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Year Five

Year Five

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Five.

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Year 5 - Kites - Egg-celent Science

Year 5 have loved our science topic this term and have done so many fun, exciting practicals. This week we have been testing air resistance by making our own parachutes for humpty dumpty. We had a crackin' time! 

Year 5 - Kites - Land Yachts

Kites  have picked up our tools and got to work designing and creating our very own land yachts. We have used a variety of skills and we are so proud of what we have created!

Year 5 - Kites - Drama Stars

Kites are super busy at the moment but that hasn't stopped us putting on our drama hats and stepping into character. We used drama this week to inspire our English writing! It was so much fun acting out each of the characters! 

Year 5 - Kites - World Book Day

WOW what a day! Kites costumes were incredible! We had such an amazing day completing lots of fun, engaging book activities! We even spent some time in Year 1 listening to their superstar readers! On top of all this we made our story in a box of 'Charlie and the chocolate factory'. We had so much fun and everyone contributed something to our box!

Year 5 - Falcon - Parachutes

In science, Falcons were presented with a challenge: Create a parachute which will safely land Humpty. 

Well, they did not disappoint! They had a super time and worked exceptionally hard to create a successful (and unsuccessful) parachutes!

Year 5 - Falcon - DT Project

Year 5 - Falcon - Christmas Showcase

Falcons thoroughly enjoyed creating oil pastel art work inspired by Van Gogh and were proud to showcased their fantastic skills during the Christmas Showcase evening.
Kites had the best time today completing a series of complicated maths challenges. We started the day with a TT rockstar times table competition in class. Then, we tackled Miss Dent's mathematical escape room! It was so tricky but we persevered and succeeded in escaping! If that was exciting enough, in the afternoon we made our way down to Year 1 (Kingfishers) to help them with their challenges. It was so much fun working with different children and show off our amazing mathematical understanding! WOW what a day!  

Year 5 - Flacon - Music

Falcons were treated to some fantastic Christmas music performed by Emily and Toby. 

Year 5 - Kite - Roman numerals fun

Kites have had a great time practising our Roman numerals. We started by recapping the rules and counting up to ten. We then set off on a challenge to match up an assortment of numbers (from 1 to 100) with their Roman numeral equivalent! Once we finished we designed our own posters to teach everyone everything they need to know about Roman numerals. We had such a great time! 

Year 5 - Falcon - Christmas Fair Prep

Miss Burns’ little elves have worked tirelessly to design and create their Christmas Fair game!

Year 5 - IT Skills

Year 5 have loved learning new skills with Clint! They created web pages using Google Sites and were very proud when showcasing their work.

Year 5 - Falcon - Coding

Year 5 have been learning how to code! On Scratch, we have worked exceptionally hard to develop our programming skills and create an interactive game which has several levels! We have had a fantastic time debugging and playing each others games!

Year 5 - Kites - Children In Need

We absolutely loved taking part in the Joe Wicks live stream for children in need, we found it amazing that so many children round the county were doing the same thing as us! Also check out our fantastic Pudsey inspired outfits! What a great way to raise money for such a lovely charity. 

Year 5 - Kites - Kites love fitness

Kites had an amazing time in our own super circuits class! We completed many activities: burpees, sit ups, star jumps and shuttle runs to name a few! We were very sweaty by the end but we had so much fun!

Year 5 - Falcon - Children In Need

Falcons had a fantastic time working up a sweat with Joe Wicks during the Big Move activity.

Year 5 - Kites - Remembrance

Kites paid our respects to the men, woman and animals that gave their lives during the world wars. We looked at the different poppies: red, white, black and purple and the meaning behind them. As a class we pulled together all our beautiful artwork to make a class memorial. We are so proud to present this to you. 

Year 5 - Kites - Water Fireworks

To celebrate bonfire night Kites had a fantastic time making our own wonderful (indoor) fireworks! We used a range of resources and our scientific knowledge to produce these amazing results! Alongside this, we did our own independent research about Guy Fawkes and found out some very peculiar facts! 

