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Reception - Cygnets - Forest fun

Cygnet’s class had the best time in the forest exploring our natural environment. We loved digging and investigating, looking for bugs and flowers, making all sorts of yummy mud concoctions (including some very gloopy porridge!), hiding in dens and becoming Princes and Princesses with our very own imaginary castles.

Reception - Goslings - Yoga

In Reception, we have been learning all about how to keep ourselves healthy, both mind and body. We have enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Yoga Ogre’ by Peter Bently. This inspired us to do some of our very own yoga. We used the yoga cards to help decide what pose we wanted to do and moved our bodies in lots of different ways. Some of us could hold the positions for ages! We enjoyed listening to relaxing music and taking part with our friends.

We have been learning all about things that grow, including plants! This week, we were lucky enough to visit our school allotment. There we met Mrs Morrell who showed us a special area that is just for Reception.

First, we looked around our garden site and listened carefully to what other year groups had been up to.

Then, Mrs Morrell showed us the plan and our jobs for the afternoon. We worked together to plant bedding plants in the shape of a colourful rainbow. We took it in turns to dig a hole then gently pressed in the plants. Finally, we gave them a good drink of water to keep them nice and healthy.

We had so much fun playing a part in this whole school project.

Great job Cygnets!

Cygnets class arrived at the forest to find that some trolls had escaped!

First, we had to catch the trolls and make a maze for them to go in to stop them causing mischief. Then, we gave them names and made our own troll houses for them to live in. We loved our new troll friends!

Reception - Goslings - Art Day - Patrick Heron

We had so much fun during our whole school art day. Across school, each year group enjoyed all things art and were given a particular Yorkshire artist to look at. In reception we explored the work of Patrick Heron. We started the day by learning all about him and discussed some of his work. Then, we worked together to create our very own pieces of art inspired by Patrick Heron. We chose to copy his style in the picture ''Horizontal Stripe'. We chose to paint five pieces together, one for each colour of our emotions - blue, green, yellow, black and red (linked to a story The Colour Monster which we have explored lots this year). They looked fantastic! Throughout the day we embraced all things art! Inside, we continued to explore Patrick Heron by creating individual pieces of art. We also enjoyed taking part in some whole class yoga and meditation. Outside, we used chalk, paints, musical instruments and dance ribbons to express ourselves creatively.

Reception - Cygnets - Planting Sunflowers

Cygnets class have planted our very own sunflower seeds. We were so excited to each have our own pot and special seed to plant. First, we discussed how we would look after our seeds then, we carefully scooped out some soil and gently pushed the seeds into our pots. We have been attentively watering the pots and we can’t wait to watch them grow. Let’s hope the sunshine comes out to help our seeds turn into beautiful flowers!

Cygnets set sail on the Black Bloomer pirate ship and went in search of the golden underpants after reading our story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman. We sailed all around our outdoor area, went over the bridge, through the swamps and caves until eventually we spied our treasure hanging in the trees! We have had so much fun learning all about pirates: making our own pirate ships outside, hunting for treasure, making pirate hats, tea staining our own treasure maps and so many other pirate activities. It has been so exciting!

Reception - Goslings - Our Bug Hotel

In Reception, we have been kindly donated our very own bug hotel made by the students at York College. Goslings, went on a hunt to find all the materials we would need to make a fantastic home for our minibeasts. First we discussed our bug hotel and what we might collect. Then, we explored our school grounds and found lots of different materials. We collected dead leaves, grass, bark, sticks etc...Once we had collected all of our materials that would make perfect homes for different bugs, we worked together to assemble the new bug hotel. We thought about what should go where and why. We discussed what the hotel might attract such as bees, ants and caterpillars. We can't wait to see what creatures enjoy staying in our hotel! Great team work Goslings!

Cygnets were excited to receive some brand new balancing equipment so we loved building our very own obstacle course. We set to work and built the most enormous obstacle course that you have ever seen, it even included a ring of fire!

Then, we had so much fun testing everything out. We carefully balanced along the beams, climbed through the ring of fire, made our way over the tyres, stepped in between the ladder rungs, walked over the crates and balanced on top of the barrels. It was brilliant!

