Woodthorpe Primary School

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At Woodthorpe, the aim of our science curriculum is to ensure that all of our pupils develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through a range of engaging topics. We aim to ensure that they have practical, hands on, experiences and that they are given opportunities that bring science to life. We want our children to be motivated by the subject and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity.


We firmly believe that scientific knowledge and understanding is a key skill for life, which helps our children to interpret the world around them. Through our science, we also explore the work of famous scientists and discover their successes (and failures!) as part of our respect for others and their growth mindset. We also learn about the skeletal and muscular system and the wonderful impact sport can have on both the mind and body. Naturally, science challenges our children, promoting their curiosity, testing their theories and questioning their preconceived ideas. It is through our science work that children at Woodthorpe have the unique opportunity to take a step back and question, observing the world around them and enter into a realm of awe and discovery.


Science is taught on a blocked curriculum basis. It is through the blocked curriculum that we believe that we are able to build upon metacognitive strategies to help support the children in their retention of learning. Each half term starts with a science unit, with every year group within school engaged within scientific lessons, activities and experiments.


To enhance our science curriculum, as well as strengthening subject knowledge, we use the Hamilton Trust science scheme. Hamilton's science scheme uses hands-on investigative science activities to promote a deep understanding of scientific concepts and helps children to develop effective methods of scientific enquiry.


Please take a look below at a sample of our scientific planning documents & resources, as well as seeing our science curriculum in action.