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Year Five

Welcome to Year Five!

Check out what we have been up to so far this year. We can also look back over your time at Woodthorpe Primary.

Year 5 - Falcons - Boom Whackers

Falcon class have been experimenting and enjoying their music lessons using the new 'boomwhackers' which we have in school. We have been able to play rhythms, beats and are moving onto building up to whole class pieces of music. Boomwhackers are great fun and make a fantastic sound!
Falcons had an absolutely fantastic trip to Forest Quest, run by expert Woodland survivor, Wolf. Throughout the day, we made fires, created shelters, cooked our own bread outdoors and used GPS navigation to take part in a treasure hunt! Despite the cold weather, we all had such a wonderful time and enjoyed our experience living and working in a forest environment.

Year 5 - Falcon - Twisted Fairy tales

Falcons were very shocked and surprised this week to find a fairy tale crime scene left in our classroom. Around the room, a number of clues had been left, including: a beauty appointment card, a ring pillow, a golden wig and some gum drops... The crime scene left us baffled, with more questions than answers, so can you solve the fairy tale riddle before time runs out?

Year 5 - Falcon - Peer Pressure

This week, Falcons have been learning about the dangers of peer pressure and what we can do to get out of tricky situations. We discussed that we should always tell somebody and that we should never let our friends pressure us into doing something that we don't want to do. To round off the week, we completed some short performances to show what we had learned and everybody showed their positive assertiveness. 
Falcons really enjoyed their boxing session this week, learning about new moves such as the 'uppercut' and 'hook'. Everybody took part with such enthusiasm and really enjoyed trying a new sport, some of us even fancied joining a club.

Year 5 - Falcon - Falcons vs. Falcon

Today, falcon class were absolutely delighted to meet our class name sake in real life! Up close, we thought that the falcon was an absolutely beautiful creature and were thrilled that our class had been named after it.  We were lucky enough to meet and handle owls, hawks and of course falcons and even had a flying demonstration. What a fantastic day!

Year 5 - Kite - Christmas Puzzle Day

Kites enjoyed a morning of interesting and challenging puzzles. In the afternoon we joined with Hummingbirds to create models from Lego, Knex and other building resources. The children had a fantastic time working together and supporting the younger children. Some amazingly complex and creative presents and trees were created.

Year 5 - Falcon - Party Time

As part of our reading reward this half term, Falcons were treated to a festive party afternoon, with lots of food, dancing and games! Congratulations Falcons on completing your reading chart - I am really proud of you! 

Year 5 - Falcon - Library Bus

This week, we were lucky enough to take visit to the library bus! We couldn't wait to get our hands on some new books and many of us chose to read books about World War II and History. In Falcon class, we love to read and so really appreciated the library bus paying us a visit!

Year 5 - Falcon - Dragon's Den Prizes

As Falcon class won the Dragon's Den competition, we were allowed to choose our own prize! We choose to buy some board games for the classroom during wet break time. On Monday we had the perfect opportunity to try them out and we loved them!

Year 5 - Falcon - Dragon's Den

This week, we have been designing our own inventions to help people be better prepared for work and school. Each team worked together to consider: how it works, colour, price, design, extras and special offers in order to sell their inventions. Falcon class decided that their winning group was 'The Supersonic Schoolinator', who then incredibly went on to win the overall competition across KS2 - wow! Team leader Stan said "Even though we were all very nervous at the beginning, we soon got into our pitch and felt more confident. When we went onto win we were really happy and proud." - Well done boys!

Year 5 - Falcon - Eden Camp

Falcon class had an amazing time at Eden Camp and loved the exhibitions, puppet show and adventure playground! A particular highlight was the 'great escape' exhibit, which really got us thinking about how we would plan our escape from the Germans! We had a fantastic day and learned so many fascinating facts.
We enjoyed a fabulous day at Eden Camp taking in the atmosphere of the place. The sounds, sights and smells were interesting - though not always pleasant! 

Year 5 - Falcon - Ready, Steady, Cook!

Year 5 have been creating unique recipes using rationed ingredients. We had a limited choice of authentic WWII  foods, including: black treacle, coffee essence, condensed milk, raisins and oats. We designed our very own brand new product from the set ingredients, to create an innovative new snack for children during WWII. The winning design was called 'protein bombs' and was a healthier twist on a chocolate flapjack, with lots of oats and condensed milk, rather than pure sugar and syrup. We LOVED the taste of our creations!

Year 5 - Falcons - Diwali Day

We have had a wonderful Diwali day, including a special assembly, a visit from Ms Daraji, making lotus flower Rangoli patterns and even creating a Rama and Sita shadow puppet theatre! We all loved finding out about the beautiful festival and have had a fantastic day. 
We have been designing and creating our very own evacuee animations. First, we started by using a story board to record our ideas, then modelled the heads for our characters. We then built a 'skeleton' from dowelling rods and built up the bodies and accessories for our models around this. Finally, we created our very own stop motion animations using the 'stop motion' app. We have absolutely loved using the modelling clay to create characters and stories with such personality!

Year 5 - Falcons - QR Code Maths Trail

In maths, we have been learning all about multiplication, including squares, factors and the inverse. Today we were challenged with a maths trail. There were 10 QR code clues hidden around the classroom, which we scanned with ipads and then answered the problems that popped up. Miss Taylor also hid a super challenge, which we eventually found under a WWII helmet (!) and had to solve a tricky riddle. 

Year 5 - Kite - Nature

Kites have had a great time investigating our school’s natural environment. Many of our class were budding photographers, capturing lovely images from nature, including the intricate details within the bark of trees. We all enjoyed taking snapshots of the nature which we didn’t realise was just outside of the classroom door!

Year - 5 - Kite - Camping

Relaxing in our 'camping' area enjoying a good book.

Year 5 - Falcon - Spooky Story Writing

We have been telling spooky stories to inspire our writing for the next week. To launch our brand new genre, we have used iMovie to create a spooky narrative, used the photo editing tools to make our photographs appear more sinister and also created a haunting backing track on Garageband (the strings section worked really well). Our photographs show us exploring the forest, recording our ideas and then creating our movies.

Year 5 - Falcon - The Minpins!

Roald Dahl drama:

To celebrate Roald Dahl day, Falcon class have been reading ‘The Minpins’ and trying to avoid the ‘terrible bloodsucking, toothplucking, stonechuckling SPITTLER!’ We decided to go out into our forest and freeze-frame the moment when the beast charges at Little Billy. We will be writing our own alternative endings to the original story, so who knows what will happen next!

Year 5 - Topic Launch

On the 6th and 7th of September, year five and six were launched into 1940’s life and attended a military camp including: Mrs Humprey’s rationed (freshly picked) apple and blackberry crumble, Miss Taylor’s emergency shelter building, Miss Illingworth’s persuasive propaganda and Sargent Burns’ boot camp! The children had a brilliant time, despite the forfeit squats, press ups (!), and are really looking forward to their WWII topic for the rest of the term.

Year 5 - Falcon - Andy Goldsworthy Art

We were inspired to create works of art, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy's passion for nature and the environment. We used whatever we could find around our school garden area and looked at symmetry, pattern and colour. We love our artwork - what do you think?

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