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Year Six

Year Six

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Six.

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Year 6 - Eagles - Anne Franks

Year 6 had a member of The Anne Frank Trust visit for a two-day workshop. We found it really interesting to learn about Anne's life and how she, as a Jew, experienced such prejudice behaviour.

Year 6 - Eagles - Hello Yellow

We wore yellow to show our support and recognition of World Mental Health day. We took part in a live BBC Teach lesson which gave us tips to help with expressing our emotions and how to deal with them.

Year 6 - Eagles - Make Your Mark

We have been voting for what we think is important to be discussed at the UK Youth Parliament this year. We all had our own ballot papers and had to choose one UK issue, one issue for a devolved topic and we wrote one of our own issues from our local area.
Year 6 2019-2020 Upwards 

Year 6 - Eagles - Basketball with coach Gunn.

Year 6 - Eagles - Green Apples pre-visit!

Year 6 - Hawks - Basketball

Hawks have thoroughly enjoyed their basketball session with Coach Gunn.

Year 6 - Hawks - Andy Goldsworthy

Hawks have had a fantastic time experimenting with land art. After researching Andy Goldsworthy, we used natural materials to design our own creations.

Year 6 - Hawks - Picasso

Hawks have thoroughly enjoyed creating abstract portraits in the style of Picasso.

Year 6 - Hawks - Chicks

Today we visited the chicks!

Year 6 - Hawks - World Book Day

Well done Hawks, you blew me away with your amazing outfits!

Year 6 - Hawks - Titanic Workshop

Today we were fortunate to delve deeper into the history of the most famous ship: RMS Titanic. It was fascinating to learn, through acting,  about this phenomenal passenger liner, created by White Star Line. We began our journey in Southampton where we waved goodbye to our friends and the adoring crowds who had turned out to see this great ship. Throughout the day, we lived the life of different people (both passengers and workers) who were on the maiden voyage and discovered their ‘Titanic experience’. This workshop was a great experience: it was eye-opening acting out the lives of people who survived or died in this disaster.
To celebrate World Book Day, Eagles headed down to year 2 to share a story with Finch class. We had a wonderful time. Year 2 brought their own reading book and we took it turns listening to them read, as well as reading part of their story to them. 

Year 6 - Eagles - World Book Day

Take a look at some of our creative World Book Day costumes! We particularly enjoyed the variety this year, with some of us opting for characters, with others choosing to come to school in their PJ’s! As a class, we enjoyed juice and a biscuit whilst listening to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone- a class favourite.

Year 6 - Eagles - Internet Safety Workshop

Eagles enjoyed a visit from our local PCSO, Laura, this week, to discuss staying safe online. We had to decide whether information Laura told us was personal or non-personal, we came up with some interesting results! Overall, Miss Davis was very impressed with our knowledge about internet safety.
As part of our ‘Dangerous Disasters’ topic, we were lucky enough to learn the story of Titanic through drama. We were each assigned a character and role upon the ship and all played our part amazingly! It was great fun to see who survived the tragedy and who sadly lost their lives.

Year 6 - Eagles and Hawks - Fairtrade Cafe

Year 5 and 6 have been busy learning about Fairtrade this week. After hearing and writing our own balanced argument about Fairtrade, we set about making brownies, rocky road, shortbread and rice crispy buns to sell at our very own cafe. We used a range of Fairtrade ingredients in our cakes. Thank you to all the children who helped making the stall a success- we hope you enjoyed your Fairtrade baking!

Year 6 - Hawks - Natural Disasters

Hawks have been researching natural disasters and have loved using keynote to present their findings in an engaging way. 

Year 6 - Hawks - A visit from the doctors

Year 6 were fortunate to be able to work with two doctors - from York District Hospital - who dissected a pig's heart and lungs. The class thoroughly enjoyed this practical science lesson and were able to explore these organs further to deepen their learning. 

Year 6 - Eagles - Disaster Shelters

As part of our ‘Dangerous Disasters’ topic, we have been thinking about how we would survive if we were to be affected by different disasters. We made presentations on how we would get food, water and clothing if disaster struck and then headed to the forest to build our very own shelters from forest materials. Here are some of our creations!

