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Year Four

Year Four

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Four.

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Year 4 - Osprey - Mental Health Awareness

We enjoyed supporting mental health awareness day this week and learned lots of new mindfulness techniques which we think will be really helpful. It was a lovely calming day.

Year 4 - Osprey - Circuits

Ospreys have loved learning all about electricity this half term. We thoroughly enjoyed making our circuits and experimenting. We found that if there was a gap in the circuit, it would never work.

Year 4 - Owl - Missing Witch

We received an email from Mrs Smith in the office, informing us that a strange flying object had been spotted on CCTV. We decided to investigate for evidence on a hunt through school. We found a mysterious letter, a broom and a photograph. We rung the BBC to let them know of our findings and they would like us to all write a report based on the events. 


Ryder - 'I have already wrote down our notes ready to write my report. We think it might be a witch who is lost!'

Year 4 - Osprey - Witch in the woods

Ospreys were alarmed when an email came through from the school office reporting a mysterious flying object which had been seen flying around their classroom. We immediately set off to investigate and found some very interesting clues! We are going to write a newspaper report to explain all of the information we have found and try to solve this mystery!

Year 4 - Osprey - Bread Making

Osprey class have thoroughly enjoyed making bread as part of their topic work. It tasted absolutely delicious!
As part of our Roman topic, we have been learning about Roman mosaics. We discovered that they were made using broken tiles and wet plaster and the more elaborate the mosaic, the wealthier the family. We first designed our own mosaics thinking carefully about the colour and layout. We then used our own mosaic pieces to create our own design.

Year 4 - Osprey - Mosaic making

We loved creating our Roman mosaics as part of our Ruthless Roman topic.
Year 4 - 2019 Upwards 

Year 4 - Osprey - Newspaper Interviews

To travel our minds back in time to when Woodthorpe Primary School first opened 50 years ago, we dressed up as pretend ex teachers and ex pupils. We imagined what life would be like without computers, without televisions and most importantly without the internet. We created some fantastic debates and discussions around the differences over time in schools. The quotes from the interview were perfect to use in our English newspaper report on the school’s anniversary.

Year 4 - Osprey - Active Maths

To secure our knowledge on the ‘Triangle Family’ we used our indoor and outdoor space to combine our maths lesson with PE. Everyone was moving around, grouping together, working as a team and using our maths skills to complete the tricky challenges. Everyone really enjoyed it and has excelled in the following shape lessons.

Year 4 - Osprey - Indiana Jones Temple Run

To inspire our imagination before writing our own Indiana Jones style story, we took off to the forest to create our own temple run. We used natural materials and our own imagination to create traps and treacherous pathways.

Year 4 - Osprey - Jelly and Ice cream

Year 4 - Osprey - Henri Rousseau art

We travelled to the forest at the end of the field to find inspiration that would help us to create our Henri Rousseau rainforest style artwork. We found lots of different leaves and grass that we studied in detail and put into our art to make it realistic.

Year 4 - Osprey - Sid the Snail

Osprey class was visited by a very special snail. Sid the Giant African Snail was brought in by Molly and she gave us a detailed lesson about the species for our rainforest topic.

Year 4 - Osprey - Judo

Osprey enjoyed an exciting Judo taster session from a Great Britain team trained expert. We learned some fun games and how to safely throw someone over your shoulder!
Woodpecker class joined up with Osprey class to complete a challenge. As our active planet topic had come to an end, we decided to test what we had learnt about surviving a natural disaster, such as an earthquake. We headed to the forest in our teams to plan what our shelter would look like and need. We worked extremely well together, supporting each other's ideas. We then looked at each teams shelter, deciding if it would be strong enough to survive an earthquake! 

Year 4 - Osprey - Music Workshop

We had the special opportunity to attend special music lessons for a full half term. The workshops were run by a musical expert who specialises in making music from body percussion and recycled objects. He is a current member of the music group Stomp!

Year 4 - Osprey - World Book Day 2019

The children loved dressing up in their favourite book characters and getting comfy in their pyjamas for World Book Day! We managed to listen to a story, eat biscuits, drink juice and also have a special visit to nursery where we got to read to some children.

