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Year 2

The children had a fabulous time during Sports Day! There was lots of sportsmanship, cheering, determination and great fun! Everyone had a blast cheering their team members on and taking part! Well done to all the teams for showing such great determination - you are all fantastic!

Finch Class were incredible today when taking part in their Sports Day. Despite it being a bit damp and slippy the children completed the activities with enthusiasm and determination which was fantastic to see. It was wonderful to see the children encouraging others in their team and being great sports people. The results were very close but Outstanding Oak finished just 11 points ahead and were the winning house for Finch class.

Year 2 - Finch - Magnificent Music

Finch class has blown me away with their musical skills this last couple of weeks. We began by playing simple patterns on the glockenspiels and keeping a steady pulse which was quite tricky to begin with! However, with practise and determination we soon learnt a song. The children amazed me when performing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star as a class and the smile on their faces after they’d finished was amazing!   

Year 2 - Finch - Butterflies

Finch class has been incredibly lucky as we had some caterpillars arrive in our classroom a few weeks ago. We loved watching them grow and make their chrysalis before hatching into beautiful butterflies this week. We took them into our Wildlife Garden where we watched them spread their wings and fly away.  

Finch had a fabulous morning when our classrooms became a scene from the Crimean War and a hospital in Scutari! The children soon got into character of Florence Nightingale and the injured soldiers and thought carefully about what it would have been like to be in hospital during the Crimean war. We were shocked to find out what the standards were like and are really grateful hospitals aren’t like that now!   

Year 2 - Finch - Football Week

What an exciting week we had! . There was some fantastic teamwork and lots of positive encouragement during our house football tournament. It was very close but Oak was our winning house. We were also lucky enough to meet Ben Godfrey and ask him some questions which was amazing!

Year 2 - Finch - Antony Gormley's Clay Sculptures

As part of our Art Day we have loved learning about Anthony Gormley, who created The Angel of the North. We enjoyed looking at some of the different sculptures he has created and discussed the similarities within his work. It was then time for us to create our own. We used clay to create our own models then arranged them to create our own ‘Field’. We loved having the opportunity to use clay and we thought carefully about how we could sculpt it with our fingers.

We had great fun creating our own 3D shapes using matchsticks and blue-tac! It was quite tricky at times but with determination we made some amazing models. Once we had created them it was easy to identify the different properties.  

Year 2 - Robin - Football

Robin class had great fun learning new football skills. They have been learning where it is best to kick the ball from and played some fabulous football activities. It was great fun! 

Year 2 - Robin - Dental Song

In PSHE this week, Robin class learnt about how we look after our teeth and what is good dental hygiene. They had great fun making their very own song to help everyone look after their teeth - it was called 'The Dental Floss'. Well done for making such a brilliant song everyone!

Year 2 - Finch - Bug Hotel

Finch class had a fantastic afternoon making a start to our Bug Hotel. They collected pinecones, twigs, bark, rotting wood and leaves and thought carefully about where to put it in the house. The children had some fantastic ideas and even included a gym for the bugs! We are hoping we soon have our first residents!

Finch class had a great session with Tom from All Stars Cricket. We played lots of different games which developed our throwing and catching skills. 

Year 2 - Finch - Bird Feeders

As part of our English lessons, we have made our own Bird Feeders.  It was great fun adding and mixing the different ingredients before filling our containers. The children are hoping to see some feathery friends enjoying the snack in their gardens soon.

Year 2 - Finch - Den Building

The children had a brilliant time in the forest building their own dens. They worked effectively as part of a team, sharing their wonderful ideas then focusing on creating different parts of the den.

Year 2 - Finch - Easter Egg Maths Hunt

Finch class were given the challenge to find 11 eggs hidden around the playground. On each egg there was an + or - calculation they had to answer. Once they had worked out the answer it matched a letter. After answering all the questions the letters revealed a message for them – Happy Easter! There were some tricky questions so the children were rewarded with an Easter treat!  

Year 2 - Finch - Wildlife Garden

We have had a wonderful time making a start to our Wildlife Garden outside the Year 2 classrooms. We’ve begun developing the garden by planting sunflower seeds with Mr McGann. Whilst out there, we were even lucky enough to find some buried treasure! We have also created our own seed packets which we filled with wildflower seeds ready to go and scatter. We can’t wait to develop the area further.

Year 2 - Finch - Women's History Month

We have loved finding out about Mary Anning and her life. From a young age she searched the beach looking for ‘curiosities’ which she later learnt were actually fossils. Mary later found the fossil of an Ichthyosaur allowing us to learn lots more about the past. The children had a wonderful time creating their own dinosaur fossils.

Year 2 - Robin - Building a Bug Hotel

Robin Class had a blast building their bug hotels for the wildlife garden! Everyone brought lots of lovely sticks, leaves, moss and all sorts of fabulous items for the bugs! They loved choosing what items would go in the bug hotel and they were thinking what kind of bugs would go in there! Superb fun!

Year 2 - Robin - Computing

In Computing, Robin class pretended to be robots and their group had to direct the robot back home! The class had great fun 'programming' each other to follow instructions and to predict where they might end up! They even had to go around the obstacles! Well done everyone!

Year 2 - Robin - Experience Day

Robin class had a tremendous time in English as we did some drama! Robin class worked in groups to create a freeze frame of what empathy would look like. We explored what empathy means to them and how you would show empathy to a friend. They all loved creating their freeze frames!