Reception - Goslings - Real life Superheroes

In Goslings this week we have enjoyed learning all about real life superheroes. We have spent lots of time discussing who helps us and keeps us safe. Throughout the week we have had lots of circles about naming our heroes such as our families, doctors, firefighters and vets. We have also thought about if we needed one of our heroes in an emergency what we would need to do. Inside we have loved making our own badges to become different roles such as the police. We have enjoyed role playing many different heroes such as doctors. We have also been on the look our for the evil pea (from our story Supertato) and created a tally of every time we saw him. Outside we have had so much fun exploring some of our new obstacle course equipment. We were amazing at working in teams to create a huge obstacle course and having lots of fun together! 

Cygnets class enjoyed learning about Holi, the Hindu festival of colour. We explored what Holi was and how it is celebrated. We even enjoyed dressing up in bright colours to help us celebrate. As well as this, we created colourful sand pictures and created a special collaborative piece of art. Cygnets each took it in turns to make thumbprints to create a beautiful, colourful canvas.

Finally, Cygnets wanted to have a go at something else that is often done to celebrate Holi: throwing paint! We had so much fun wetting a large sheet using different tools and then scattering colourful powder paint all over it to create a beautiful, bright explosion of colour!

Happy Holi everyone!

Reception - Gosling - Happy Holi!

In Goslings, we have really enjoyed learning all about the Hindu festival Holi. We started our learning with a whole school day learning about the festival of colour and have continued to love learning about it this week. In class, we continued to learn about the festival and have really enjoyed exploring mixing colours in lots of ways. Some of us have created some amazing shades of different colours and learnt what happens when some colours are combined. We have also explored different sculptures we can create such as Hindu temples. We loved working as a big team to have our own Holi festival outside, we were very excited to throw the powder paint onto our sheet of paper. Whilst learning about Holi, we have also shared the book ‘Colour Monster by Anna Llenas.’ We have been amazing at matching our feelings to different colours throughout the week. Happy Holi everyone! 

Cygnets have enjoyed the build up to Easter. It has been so much fun doing lots of Easter activities together!

We have been busy decorating Easter eggs in lots of ways. We have used our super fine motor skills to place sequins, pompoms and buttons on different egg patterns, coloured eggs outside and also created our own beautiful egg patterns with paint. We have also planted carrots with tweezers, practised our sums with the help of some Easter chicks and been on a tricky word egg hunt outside. Our favourite activities though, have been pretending to be the Easter bunny and hiding eggs for our friends to find. We were also very lucky and got to go on a special Easter egg hunt in the forest. We had to match up some eggs that had cracked and then we even spotted a treat that the Easter bunny had left for us for completing his challenge!

Reception - Cygnets - Red Nose Day

Cygnets class learnt all about the charity Comic Relief or Red Nose Day and about all the fabulous work it does to help people. We looked at who the charity helps as well as looking at one of the messages this year which is, 'Let's Be Superheroes - together, we can make this Red Nose Day the best ever! Throughout the day, we created our own funny faces and funny noses and had so much fun creating our own superhero masks too, they were wonderful!

We all looked super in our red outfits too. What a fantastic effort – well done Cygnets!

Cygnets class learnt all about the changes that happen in Spring. We went on a Spring hunt and spotted lots of new flowers starting to appear and have loved creating our own flowers using pens and pencils, paint and playdough. We enjoyed learning about the baby animals that are born in the Spring as well. Outside, we loved being gardeners and digging and planting with our friends too.

Reception - Gosling - Red Nose Day 2021

In Reception, we learnt all about the charity Comic Relief (Red Nose Day). We were amazing at learning what this charity is about and how raising awareness on Red Nose Day can help others.  

During our carpet time, we looked at who the charity helps as well as looking at one of the messages this year which was, 'Let's Be Superheroes - together, we can make this Red Nose Day the best ever!' 

Throughout the day we created our own funny noses and had so much fun creating our own superheroes masks, they looked fantastic! Well done Goslings for exploring this day and thank you for your efforts on wearing something red. 

Reception - Gosling - Spring has sprung!

