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Year 6

Year 6 - Celebrating Holi - Good vs Evil

Year 6 took part in a variety of activities to celebrate the Hindu festival of Holi. Our favourite was re-enacting and writing our own good vs evil character speech for Captain Nicholls and Corporal Perkins from War Horse. Here we are acting out our speeches. 

Year 6 - Evacuation Day

To celebrate the end of our The World At War topic, year 6 attended a 'day in the life of an evacuee'. We dressed up as evacuee children (with some amazing outfits!) and completed a range of World War 2 related activities: Army Military Training, Air Raid Shelter Building, Escape Room Code Cracking, Poppy Artwork and Dig for Victory vegetable planting. Everyone had a brilliant day and worked really hard- well done year 6!

Year 6 - Netball Competition

Year 6 had the opportunity to showcase their super netball skills through an inter-house competition. Each house played a netball match against one another- the winning team were awarded 3 points, with each team receiving 1 point each for a draw. Bonus points for sportsmanship and teamwork were also handed out and the winning house was Oak! We were very impressed with the brilliant passing, footwork, defending and shooting skills on show.

Year 6 - Fun in the Forest

Hawks and Eagles both enjoyed an afternoon in the forest as a big WELL DONE for their hard work since returning to school. We played games, climbed trees and enjoyed a snack of biscuits and popcorn. It was lovely to see all the children enjoying their time in the forest. 

Year 6 - Science - Light

During our Science topic of Light, we have created our own 3D models which show how light travels after it has entered our eye. We have labelled all the key parts: retina, cornea, sclera, optic nerve, lens, pupil and iris. Can you list the order in which the light travels?

Year 6 - Remembrance Day

In Year 6 we have created a large poppy out of small poppies to display for Remembrance Day. The red poppy is used to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives in the war. The white poppy represents peace and challenges the way we look at war. We also wrote our own Remembrance poems in English linked to the colours of the poppy. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Year 6 - Art Projects

In Art, Year 6 have been creating a 'spookier' version of ourselves using different drawing techniques and tools. We hope they don't scare you too much!

Year 6 - Eagles - Tag Rugby

In PE Year 6 have been taking part in Tag Rugby lessons. We have really enjoyed learning the skills required and putting them into action in a game situation.

Year 6 - Hawks - Hawks vs The Haka!

Hawks class have been truly amazing whilst learning The Haka in their dance lessons this week. They have combined moves from the traditional war dance whilst utilising their ‘counts of 8’ to perform a perfectly in-sync routine- not to mention maintaining their serious face, intimidating eyes and strong posture. Well done everyone!