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Year 1

Year 1 - Home Learning

Year 1 have been learning from home over the past few days. We have been busy making various crafts such as toilet roll snowmen, decorations, and cards, alongside our English and Maths work. We were blown away by the photographs and videos that we have received, and here are just a few examples of our amazing achievements. Well done Year 1! 

Year 1 - Kingfisher - Geography Challenge

As part of our Geography challenge we had to make our own summer or winter clothing using bin liners and recycled materials. What a creative class!
Year 1 were visited by a mystery Penguin called Plop who brought them some ice eggs. We had to use salt, straws, a hairdryer and our hands to try and melt Plop's eggs. Finally, we used the magnifying glasses to see the cracks that we had created in Plop's eggs. "That is amazing look at the egg" Evangelina. 
In English Year 1, went to the forest and found a mystery box. We had to guess using some clues where the box had come from, and who might have left it at Woodthorpe. Using our special investigation glasses, we discovered that a camera and photos from the Artic had been left inside the box. We then used the special camera to take pictures of our forest, ready for the box to be returned back to the Artic last night.

Year 1 - Hummingbird - Mystery Object

As part of our English, we went in search for a mystery object in the forest. We found a strange and mysterious box filled with interesting things. We wonder who left it there and where did it come from?