Year 4 - Osprey - Spanish Headteacher visit

 Woodthorpe Primary School had a special visit from over 30 Spanish headteachers, which allowed us to test some of our fantastic language skills learnt from our Spanish lessons! It was a brilliant experience and everyone was impressed with how much Spanish we had learnt and could use. 

Year 4 - Owls - Drumming

So far this half term, Owls have had the privilege of working with a performer from 'Stomp', who has come and shown us how to make music with only our bodies and recycled goods. We love been able to groove and boogy to a pulse and a beat.

Year 4 - Owls - Chicks

Owls really enjoyed visiting the little baby chicks this week. Hollie: 'They were really soft and cuddly', Louis: 'They were as fluffy as a cloud'.

Year 4 - Owl - Spanish visitors

This week we have had several Spanish Head teachers visiting our school! Throughout the day, Year 4 had the opportunity to get to know these teachers through Spanish 'speed quizzing'. We had so much fun!

Year 4 - Owl - World Book Day

Owls had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day dressing up, with Emily winning best dressed as she decided to dress up as a character from Mallory Towers ! We all had such a lovely morning visiting Nursery and reading books with our reading buddies.

Year 4 - Author Visit

We had a fantastic time listening to and reading.

Owls were truly inspired when a local Author (Stephen Pass) came to visit our class to talk about and read his own fantasy story. The children were captured by Stephen's magical words and inspired them to write their very own mystical stories about an enchanted forest. Stephen very kindly came back and listened to our stories and we left his hairs on his arms stand on end!! 

Year 4 - Owl - Volcanoes

This week in Owls, we launched our 'Active Planet' topic by making our very own ferocious volcanoes. We have absolutely loved building and creating our own volcanic structures. We then used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to finally erupt our volcanoes!!

Year 4 - Osprey - Author Visit

 A local Author kindly made a visit to Osprey class to talk to them about his own book and inspire them during our story writing week. The children were totally captured by Stephen Pass and his imagination. "I have read his book Madge the Mermaid three times already" - Josh P. He even returned to listen to the children read out their own stories.

Year 4 - Osprey - Hula Dancing

After our English writing, we were interested in the traditional Hawaiian Hula Dancing. Osprey class are currently working on their own choreography.

Year 4 - Osprey - Magnets

For the current science topic (magnets), we carried out a special investigation. It was to find out if we could find the North and South pole using only a magnet, pin, paper and a bowl of water. One group had outstanding results, realising that they had just created their own compass! 

Year 4 - Osprey - Hawaiian Travel Agent

For our new exciting English topic, we had to write a travel guide to persuade the reader to travel to Hawaii. We acted out the part of the travel agent to come up with some fantastic description that would make sure the reader hopped on a plane straight away. "I am definitely going now!" - Josh P

Year 4 - Osprey - Exploding Volcanoes

To launch our 'Active Planet' topic Osprey class used their design and engineering skills to create their very own volcano. They then added special ingredients to make them erupt everywhere! 

Year 4 - Osprey - Space Food

To get excited about writing an astronaut job advert we decided to taste some special space food. It was completely new to everyone and the reactions were very mixed! "Disgusting" - Evie and " I could eat this everyday" - DJ

Year 4 - Osprey - Ultra Eve

We were challenged with the task of creating an advert for a brand new energy drink - Ultra Eve. Some of us tried making a prototype to make our adverts even more persuasive!

Year 4 - Osprey and Owl - Scientific Skeletons in science

Both classes used a range of dog biscuits and other resources to cleverly create their own human skeleton. "We had to think carefully about how two bones are connected and how they work" - Toby C

Year 4 - Osprey - Nestle Artwork

Osprey class paired up to create a chocolate wrapper! They had to carefully work together to make sure the proportions were accurate. "The result looks amazing" - Harry and Jimmy.

Year 4 - Osprey - Remembrance Day art

We created poppy art in groups to remember those who fought in World War I.
In Year 3 and 4, we had a Dragons Den afternoon in which children had to deliver a sales pitch for their new chocolate design. We were lucky enough to have the wonderful Miss Taylor and some special helpers judging. Children worked in small groups to deliver a presentation on their new bar. The children worked extremely hard and were able to answer some very tricky questions on their designs.

