Welcome to Woodthorpe Primary School. - Work available under curriculum class pages if any children would like to complete these activities whilst off school. (all voluntary)

Woodthorpe Primary School

Welcome toWoodthorpe Primary School


*** Staffing Structure for September 2020 ***


Senior Leadership Team 
Mr McGann – Headteacher / Designated Child Protection Leader
Miss Taylor – Deputy Headteacher 

Child Protection Leaders
Mr James McGann - Designated Child Protection Leader
Miss Taylor - Deputy Child Protection Leader

Mrs Mitchell - Deputy Child Protection Leader & Pastoral Leader

Mrs Scrowston - Children's Champion


Miss Heyes
Mrs Agar 

Miss Britland – Early Years Phase Leader 
Miss Carroll

Year 1 
Miss Wheeler 
Mr Hine

Year 2 
Miss Thompson 
Mrs Elsworth - KS1 Phase Leader


Year 3 

Miss Newson – LKS2 Phase leader
Miss Poulter 


Year 4 

Miss Arnett 
Miss Kay


Year 5 
Miss Burns
Miss Dent 

Miss Scaife


Year 6 

Miss Walker - UKS2 Phase Leader

Miss Taylor & Miss Davis



Mrs Balmer



Mrs Inkley



Mr Dooley 


Inclusion Team / Children champion
Mrs Scrowston 

Mrs Taylor


SENCO & Pastoral Leadership
Miss Morris

Mrs Mitchell


Administrations Staff 
Vacancy – School Business Manager 
Mrs S Smith - School Office Administrator
Mrs Y Percy - School Office Administrator
Mrs J Empson - School Office Supervisor / School Admissions

Mrs C Young - Nursery Administrator / Nursery Admissions


Site Manager 
Mr Fishwick