Year 5 - Falcon - Gymnastics

I have been AMAZED by how creative Falcons have been during our gymnastics lesson. They loved practising their balancing and they cannot wait to create their final routine!

Year 5 - Kites - Mindfulness Yoga

Kites took a few minutes from our busy day to calm our minds and take part in some mindfulness activities. We took part in a class yoga session and it was so much fun! We got to stretch our bodies and relax our minds. What a fantastic end to a great first term in Year 5!

Year 5 - Kites - Rangoli Patterns

Kites have been learning all about Diwali. We had a fantastic time in the forest designing our own rangoli patterns with natural resources to celebrate the event! 

Year 5 - Falcon - Mental Health Week

During National Mental Health week, Falcons watched a live video stream about growth mindset and looking after our mental health, they took part in mindfulness activities and wrote fantastic poems.

Year 5 - Falcon - Speeches

Falcons have thoroughly enjoyed researching significant events which have shaped Britain. From this, they worked in small groups to write a inspirational speech based on an event they felt passionate about.

Year 5 - Kite - Rugby World Cup

Year 5 have been truly inspired by the rugby world cup! We completed a variety of class challenges to determine an overall winner! Both teams showed great sportsmanship, resilience and an outsidaning determination to succeed. Both Miss Burns and Miss Dent were overwhelmed by the children's eagerness, skills and mindset.  However, after after counting the results both classes were locked in a draw! What a gripping way to end a fantastic week! 

Year 5 - Kite - Mental Health week

Kites have had a fantastic week exploring and focusing on our positive mental health. We have completed many activities throughout the week: emotion paintings, mindfulness activities, BBC live stream and even creating our own poems!

Year 5 - Kite - Inspirational speeches

Kites are loving our new topic 'Becoming Britain' and to kick things off we have been researching significant events that have helped to shape the country that we live in today. We have chosen events that we are passionate about (including women's rights, racism and slavery!) and wrote inspirational speeches to share.

Year 5 - 2019 Upwards 

Year 5 - Falcon - Investigating the evidence

Falcon class have been tasked with looking at evidence found at a crime scene in London.  The children are trying to piece together what might have happened ,and why, as part of their evidence gathering. From this, the children will be writing a mysterious detective story in English. We look forward to sharing them with you soon. 

Year 5 - Falcon - Olympic Athlete

This morning, Year 5 had the opportunity to take part in a circuits session with a British Olympic athlete, which was fun but also exhausting. Listening to her talk about the journey she has taken made us realise that she really is an inspiration.

Year 5 - Falcon - Mrs Parker

Year 5 have had a wonderful morning with Mrs Parker who shared her memories of Woodthorpe school from the 1980's when her children were pupils at the school. Year 5 loved looking at old photos, seeing the work that her children had completed and listening to what school was like in comparison to now - we even found out that there was once a skating rink in the school hall! It was really fascinating and wonderful to experience Woodthorpe's past. 

Year 5 - Falcon - Judo Workshop

Falcon class loved taking part in a Judo workshop today. They had great fun completing different challenges and ended the session by ‘throwing’ their partner over their shoulder.

Year 5 - Falcon - Forest Fun

Falcon class enjoyed a visit to the forest today where we collected a number of objects from the woodland area then completed different memory games.

Year 5 - Falcon - Holi

This week we have been learning about the Holi festival traditionally celebrated in India. Falcon class enjoyed learning about how and why the festival is celebrated and how. We had lots of fun throwing paint at large pieces of paper and creating our own class canvas by melting wax crayons.
Year 5 and 6 had a great week launching rockets and dropping parachutes that we had designed, engineered and  created! We loved experimenting with different materials and the use of compressed air and water to create maximum outcome!

Year 5 - Falcon - Chicks!

We have loved visiting the chicks this week and can't believe how quickly they are growing.
Falcon class had a great day celebrating World Book Day. In the morning, we went to Hummingbird class and read with them. After sharing our own favourite books, we made our own potato characters. Some people created their favourite characters whilst others designed a new character they’d love to see in a book. To end the day, we enjoyed listening to a story whilst enjoying some juice and chocolate biscuit.