Year 4 - Owl - Chocolate

In Owls this week, we have carried on with our chocolate theme! We have made delicious chocolatey buns and written a fab set of instructions on how to make them in English. Also, we have used a range of materials in our Topic lessons such as: water colours, sketching pencils, paint and pastels to re-create well known chocolate bars (KitKat and Smarties)! 

Year 4 - Osprey - York Chocolate Story Trip

York Chocolate Story Trip.

Year 4 - Owl - Penguin Art

In owls we have been writing fact files and researching all about our adopted animal the 'Adelie penguin'. This week we have experimented with water colours to create wonderful pieces of art work.

Year 4 - Osprey - Mayan Art

Caption: Osprey looked into the Mayan calendar and studied its details very closely. We then designed our very own and created it using chalk and black card so it really stands out! "Using the chalk was a very challenging task. It didn't react like a pencil and could easily be smudged" Toby.

Year 4 - Osprey - Computing, Mayan PowerPoint

Osprey class were tested on their computing skills. Their task was to produce a PowerPoint in pairs that gave an insight into the life of a Mayan. They included a range of information on chocolate making, football, food and traditions. They really rose to the challenge and created some interesting and brilliantly designed slides.


Year 4 - Osprey - Mayan Chocolate

This week, Osprey class got the special opportunity to explore real Cacao beans and Cocoa nibs (Cacao beans that have been crushed after roasting) picked from South America. The children commented that it smelt very bitter, but also delicious at the same time.

Year 4 - Owl and Osprey - Making Chocolate lollies

Year 4 carefully followed a set of instructions to create a delicious chocolate lollipop, complete with sprinkles! We then began to create our own set of instructions for others to follow, adding more detail and improved descriptions. The lollies looked and tasted amazing!

Year 4 2018 - 2019 Please see above. 

Year 4 - Osprey - World culture week

Ospreys were introduced to African Drumming during World Culture week!

Year 4 - Osprey - Battery power

Ospreys set out to investigate if a lemon could be used as a battery in a circuit. We found that using a galvanised nail and a copper penny would act like the two ends of a battery to produce an electrical current. Unfortunately, this time we didn't manage to light up the bulb!

Year 4 - Osprey - Police Visit

Ospreys had a visitor from a local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) as part of British values week,  to discuss their role in the area and to answer any questions. We discussed a lot around laws and the children found out how they can keep safe. "The police officer told us all the different ways they can keep us safe and the different numbers we could tell our parents if there was any trouble" Ceejay. 

Year 4 - Owls - Forest School Faces

Owl class had a fantastic time on Thursday afternoon when we went to the forest to create our own Boggarts. The children collected different things from the forest area to use on their clay faces. Not only did they make some amazing creations, they also worked with the children from nursery. It was amazing watching them help, support and encourage the younger children.

Year 4 - Owls - Reading with Cygnets

On Friday, Owl class went to read with Cygnets in EYFS. The children loved having the opportunity to read with the younger children and they did an amazing job supporting Cygnets when words became more challenging.

Year 4 - Osprey - Digestive System

Osprey class acted out each section of the digestive system. Firstly, they crushed up bread, banana and water in the stomach then passed it through some tights that acted as the intestines. Eventually, the mushed up food was passed out through a small hole in a cup.

Year 4 - Owl - Cricket

Owl class had a fantastic cricket session led by Rachael from YCC. We began by practising our throwing and catching skills, which we then used in an exciting game. During the game, each side took turns at batting and fielding, but we had to work as a team showing sportsmanship and resilience.

Year 4 - Owl - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Despite the cold and snow, Owl class had a fantastic day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Throughout the day, we had the opportunity to see some amazing animals, learnt lots of fascinating facts and had the opportunity to hold some interesting creatures. Some of our favourite animals were the giraffes, lions, wallabys, tigers and polar bears.

Year 4 - Owl - Boxing

Owl class have taken part in two Boxing sessions led by Mr Harrison from Premier Sports. We learnt some of the different techniques including the hook, cross, uppercut and duck. The children had a fantastic time and joined in with real enthusiasm.

Year 4 - Owl - Pedestrian Training

Owl class have taken part in pedestrian training, during the sessions the children thought about the dangers of the road and how to keep safe. The children had the opportunity to cross different roads after identifying hazards and steps to ensure a safe crossing.