Welcome to Woodthorpe Primary School. - Work available under curriculum class pages if any children would like to complete these activities whilst off school. (all voluntary)

Woodthorpe Primary School

Welcome toWoodthorpe Primary School


Senior Leadership Team 
Mr McGann – Headteacher / Designated Child Protection Leader
Miss Taylor – Deputy Headteacher 

Child Protection Leaders
Mr James McGann - Designated Child Protection Leader
Miss Taylor - Deputy Child Protection Leader

Mrs Mitchell - Deputy Child Protection Leader & Pastoral Leader

Mrs Scrowston - Children's Champion


Miss Carroll 
Mrs Agar 

Miss Britland – Early Years Phase Leader 
Miss Heyes 

Year 1 
Miss Wheeler 
Miss Humphreys

Year 2 
Miss Thompson 
Mrs Elsworth - KS1 Phase Leader


Year 3 

Mr Hine 
Miss Poulter 


Year 4 

Miss Newson – LKS2 Phase leader 
Miss Kay


Year 5 
Miss Burns
Miss Dent 


Year 6 

Miss Walker - UKS2 Phase Leader

Mrs Mitchell


Mrs Balmer 

Miss Davis 

Mrs Humphreys



Mr Dooley 


Inclusion Team / Children champion
Mrs Scrowston 

Mrs Taylor


Miss Morris


Administrations Staff 
Mrs C Buck – School Business Manager 
Mrs S Smith - School Office Administrator
Mrs Y Percy - School Office Administrator
Mrs J Empson - School Office Supervisor / School Admissions

Mrs C Young - Nursery Administrator / Nursery Admissions


Site Manager 
Alan Fishwick