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Year Four

Welcome to Year Four!

Check out what we have been up to so far this year. We can also look back over your time at Woodthorpe Primary.

Year 4 - Osprey - Library Bus

Year 4 got the special opportunity to go inside the York library bus that was parked on the KS1 playground. The children loved having the chance to pick a brand new book and have a quick read somewhere different. 
Owl class had an amazing time meeting lots of different owls and other birds of prey. Not only did we learn lots of fascinating facts about each bird, but we were also lucky enough to watch the birds fly! A highlight was definitely holding the Barn owl and Little owl. We can now use this exciting visit to inspire our writing about Owls.

Year 4 - Owl - Fantastic Beasts

Owls class were launched into our topic Fantastc Beasts by working with other children across Years 3 and 4 to complete lots of exciting activities. Some of the highlights from the day included creating their own Bowtruckle, designing shields with fantastic beasts on and learning about real life fantastic beasts.
The following day we found some very mysterious eggs and we have enjoyed thinking about what creature could be inside. After seeing the children’s ideas, we hope they don’t hatch!

Owl class had an amazing time at the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds. Both workshops were fantastic - the children loved having the chance to try on different Roman armour and handle the weapons. A particular highlight was the Roman drill exercises, which really got the children thinking about why they were so successful.

Year 4 - Osprey - Drama Workshop

Year 4 Ospreys took part in  an all day drama workshop around our guided reading book "George's Marvellous Medicine". They took part in acting out the part of the different characters, discussing their feelings, guiding other children with their eyes closed through grandmas house describing what they can see, practising saying sentences with different expressions and acting out different scenes in Grandmas life which could have led her to be the horrible lady that she is.

Year 4 - Osprey - Laws and Rules

Year 4 have been learning about the laws and rules that we have in our country. We discussed how we now have a government to decide on these laws and hundreds of years ago we had a king and queen who decided what the laws were. We decided to have lords and baronesses to stand up and express their opinions (like in the house of commons). They had to convince the King and Queen if children should stay in school until they are 18 or not! 

Year 4 - Owls - George's Marvellous Medicine

Owls have been so lucky to have a visit and take part in workshops all day with Julian from York Theatre Royal. During the day, the children focused on Roald Dahl’s story “George’s Marvellous Medicine”. They turned themselves into the characters of George and Grandma through use of their voices, facial expressions and body language.

They also created their own scenes focusing on Grandma’s earlier life thinking carefully about what might have made Grandma’s personality as mean as she is. It was amazing watching the children perform these to the rest of the class - they had fantastic ideas!

Year 4 - Owl - Basketball

We had a fantastic time during our basketball workshop with Coach Gunn. It was an energetic lesson where we were able to practise and develop our skills through quick competitive games and challenges. There are some real basketball champions within Owls class who showed real talent.

Year 4 - Osprey - Science

In science the children were challenged with the task of designing their own experiment to test which liquid was most viscous (thick), making sure it was a fair test. They wrote an equipment list and method which involved timing with a stopwatch how long it takes for 3 different liquids to reach the bottom of a ramp. they tested water, honey and salad cream.
Each child then recorded their data in a table and found that water was the least viscous by reaching the bottom in under ten seconds and that salad cream was the most viscous by not moving at all in over 10 minutes!

Year 4 - Osprey - Roman Army

We looked at the Roman army, where they invaded and why they were so successful. After research, we found out that the army and equipment was very technologically advanced. We focused our attention to Roman shields (scutum) and their effectiveness against other enemies. This was due to the curved design and strong metal ‘boss’ in the middle. In addition, the shields had symbolic designs painted on such as the eagle wings, to bring good luck.
We then tested out the shields by marching in formation and using the tortoise formation to defend against enemies attacking from the front and from arrows firing overhead.

Year 4 - Osprey - Buried Treasure

In relation to our Buried Treasure Topic we have been looking at the great Roman Army! We looked into how powerful the army was, where they invaded and the equipment the Romans used. Their greatest defensive war invention was the curved shield! Each child designed their own symbols to paint onto the shields using similar colours and shapes to that of real Roman shields.

