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Year 5

Year 5 - History Timeline

Year 5 had a wonderful time travelling back through the ages to create a giant timeline of the significant events and periods that have shaped our world today.

Year 5 - Inter-house competition

Year 5 put their teamwork and netball skills to the test in a inter-house netball competition. Well done to everyone who took part; you displayed fantastic sportsmanship along with some incredible shooting and blocking skills. 

Year 5 - Maths Mocktail

Year 5 have enjoyed being mixologists and using their ratio skills to create mocktails for the entire class. 
Year 5 have begun their farm to fork journey! We cannot wait to keep you updated on our tomato growing process and we had so much fun getting our hands dirty and carefully planting our seeds.

Year 5 - Red Nose Day

Year 5 loved competing in the 'Who Nose Best?' Red Nose Day quiz! They thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon, and they were VERY competitive! They displayed great sportsmanship and kindness to each other.

Year 5 - Humpty Dumpty goes skydiving

We had a cracking time testing the beneficial effect of air resistance by creating parachutes for Humpty Dumpty. We aimed to safely guide him to the ground... unfortunately, he sustained some severe injuries. However, overall, it was an eggcellent afternoon!  

Year 5 had a superb time exploring the properties of 3D shapes and they loved creating their own 3D models.


Year 5 - Gymnastics

Year 5 have been unleashing their inner gymnast! We have been exploring balance and symmetry to create some fantastic shapes and routines that showcase our strength and flexibility.
Year 5 have been superb programmers! Using several programs (Shodor and Scratch), Year 5 have showcased their knowledge of coding and created wonderful tessellations.
Year 5 have had a magical week this week as they were visited by the Wicked Witch of Woodthorpe and asked to create an enchanted potion to turn their teachers into frogs! After a hunt in the forest, they set to work creating their spellbinding potions and detailed instructions. The results were outstanding! (No teachers were harmed in the making of these potions)

Year 5 - Spooktacular last day

Year 5 had a spooktacular final day of term: we ate pumpkin cookies, dressed up in our scariest outfits and even completed some creepy challenges! We have had such a fun filled first term back and we are all so proud of the work that we have completed! Well done Year 5! Miss Dent, Miss Burns and Miss Scaife are very proud of all of you.

Year 5 - PSHE

This week Year 5 have been taken to the stage to explore our PSHE through drama. We have focused on what makes positive and healthy friendships along with the importance of empathy and supporting one another.

Year 5 - Science

This week Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed our 'sweet' science lesson as we explored the phases of the moon with OREOS! We learned so many interesting facts about the moon and how it rotates.

Year 5 - Alien Crash Landing

On Monday morning, Year 5 were astounded to discover a crash site on the school field. During investigations, they were amazed and excited to unearth CCTV of an alien crash landing and were bewildered by the evidence left at the scene. 

Year 5 - Harrier - Art

Harrier class have produced some AMAZING artwork using lines to create mood, texture and colour. Their imagination and artistic flare shone through when sketching their dragon eye and stormy ocean.


Year 5 - Falcon - Art Exhibition

Year 5 have had a wonderful time using line techniques and shading to create some fabulous dragons' eyes.

Year 5 - Kite - Sensory Walk

Kites have had a great start back and fully jumped into our first English genre by taking a sensory walk to the forest to gain some inspiration. We used all our senses to inspire our writing, it was great fun!