Year 5 - Falcon - Spanish Visitors

Year 5 were lucky enough to spend some time with 30 Spanish teachers who were visiting school. The children were able to put their Spanish lessons into practise and enjoyed having the opportunity to speak in Spanish and find all about them.

Year 5 - Kites - World Book Day

The Kingfishers and Kites joined today for an afternoon based on Roald Dahl. We made crocodile masks, painted dream jars, Mr Twit's new beard and made a new medicine for George's Grandma. It was amazing!
Falcon class have had a fantastic time whilst  taking part in workshops provided by Jenna from 'Mud Pie Arts'. During the workshops, the children became the passengers and crew onboard the ship and thought carefully about the different roles and experiences they had whilst travelling on the ship. Throughout the activities the children learned many facts and could reflect on the impact of  disaster and what changes have been made since that day.

Year 5 - Kites - Chinese new year dance

To celebrate the coming of the Chinese new year Kite class decided to honour this by creating our own dragon inspired dances. We listened to music and created four base moves that every routine needed to include. Then we went off and turned these simple four moves into amazing, creative dances. Everyone was able to perform their creations and we where all so proud of each other!

Year 5 - Kites - Forest School - Andy Goldsworthy art

Kite class where so excited this week to spend some time in the forest learning all about our new artist Andy Goldsworthy! We looked at some of his work for inspiration and then discussed how we could create these ourselves. We then set out in groups and created our own pieces of artwork/ structures. We where so proud of our creations, take a look! 

Year 5 - Falcon - York Floods

As part of our “Dangerous Disasters” topic we have been looking back at the Floods that affected York in December 2015. After researching, the children worked in groups to produce their own news reports. The children took on different roles including: residents effected, news reporters, weather reporters and people who work for the emergency services. They then performed them to the rest of the class, the performances were fantastic and I think we may have some future presenters!

Year 5 - Falcon - Forest Fun

Falcon class enjoyed a trip to the forest where we created our own obstacle courses. We worked in groups to design our own and challenged ourselves to include things that people would have to go under, over and between.  

Year 5 - Falcon - Chrome Books

Year 5 are lucky enough to be trialing Chrome Books in school. Mr Lees, from Vital, introduced us to them and we spent the morning exploring some of the different programs we will be able to use. The children, and teachers, love them and can see how they will benefit our learning.

Year 5 - Kite - Flood prevention experiment

As part of our dangerous distastes topic Kites have been learning all about the effects and causes of flooding! We researched the different ways floods are prevented and how houses in flood prone areas have been modified to reduce damage caused. We then created our own flood proof houses and tested them out against the forces of water! We had such fun designing and creating these structures! 

Year 5 - Kite - Volcano painting

Kite class have loved learning all about volcano's as part of our dangerous disasters topic! We experimented with different artistic techniques to create these fantastic paintings! 

Year 5 - Falcon - Festive Falcon Fun

Falcon class have created their own sprout pompoms and written fantastic instructions for others. It took a lot of patience and at times required them to support each other, but in the end, the results were fantastic. 

Year 5 - Falcon - Science and Media Museum

This week, Year 5 and 6  had such a wonderful trip to the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford! Throughout the day we were able to take part in lots of hands on activities which allowed us to learn how films, television and computer games have changed during the last 100 years. Whilst in the Wonderlab we were able to think like a scientist and complete lots of challenged about light and sound. 
Falcons class have enjoyed learning about Diwali and how Hindu's celebrate this important festival.  We were really lucky that we could listen to a member of our class talk about how he, and his family, celebrate. We then worked in groups to create our own rangoli patterns using natural materials we found in the forest. The designs and patterns were amazing. 

This week, Year 5 were amazed when they discovered a number of strange objects and markings on the field. They looked closely and pieced together the evidence to conclude there must have been an alien encounter.

