnets Class for being such super stars!

Reception - Goslings - Phonics sounds hunt

The Gosling's class are becoming very confident with their Phase 2 phonics sounds. This week we have been hunting for different sounds on Autumn leaves all around our outdoor area. The children have been practising saying the sound and doing the Jolly phonics action to match. They are even able to think of words beginning with that sound. Great work Gosling's class! 

Reception - Goslings - First few days in class

The Goslings have had an excellent first few days at school. We have been very busy settling into school routines and having lots of fun. We have made 'Gruffalo crumble' , built houses using bricks, explored the Forrest Schools area and enjoyed playing in our outdoor space. We look forward to some more exciting learning during the upcoming weeks. 


Reception 2018 - 2019 Please see above 

Reception - Gosling - Sports Day

We had a fantastic time at our sports day! Each child showed great enthusiasm, determination and support for each other which was brilliant to see. Well done to all our super competetors, you were fantastic despite the very warm weather.

Reception - Gosling - Askham Bryan Wildlife park

We enjoyed a fantastic trip to Askham Bryan Wildlife Park where we were able to meet lots of different animals and find out information about them. We were even able to hold some of them! Everybody asked brilliant questions and listened carefully throughout the day. We saw lemurs, alpacas, raccoons, meercats, snakes turrantulas and much more!

Reception - Goslings - May Pole Day

We were so lucky to have such a beautiful sunny day to perform our May Pole dance. We loved skipping in time to the music and hope that everyone who came to watch enjoyed our performance as much as we did.

Recpetion - Goslings - Yoga

We love trying new activities and thoroughly loved our recent Yoga session. The yoga teacher told us a story about a mermaid and took us on a journey using different yoga movements. All the children were very engaged throughout and showed excellent balance and co-ordination.

Reception - Gosling's - Healthy Eating

The Gosling's class have been learning all about healthy eating and the importance of keeping fit. We have enjoyed discussing our favourite and least favourite fruits and vegetables and engaging in some role play activities within our classroom Supermarket. We also enjoyed preparing and eating a delicious fruit salad. We were all very careful using the knives and discussed the importance of hygeine during the preperation stages. Our favourite part was eating the fruit salad!- we even tried some fruits we hadn't eaten before.

Reception - Goslings - Fire Engine and Police Visit

The Goslings have been very lucky to have a visit from two very important people over the last few weeks. We have met a police officer and some fire fighters from Acomb fire station. We had lots of questions that we wanted to ask our visitors and learnt lots of new important information. We now understand what we should do in an emergency and have even been encouraging our families to stay safe by checking their smoke alarms!

Reception - Goslings - Our Easter Chicks

We have thoroughly enjoyed having our Easter Chicks, We have enjoyed watching them hatch and grow into lovely fluffy chicks. We have learnt lots of facts about chicks and this has encouraged us to do some fantastic independent writing. We have learnt how to care for animals and have been very careful when stroking and holding the chicks. We will miss them when they return to the farm.

Reception - Cygnets - Cygnets learn British Sign Language!

We really enjoyed our sing and sign workshop! We learnt how to sign our names and some short phrases including 'Hello, how are you?'
We enjoyed learning some new songs using sign language, dancing to these songs and then performing to our parents! We are looking forward to starting our British Sign Language after school club in the Summer term!
We have really enjoyed our Easter Chicks this year and we were sad to see them go back to the farm! We have watched them hatch from their eggs and grow into little chicks. We were all very calm and respectful of the chicks and we stroked them and held them.
We made observations of the chicks, including what they looked like, felt like and sounded like. Some of the chicks did a poo on the hall floor and we found that funny! We took it in turns to hold them and we supported each other in doing so!
Cygnets have enjoyed learning about Superheros and have completed lots of challenges sent by Supertato! We had to design, build and then write a character description about our own superhero! He sent each of us a potato and a range of materials to help us.  We were all brilliant at designing and talking about the supertato we had made and look at our amazing writing...!