Year 2 - Robin - Red Nose Day

Robin class had a tremendous day celebrating Red Nose Day. We talked about what Red Nose Day is and how it helps people across the world. Everyone came in bright red clothing and they all brought along their brilliant red noses! We then decided to do a 'lol-a-thon' as the theme was to make people laugh and smile. We all had great fun creating or writing our favourite jokes down, and then performing them in front of each other. We all couldn't stop laughing! Well done everyone for your fabulous jokes!

Year 2 - Robin - Colour Mixing

Robin class have spent some time focusing on different colours and how we can create a variety of different colours and shades. They have had lots of fun exploring the different techniques you can use to make colours lighter and darker. We then made some amazing colour wheels and focused on the shades you would use in flowers and plants. They all enjoyed creating their painting on their flowers and plants! Well done! 

Year 2 - Finch - Parachute Fun

Finch class had great fun with the parachute. We loved playing different games and our favourite was definitely cat and mouse!

Year 2 - Finch - Colour Mixing

Finch class have spent some of our afternoons exploring colours and thinking about how we can create different shades and colours.  The children worked carefully and created some fantastic colour wheels. We continued to look at the different colours in an apple and mixed paints to match.
On Monday, Year 2 received a very important letter from Boris Johnson with some fantastic news. We were relieved to find out that despite restrictions for Covid 19, luckily Santa will still be able to come and visit out houses to deliver our presents. He also sent some books for us to read which we enjoyed after making our own hot chocolate. It was delicious and definitely warmed us up on a cold day. 
Year 2 have been very creative this last week and have created their own Christmas decoration. For lots of us it was the first time we have sewn so we learnt lots of skills! It was hard work but we think our trees look amazing and can't wait to hang them on our own tree at home. 

Year 2 - Robin - Christmas Sports

We had such a good time at our Christmas sports activity. We played all sorts of Christmas themed games including snowman dodgeball, Santa catching the elves and decorating a Christmas tree game! 
Year 2 loved their Christmas party! We had lots of fun dancing, playing with balloons and playing pass the parcel. We even had a visit from Father Christmas. 
As part of our Science, Year 2 had to test materials to see how they could be changed. Our challenge was to use paper to make bridges and we could change the paper in any way we wanted. We then tested our bridges to see how many cubes they would hold! We were impressed with how many it could!

Year 2 - Finch - Children In Need

Finch class had a tiring start to Children in Need! Dressed in sporty clothing or spots we began our day by joining Joe Wicks and completing the last 20 minutes of his 24 hours exercise. It was a great way to start the day.  During the day we had some great discussions about how important it is that all children are safe, happy and given opportunities to succeed. 

Year 2 - Finch - RE Islamic Creation Story

Year 2 had a wonderful afternoon learning about the Islamic Story of Creation.  We enjoyed making simple comparisons between this and the Christain story of creation. The children then worked in groups to create their own images to show the 5 stages. 

Year 2 - Finch - Remembrance Day

As part of our history, we have been thinking about why certain dates are important to us and why we celebrate them.  We enjoyed creating our own poppies and thought about who has and who still helps us keep our country safe now.  

Year 2 - Robin - Children in Need 2020

For Children in Need this year we could dress up and come in something spotty or sporty! We started the day by joining Joe Wicks for his final 20 minutes of his 24 hour PE session! We were tired after just 20 minutes!

Then we did some Pudsey crafts in the afternoon. 

Year 2 - Robin - Muslim Creation Story

In RE this week, we have been learning about the Muslim creation story. Have a look at our big pictures that we have worked in groups to create. 

Year 2 - Robin - Firework Art

In topic we have created some lovely firework pictures to celebrate Bonfire Night. We have learnt all about why it is celebrated and used pastels and chalks in our work to create a firework effect. 

Year 2 - Robin - The Gunpowder Plot!

This week in English, we have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot! We split into groups and have done some drama acting out the main parts of the story. We loved pretending to strike the match and being caught just in time and taken away by the king's guards!

Year 2 - Robin - Halloween Fun

As part of the last day of half term we came to school dressed in Halloween costumes! We have made some lovely craft pumpkins and made some fantastic spooky pictures! We are so proud of all the hard work Year 2 have done so far and they fully deserved their treat afternoon!

Year 2 - Robin - Reporters

We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and how it started and spread across London. We learnt lots about the important event and then we rehearsed being reporters, telling the tale of the terrible destruction! 

Year 2 - Finch - Hello Yellow

The children in Finch class looked amazing in their yellow clothes for #hello yellow. Throughout the day we completed different activities where we thought about what things make us happy, what our star qualities are (there are so many) and also who can help us if we ever feel a bit sad. 

Year 2 - Finch - Gardening

Finch class loved going into the quad area outside our classroom and doing some gardening. They did a fantastic job removing all the weeds. They also spotted a pumpkin beginning to grow. We can’t wait to see how big it gets the next few weeks.  

Year 2 - Finch - News Reporters

Finch class have really enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London in 1666. They have learnt lots of fascinating facts about how it started and what happened. The children loved travelling back in time and being a news reporter and performing to the rest of the class.  

Year 2 - Finch - First Week

Finch class have had a fabulous first week back at school. They have tried really hard across the curriculum and we are very proud of them all. They enjoyed working with a partner to create a collage of the Union Jack.