Year 5 - Falcon - Fashion Week

This week, Falcon class have been learning all about fashion during the Swinging Sixties. New colours, fabrics and patterns were being used to make clothes young, fresh and exciting. Unbelievably in 1964, a ‘Disposable Paper Dress’ was introduced and sold an amazing 500,000 dresses. Inspired by this, we created our own version in groups - the results were fantastic!
The photos are in Falcon's folder and called Dresses.

Year 5 - Falcon - Topic Launch

Throughout our topic this term, we will be embarking upon a voyage of discovery through the ages. We started with a launch into the decades of the 21st century, children took part in activities ranging from learning the ‘Twist’ dance craze of the 1960's, making forest crowns for the Queen’s 1953 coronation and even baking raspberry buns from a traditional 1940’s recipe. We have had a fantastic first 3 days in Year 5.

Year 5  2018 - 2019  Please see above 

We all had such a wonderful trip to York College this week! We created home made pizzas, bespoke mocktails and even were treated to an ice cream! At the end of our morning, we had a tour around the enormous college and lots of us spotted some courses that we might like to try when we're older. York College were so kind to put on such a brilliant day and we hope to return again soon.
As we explored the legend of George and the Dragon we created our own caves. Although not completely hidden we had to remain as quiet as possible to avoid detection by our very fire breathing dragon - guess who?

Year 5 - Kite - Judo

As a class, Kites showed perseverance, determination, resilience and respect during their judo session. They also had a tremendous amount of fun.

Year 5 - Kite - Drumming

Feeling the rhythm with African drumming!

Year 5 - Falcon - Reading Reward

This half term, Falcons have been busy racing along the reading chart and as everybody had finished by half term, we were treated to a hide and seek festival, with games, football and refreshing rocket lollies. We had a lovely afternoon on the field in glorious sunshine.

Year 5 - Falcon - China Culture Day

Falcons have loved learning about Chinese traditions. We have written our name using Chinese symbols, made our very own paper fortune cookies and listened to traditional Chinese music. Everybody had a super day and made a fantastic effort with their outfits!
This week, year 5 have recreated their very own Royal Wedding, complete with outdoor ceremony, VIP guests and wedding favours! Everybody had a tremendous time and especially enjoyed the wedding reception, complete with dance-offs and suitably British refreshments.

Year 5 - Falcon - Sherlock Holmes

Falcon's are currently writing their very own mystery novels, inspired by Sherlock Holmes on the streets of gloomy Victorian London! This week, we were given suspicious packages that had been dropped by a Victorian criminal. Using our detective skills, we pieced together the evidence to form a theory as to what had happened. Each idea was expertly discussed and backed up with carefully considered evidence

Year 5 - Falcon - NSPCC

This week, Woodthorpe were visited by the NSPCC, who talked to us about staying safe and happy.Year 5 and 6 were also lucky enough to take part in a special workshop, which made us think about our personal safety and gave us the opportunity to discuss some really important issues. 

Year 5 - Falcon - Forest Fun

This week, Falcon class have been learning all about dens, caves and caverns, the very type that St George's dragon may have lived in. We went out into our forest and had such a brilliant time making our best dens out of natural resources. We even had time for a quick game of Medieval 'intruders'!
Recently, Falcons have been loving the vast array of new sports that they have tried at school. These have included: judo, tri-golf and even 'tchoukball'! As a class, we love to play sport and some of us are even thinking about joining new clubs outside of school.

Year 5 - Kite - Birdman

Kites learnt a number of survival techniques on our amazing visit to the forest with Wolf. From shelter building, to setting a fire, we gained so much.

Year 5 - Kite - Forest Quest

Kites learnt a number of survival techniques on our amazing visit to the forest with Wolf. From shelter building, to setting a fire, we gained so much.

Year 5 - Falcon - Macbeth Drama

Falcons have been lucky enough to take part in a unique drama workshop by Julian from the Theatre Royal. We looked at the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare and took on the roll of the fearsome witches! We hope that you enjoy our 'twisted' poses as much as we enjoyed acting them!