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Charging & Remissions Policy


AIMS OF THE POLICY                                                                                                                      


Woodthorpe Primary School believes that all our pupils should have an equal opportunity to benefit from school activities and visits (curricular and extra curricular) independently of their parents financial means.  This charging and remissions policy describes how we will do our best to ensure a good range of visits and activities is offered and, at the same time, try to minimise the financial barriers which may otherwise prevent some pupils taking full advantage of the opportunities.


BACKGROUND TO THE POLICY                                                                                                   


Sections 449 to 462 of the Education Act (1996) requires all schools to have a policy on charging and remissions for school activities,  This legislation may be viewed at


ITEMS FOR WHICH NO CHARGES WILL BE MADE                                                                 


Education provided during school hours (including the supply of any materials, books, instruments or other equipment).


Education provided outside school hours if it is part of the National Curriculum, or part of a syllabus for a prescribed public examination that the pupil is being prepared for at the school, or part of religious education.


Tuition for pupils learning to play musical instruments if the tuition is required as part of the National Curriculum, or part of a syllabus for a prescribed public examination that the pupil is being prepared for at the school, or part of religious education.


Entry for a prescribed public examination, if the pupil has been prepared for it at the school.


Examination re-sit(s) if the pupil is being prepared for the re-sit(s) at the school.


Transporting registered pupils:-

  • to or from the school premises, where the local education authority has a statutory obligation to provide transport;
  • to other premises where the governing body or local education authority has arranged for pupils to be educated;
  • to enable them to meet an examination requirement when they have been prepared for that examination at the school; and
  • in connection with an educational visit.

ITEMS FOR WHICH CHARGES WILL BE MADE                                                                        


Within School Hours

Educational visits and activities – voluntary contributions

When organising educational visits or activities, which enrich the curriculum and the experience of pupils, the school invites the parent to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the visit or activity.  Although not an exhaustive list; these activities may include visits to museums, galleries and the theatre as well as sporting activities.


If the school does not receive sufficient voluntary contributions we may need to cancel the visit or activity.  When a visit or activity does go ahead it may include pupils whose parents have not paid any contribution.  We may not, by law, exclude these pupils and indeed would not wish to treat them differently from others.  Non-payments will be made up from the school budget, from other school funds or from charities.



The costs of providing swimming tuition in the local public pools, including transport, hire of the pool and provision of instructors, will be reviewed on an annual basis.   Although the school will provide some funds to support this activity to ensure all pupils’ educational requirements for swimming will be met. It will be necessary to request voluntary contributions to offset the balance of costs.



All pupils study music as part of the normal school curriculum for which no charge is made.  In addition, several music groups run during the school day, at lunchtime or after school for which no charge is made (e.g. recorder groups, Choir).  The governors do, however, reserve the right to charge for these activities as “optional extras” if they occur outside school hours and are not part of the National Curriculum.


Peripatetic music teachers teach individual or group lessons for which a charge is made. 


Craft/Technology Activities

All pupils have the opportunity within the school curriculum of taking part in activities such as craft and technology.  The governing body reserves the right to charge for ingredients and materials at cost when they are not provided by the parents.


Early Years Provision

A charge will be made to cover the cost of providing Early Years Education in excess of the hours funded by the Local Authority.  As this is deemed to be an optional extra, the parents agreement is a necessary pre-requisite and the charge will not exceed the actual cost of providing the provision nor include an element of subsidy for any other pupil or from the school’s budget share.  In setting the level of charge/s and allocating places Governors will have regard to the guidance provided by the Local Authority.


Not Within School Hours

Residential Visits

Charges will be made for the cost of the visit (Board and lodging, travel costs, entrance fees etc).  Families are invited to pay in instalments over several months or in one single payment.  Any parent who refuses or is unable to meet the charge should not expect their child to be included.  Parents who receive state benefits may apply for a grant from the Children’s Trust via the school.