Year 6 - Eagles - Reading with Nursery

Eagles love to read so we took the opportunity to help the younger children in the school with their reading. We were paired up with children from Ducklings class and helped them read a book of their choice. We loved sitting and listening to them and assisting them with tricky words. Afterwards, we talked to them about their favourite part of the book.

Year 6 - Eagles - A visit from the doctors!

As part of our science topic, we were lucky enough to have two doctors from York hospital come in to teach us about the heart and lungs. They brought us a heart and lungs from different animals for us to dissect. We showed off our skills by identifying the different parts that we knew. We had a great time and learnt even more about the human body- those of us that were brave enough to stay in the room that is!

Year 6 - Eagles - Stan Connor, York School Boys

We were so proud to discover that Stan was representing York School Boys in a York and District football tournament recently. Even though the results didn’t go his way, Stan remained a true ambassador to the sport through his sportsmanship and determination. He looked amazingly smart in his kit too!

Year 6 - Eagles - Slime!

This week, Eagles have been trialling a slime recipe for their stall at the Christmas Fayre. We have written a detailed set of instructions to share with our friends and families and to keep the slime craze alive! We have also thought of different ways to improve our recipe to create Woodthorpe's ultimate slime!

Year 6 - Hawks and Eagles - Crime scene investigation

On Tuesday morning, Year 6 were taken by surprise when they discovered a crime scene. They took on the role as detectives to try to solve the murder mystery.


Year 6 - Eagles - International Peace Day

Eagles had a great afternoon celebrating International Peace Day on Friday 21st September. We discussed the benefits of living in a peaceful world and why this is desirable, but not always achievable. We then had a go at designing our own symbols for World Peace.

Year 6 2018 - 2019 Please see above 

Year 6 - Hawks & Eagles - Inspiring Minds Graduation

Congratulations to Year 6 for graduating from Inspiring Minds- we even dressed in a cap and gown like a real ceremony! Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day and we are extremely proud of the children who confidently shared their presentation of the activities completed.

Year 6 - Hawks & Eagles - Robotics UNI TRIP

We had an amazing day at York University, where we participated in three engaging workshops: code cracking, nursing and DNA sampling.

Year 6 - Hawks & Eagles - YOYO

Hawks and Eagles thoroughly enjoyed their workshop run by YOYO. They discussed their feelings about their transition to secondary school and left feeling more confident and excited about their next chapter.

Year 6 - Hawks and Eagles - Robotics

Year 6 had lots of fun during the Robotics and Fusion workshops with York University. They programmed a robotic ball through a tablet to make it move according to their instruction and they carried out several exciting experiments: they used density cubes to test electrical currents and thermal conduction. This was a fun and interactive introduction to coding and physics.

Year 6 - Eagles & Hawks - Train Visit

Half of year 6 went on the train from York to Harrogate. We explored Harrogate train station and learnt about all of the different jobs available at Northern Rail. The most exciting part was making the train arrival announcements over the tannoy.

Year 6 - Eagles & Hawks - Green Apples

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to York St John University where they learnt about all of the courses and opportunities available after leaving college. We explored the various aspects of university through playing games and taking a tour of the campus. We were amazed at the wide range of courses available and many of us are eager to join a society and become a student!

Year 6 - Hawks & Eagles - Buddhism

Year 6 had a wonderful morning learning about Buddhism. We re-enacted the story of Buddha, learnt about life as a monk and created a shrine with offerings.

Year 6 - Hawks - World culture day

Hawks and Eagles celebrated Brazil for World Culture Day.
Using paper, Year 6 designed and created their own carnival outfits and enjoyed parading them on a catwalk.

Year 6 - Eagles - Judo

Year 6 took part in a taster Judo session. We were a little nervous at first but when we discovered that Judo means, "gentle way", we felt much more confident. We learnt techniques that allow you to defend yourself in a safe and controlled way.