We have loved learning about the signs of Spring in Reception. Throughout the last couple of weeks, we have enjoyed exploring our outdoor area to see if we could see any changes in the environment. We have also enjoyed planting bulbs and tending to them, digging to turn over the soil as well as looking after new life (chicks) and making protective, warm nests for them. Our classroom has smelt beautiful with fresh cut daffodils each day. We have enjoyed painting Spring flowers, making our own flowers using playdough as well as making magical flower potions. We can’t wait to see what else happens in Spring, we all have our seasons detective glasses on! 

Cygnets class have enjoyed so many Christmas activities this year it has been so festive and so exciting. To name a few we have loved joining in with our class advent calendar, having our Christmas party, doing some Christmas sports, making calendars for the new year, making reindeer hot chocolate, creating Christmas pictures and cards, making paper chains, playing Christmas games, wearing our Christmas jumpers, Christmas role-play, singing Christmas songs and of cause meeting Santa himself! It really has been as magical time of the year! Merry Christmas everyone from Cygnets class!

In Goslings, we have been getting into the festive mood with a sprinkle of Christmas magic in our classroom. We have loved working in Santa’s workshop, creating snowmen and picking from the advent calendar each day. Goslings also had so much fun at our Christmas party. We played lots of fun party games including pass the parcel. We were lucky enough to have a very special visit from Santa too!

Cygnets class have enjoyed learning all about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali, and how it is celebrated. We learnt the story of Rama and Sita and how the special candles, diya lamps, helped them find their way home. We have loved making our own playdough diya lamps, washing the dishes outside to prepare our home for Diwali, creating rangoli pattern collages inside and rangoli drawings outside with chalk. We were even able to try on some beautiful outfits that had come all the way from India. 

In Cygnets class, we are often found exploring our natural environment in our forest. We love being at one with nature: going on Autumn hunts, making animal shelters, creating leaf kebabs, building with natural resources and taking some risks (whilst remembering how to keep safe of course!) balancing on the logs and trees. Have a look at some of the fun things we have been up to!

Cygnets looked fabulous in their spotty and sporty attire for Children in Need this year. We enjoyed learning a little bit about the Children in Need charity and how it helps lots and lots of boys and girls. We also loved being active and joining in with Joe Wick’s 24 hour P.E. challenge. We joined in for the last 25 minutes - just that was exhausting!
Throughout the rest of the day, we also loved doing our own exercise routines and doing lots of Pudsey bear crafts including, creating pictures, masks and collages. It was so much fun. You were all superstars Cygnets - well done!

Cygnets have been learning all about Remembrance Day. To help us all remember the soldiers who fought to keep us safe, we each made a poppy for our own special remembrance ceremony. We then took them outside to create our own field of poppies just like in the animation we had watched. We stood beautifully and silently in a circle and took it in turns to plant our own poppy. We started off with just one poppy planted but before we knew it our soil had flourished into a field full of our beautiful poppies, a lovely symbol of hope. Whilst we were planting them, we took the time to reflect, remember and say thank you to the armed forces for keeping us safe.
Well done Cygnets, we were so proud of your beautiful behaviour and mature attitudes. It was quite a moving experience for everyone as we supported all of our friends in our class.

Cygnets class enjoyed learning all about Bonfire Night, why we celebrate it, who Guy Fawkes was and how to keep safe around fireworks. We enjoyed creating our own firework pictures and writing, pretending to make sparklers and bonfires, creating fireworks out of playdough, pretending to fireman and playing a firework counting game. As a treat, we even created a huge pretend bonfire with Goslings class and sat around it pretending to toast marshmallows – they were so yummy! 

Reception - Goslings - Diwali

Happy Diwali! We have really enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali. In class we have enjoyed learning about the special traditions for this festival and listening to the story of Rama and Sita. We have created our own rangoli patterns, made diya lamps, decorated mehndi hands and retold the story in our own words. 

Reception - Goslings - Bonfire Night!

We had so much fun celebrating bonfire night. Throughout the week we learnt all about this time of year, then as a special treat we created our very own bonfire in the outdoor area. We found lots of natural materials to construct our bonfire including golden, autumn to represent the flames. Once our bonfire was created we all sat and enjoyed our yummy marshmallows. We even pretended to roast them on our warm fire. Amazing teamwork work everyone! 

In the run up to Halloween, Cygnets class have been exploring the story ‘Room on the Room’. We knew this story really well and have loved listening and re-telling the story with our friends. It has been so much fun doing lots of witchy and magical activities. We have particularly enjoyed making our own magic wands, creating potions in the water tray and home corner, making pumpkin soup outside and re-enacting our story on the stage. Happy Halloween!

