Woodthorpe Primary School

Welcome toWoodthorpe Primary School


At Woodthorpe we pride ourselves on our sporting provision that is available to all children throughout school. Our PE lessons in EYFS & KS1 focus on building the fundamental skills needed to become a competent participant. From this secure base, children progress onto using and applying skills in a range of competitive sports in KS2.


Challenge underpins our teaching, encouraging all children to achieve their best and push themselves to the limit. We believe that keeping fit is a fundamental skill for life. We therefore aim for all of our children to become active participants and have a good level of basic fitness that is maintained throughout their time at Woodthorpe Primary School.


We want our children to learn how to overcome barriers, developing levels of resilience and respect for others, developing these skills specifically, but not exclusively, within the ‘Forest School’ and ‘Dangerous’ strands to the curriculum.


Our implementation model builds upon our clear intent. It also draws on research from the PE Hub and Ofsted’s findings on what an excellent PE curriculum would include.  The areas covered in the PE curriculum for EYFS and Key Stage 1 focus on the development of fundamental movements. Throughout these phases, the curriculum develops key locomotor, object control and stability skills. In KS2 the curriculum becomes more focussed individual strands and children become increasingly more competent participants. 


At the end of each half term unit, children are involved within a competitive match or showcase event. These provide all children the opportunity to experience competitive sport first-hand or to perform to an audience. These activities also provide an opportunity for teachers to assess children’s ability within different strands of the curriculum and observe the impact of the curriculum.


The curriculum is further enhanced by structured play on a lunchtime by our sports coach. After school sports activities are delivered every night and are linked to pupils interests. There is also a commitment to actively encourage some of our most vulnerable children to take part in clubs, these pupils having priority for places.