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Welcome to Woodthorpe School

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As a school, we explored different cultures and religions through arts, crafts, PE and drama. Each class explored a different belief and focused on some key facts or art associated with that particular faith. In the afternoon, we focused on the various cultures that we have within our school community. Each class chose one child whose family comes from a different cultural background and explored that country through arts, dance, music, and drama. 

At Woodthorpe we began our Christmas countdown by all children partaking in our festive, fun themed ‘Santa Sports’ day. The children had a fantastic attitude towards all of the activities and it was amazing to see them so enthusiastic and supportive of their team mates. Particular highlights included snowman bowling, balancing mince pies and Christmas tree hockey! Well done Woodthorpe.

What an amazing day we had! All children had a fantastic time taking part in a variety of sports throughout the day. At 10 o’clock all children took part in the “10 at 10” which involved 10 minutes of physical activity. It was amazing watching all the children on the KS2 playground take part in an aerobic workout which definitely got their heart rates up. It is clear that there are some real sports stars in the making from street dancers, to cricketers and tennis players. York tennis academy led some workshops are were really impressed with their talents. Well done everyone!

Reading Challenge - Well Done Woodpeckers!

A massive well done to Year 3 Woodpecker for being the first class in school where every child has read at least 25 times this half term! A great achievement for all of the children in Miss Tutills class!


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