Reception - Goslings - Room on a Broom

In Goslings we have loved reading the story ‘Room on a Broom’ by Julia Donaldson to get us excited about this spooky time of year. We were superstars at joining in with the story and saying some of key repeated phrases in this tale. Over the weekend our classroom had a touch of magic! We have really enjoyed making magical wands, casting our own spells, creating some very inventive potions and exploring pumpkins in many ways. 

Reception - Goslings - Our adopted animal - Elephants

In Goslings we have had so much fun learning about our adopted animal - Elephants. We have enjoyed reading the story ‘Elmer’ by David McKee and talking in our morning circles about what makes us unique, just like Elmer! We have given Elmer his colour back by decorating him in our creative area and using lots of different colours on the interactive whiteboard. Outside, we have stomped around on stilts using super balancing skills as well as using water tools to squirt our water just like elephants do!  
Cygnets were amazing at coming together to support #HelloYellow for World Mental Health Day. The children looked fantastic in their yellow attire and enjoyed joining in with many activities surrounding feelings and looking after each other throughout the day. We all discussed and identified different feelings and talked about how we all feel different things at different times and how this is okay. We used emotion fans to further explore feelings and demonstrate how we were feeling. Then, we talked in depth with our friends about this, discussing why we might feel differently.

Reception - Cygnets - Elmer and Our Adopted Elephant

In Cygnets class, we have been exploring all things elephant as our adopted class animal is an elephant. We began by reading the story of ‘Elmer’ and have enjoyed talking about what it means to be ‘unique’. We loved making patchwork elephant collages, decorating elephants with cotton buds and paint, using repeating patterns, colouring elephant pictures and creating repeating patterns using our colourful linking elephants. We then moved on to learn all about elephants in the wild, learning all about what they eat and their magical trunks. We enjoyed stomping around like elephants outside on the pot stilts, exploring water tools that were like an elephant’s trunk, such as watering cans and pipettes, and completing some elephant writing where we filled in the missing letters of different parts of an elephant. Great work Cygnets class!

“Elephants use their trunks to hug” Mollie explained.

“A baby elephant is a calf” said George.

In Cygnets class, we had a special visit from the Gruffalo himself so we have loved learning all about the story and doing lots of fun Gruffalo activities. It has been very exciting. We have helped Mouse make Gruffalo crumble, learnt and performed a Gruffalo song, acted out the story, been on a Gruffalo sound hunt, painted and drawn Gruffalo pictures and made the Gruffalo out of special chocolate playdough. We even had a special mission from Mr McGann to help find all the characters from our story, including the Gruffalo, in the deep dark woods after they had all got lost! It has been so much fun, can you spot the Gruffalo hiding in any of our photographs?

Reception - Goslings - The Gruffalo visits!

Goslings had a surprise visit this week… The Gruffalo! The children were super detectives, looking closely at the muddy footprints left in our classroom and worked out who had been. Throughout the week we have enjoyed making Gruffalo crumble, going on sound hunts and making The Gruffalo in so many ways. 

Reception - Cygnets - P.E with Mr Dooley

Cygnets have really enjoyed trying different P.E activities with Mr Dooley. We loved learning new games and exploring different equipment and what we can do with it. We have enjoyed rolling hoops, balancing balls and beanbags as well as throwing and catching. We tried really hard to follow all of Mr Dooley’s instructions – great job Cygnets!

“I love P.E., it’s my favourite!” Joel explained.

Reception - Cygnets - Our First Week

Cygnets class have had a great first week at school. They have come in beautifully, settled into routines very well, tried many new activities and made lots of friends. To name just a few things we have been doing, Cygnets have loved drawing pictures, practising our writing, building, counting, making faces using different materials and exploring our outdoor area together with Goslings class. What a fantastic start to the year!

Reception - Goslings - Starting School

Wow, what a fantastic start to Reception! In Gosling class we have had so much fun making new friends, playing in our new classroom and learning new things. We have enjoyed talking about ourselves and creating our own faces in many different ways as well as exploring our fantastic outdoor area. Well done everyone for such a super start to school!