Year 4 - Osprey - Solid, Liquid, Gas

In science Ospreys have been looking at the 3 different states (Solid, Liquid and gas). We observed balls of ice changing from a solid into a liquid. The children then discussed how they could make the ice melt quicker and then they experimented.
We then looked at the particles within the different states and how they differ. Year 4 then acted out the role of the particles within the states; some particles being packed tightly together (Solid) and some being spread out (gas).

Year 4 - Owls - Pirate Visitor

Captain Greybeard

On Tuesday morning, we found an unusual visitor in school. Captain Greybeard was found fast asleep and snoring loudly against the cushions in the reading area. Once he was woken up he told us about his adventures and how he was unaware as to how he had ended up in school. Unfortunately he didn’t stay long as he was worried his shipmates would track him down. However, he left some of his belongings in school so we’ll always remember him! One of the things he left was his Pirate Grog! Owls class was eager to find out more so we found a recipe and used our knowledge of fractions to calculate what amount of each liquid we needed to make our own. Once we had made it, we calculated fractions of an amount to work out how many squares needed to be each colour then designed our own label for the bottle.

Year 4 - Osprey - Archaeologists!

In topic, year 4 were acting as archaeologists and digging carefully to uncover ancient Roman artefacts that that Mr Dennison found whilst gardening. We found old golden coins, silver coins, pottery and even some old tweezers. 

Year 4 - Osprey - Poem

In Year 4 Ospreys, we were acting out different similes to increase their understanding of them. We are looking at similes and metaphors to put into our own repetitive poem.

Quotes from the day - “The children were as big as balloons” - “The children were like little Gremlins” - “The children were as strong as Hercules”

Year 4 - Osprey - Maths

Year 4 in maths have been working out fractions of quantities to create a pirate grog after finding some along side a real pirate in the classroom! The children added ingredients such as squid eyes, quid blood and pirate spritzer into their own bottle. 

Year 4 - Owls - National Fitness Day

As part of National Fitness Day the children had a great time taking part in a range of different workshops. We began with cricket where we played “Diamond Cricket”, there was some fantastic batters and fielders. After dinner, the children had an opportunity to create their own Street Dance routines with some real attitude. We finished our day with some calming Minecraft yoga, some of the positions defiantly challenged us but it was a brilliant end to fun day.

Year 4 - Owls - Digging For Treasure

Year 4 had an email from Mr Denison which stated “He had found an unusual object in the ground whist digging and wondered if we were able to help find any more”? Owls class were eager to help! After looking in a few different places, we soon found the spot. We found a range of different objects, mostly coins and bits of pottery but also some unusual metal objects. We carefully brought our objects back into class and looked carefully at them. We think they are historical coins possibly Roman or Egyptian from looking at the pictures and words on them.

Year 4 - Owls - Roald Dahl Day

What a fantastic day we had! All the children looked amazing in their costumes.

Year 4 Owls - Scavenger Hunt!

For the start of our new topic ‘Buried Treasure’ we initially spent some time looking at maps of our local area. The children then became treasure hunters and went on a scavenger hunt. They had a great time and managed to find all the treasure on their lists!

Year 4 - Roald Dahl Day - Making Masks

This week we have been looking at Roald Dahl's books and the characters within his books. The children were challenged to create a mask based on the animal characters in the books. The children are now looking into researching Roald Dahl to be able to write a biography on him.

Year 3 Decorating Buns with Rainforest Animals

Year 3/4 Tea Party

Check out our Summer Topic Homework!

The Chocolate Story Visit

Year 2 - 2015/2016

In Year 2 we read 'The Disgusting Sandwich' story. We retold the story using exciting adjectives, interesting sentence openers and conjunctions. We then had a go at writing our own version of the story.

We have all made our own disgusting sandwich using different imperative verbs (bossy words) and next we will write the instructions to tell people how to make their own disgusting sandwich.

Year 2 - 2015/2016

During Art Week our work was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, a sculptor who uses natural materials outside. After looking at photographs of his work Class 6 went to the forest and used the materials we found there and natural materials out on the playground. The children created these fabulous sculptures.