Optional Extras

Charges may be made for some activities known as “Optional Extras”.  These may include-

    • extra curricular activities
    • any equipment and/or staffing in relation to extra curricular activities
    • Breakfast, After School and Holiday clubs


Any charge made in respect of individual pupils will not exceed the actual cost of providing the activity.  It will not, therefore, include an element of subsidy for any other pupil.  Participation in any optional extra activity will be on the basis of parental choice and a willingness to meet the charges.  Parental agreement is therefore a necessary pre-requisite for the provision of an optional extra where charges will be made.


Charges made by external providers of activities are the responsibility of those providers and consequently not covered by this Policy.


Other Charges

Additional Text Books and Study Materials

From time to time recommendations may be made regarding additional text books, equipment and study materials which could enhance a pupil’s learning.  In these circumstances it is the parent’s choice to purchase and therefore the charge will be met in full by the parent.  Any such charge will be equal to the cost price of the item concerned to the school.


Lost or Damaged Items of School Property

Parents may be asked to make a contribution towards replacing damaged school property caused wilfully or negligently by their child/ren. This may include window breakage and removal of graffiti.  A charge to cover the cost of replacement may also be made for lost or damaged items of school property, including library books/text books.


School Uniform

Woodthorpe Primary School uses a clothing supplier who provides quality school wear at affordable prices.  In exceptional circumstances the LA has discretionary power to provide assistance towards the purchase cost.


School Meals

Parents whose child takes a school lunch must pay the relevant cost of the meal. Pupils may be eligible for free schools meals.  Application forms are available from the school office.


Public Examinations

A charge will be made for examination entry fee/s if the registered pupil-

  • has not been prepared for examination at the school, or
  • fails, without good reason, to complete the requirements of any examination for which the school has already paid or agreed to pay the entry fee.


HIRE OF SCHOOL PREMISES                                                                                                        


Governors wish to encourage community use of the school’s facilities when they are not required for school use.  Details of the facilities available, the Terms and Conditions of Hire and the scale of Charges may be found in the school’s Hire of Facilities (Lettings) policy.





Woodthorpe Primary School believes that all pupils should have equal opportunities to benefit from school activities and visits both curricular and extra curricular, independently of their parent’s/carer’s financial means.  To that end the Governing Body has agreed in circumstances of family hardship they will invite parents to apply, in confidence, for remittance of charges in part or in full.  Pupils may be eligible for a remission of charge if their parent is in receipt of at least one of the following:-


  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Universal Credit
  • The guaranteed element of State Pension Credit


In cases where the specific circumstances, often temporary, of a particular family’s hardship fall outside these criteria; the Headteacher may use their discretion to remit charges in part or in full.


If a parent wishes to apply for a remission of charge a form is available from the school office.  Authorisation for such remission will be made by the Headteacher and/or a nominated Governor. 



In the event a remission of charge is declined parents have the right to appeal in writing to the Chair of Governors whose decision will be final. 



Autumn Term 2019





Headteacher              James McGann

Review Autumn Term 2020

Chair of Governors   Amanda Atkins



Appendix 1 – Application Form for the Remission of Charges                    Back to Contents



Woodthorpe Primary School 


Summerfield Road



01904 554420



YO24 2RU











To apply for a remission of a charge a parent should complete this form with the following information.


Family name of Parent





Relationship to pupil


Full Postal Address




Phone No.


Mobile No.




Please give details below of each dependant child who is in full-time attendance at the school for whom you wish to apply for remission


Full Names of Child/ren


Date/s of birth



















Name of Activity


Date of Activity


Please state the reason(s) why you are requesting remission:







I wish to apply for remission of charges for the educational activity detailed above


Signature of Applicant ……………………………………                        Date …………….


Please return the completed form to the school office in an envelope addressed to the Headteacher and marked confidential.


For School use only

Remission Approved

   Yes    /     No


Signed by