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Year Six Leavers 2016/2017

Welcome to Year Six Leavers 2016/2017!

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Green Apples

Year six spent a great day out at York University as part of the long running "Green Apples" project. They played various games to learn about university life and course options; had a treasure hunt around the campus and enjoyed a fabulous lunch!

Y6 - Lifeline Information session

Lifeline information sessions


Year six have been lucky enough to be visited by John Cooper, team leader at the York Lifeline Project, who has come in to talk to our year sixes about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Year six were absolutely fantastic in their questioning, engagement and levels of maturity and we all learned a great deal from the sessions. We even managed to cover Miss Taylor in sticky notes as part of one of the activities! Thank you John for such wonderful sessions, we really have enjoyed them!

SATs 2017

After being fuelled by a delicious SATs breakfast, cooked by our very own school chef (Kelly), year six launched into their SATs with enthusiasm, focus and determination. We couldn't be more proud of our children and know that every single child has done their absolute best. Well done year six - you are amazing! 

Welcome to Year Six!

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For RE day, year six studied Hinduism. We made traditional rangoli patterns, took part in Bollywood dancing, made Diwali sweets and also made shadow puppets to re-tell the story of Rama and Sita. We also had a fabulous visit from our very own Miss Daraji, who shared stories and artefacts from her family, as well as giving us the opportunity to dress up in one of her beautiful saris. Thank you so much Miss Daraji! 
For culture week, year five and six studied the Mexican Festival: Día de Muertos (Day of the dead). Through the week, we found out facts about the celebration, created Mexican skeleton masks, made traditional Mexican food including: salsa, bean salad, key lime pie, tortillas, flat bread and Pan de muerto (bread of the dead) and we ended our culture week with a huge fiesta in the hall! We were given pesos and spent them on a variety of tropical 'mocktails' and the delicious Mexican food that we had created through the week. We even had a Mexican dance off! What a fantastic week!
Year 5 and 6 visited Robinwood in march and had a truly incredible time. The photographs speak for themselves, but it was wonderful to see so many children face challenges and approach the visit with such determination, enthusiasm and a thoroughly good sense of humour! Well done years 5 and 6, we are very proud of you.

Problem Solving

After such a wonderful week at Robinwood, Miss Taylor and Mrs Humphreys weren't going to stop the problem solving there... As part of our topic work on explorers, we were challenged to provide a solution to being trapped down a well, using only a small selection of items e.g. matches, rope, tin can and even a teddy bear to escape! The staff and children were really impressed with the ingenious escape ideas, but the best has to be the group that wanted to catch the eye of a passing hyena with a sticky lollypop attached to the end of a rope! Wonderful Woodthorpe ideas!


As we have been learning about play scripts, we decided to study the ultimate playwright: William Shakespeare! Miss Taylor & Mrs Humphreys directed Romeo and Juliet and were blown away by the emotional performances.  Above are some photographs of our endeavours.


World Book Day and Story Week

As part of our World Book Day celebrations this year we dressed up as our favourite book characters; here are some of our favourites.  We also invited Mrs Stancliffe (Mrs Humphreys’ Mother) into school to share our work and writing.


The whole school were lucky enough to have a visit from some very exotic reptiles this term. Snakes, spiders, scorpions and so much more arrived at Woodthorpe early one morning.  Throughout the day each class were treated to a personalised visit to meet the creatures. Many of us overcame our fears and held the incredible reptiles.

Topic Launch Day - Intrepid Explorers

To launch our spring topic, we were issued with passports and flown around the world: Switzerland, Italy and France to be precise! We made baguettes, freshly made pasta and sauce and even skied down the Swiss Alps.



Wow what a treat for our Year 5 and 6 children. The children learned about the various food groups and how they maintained healthy bodies. They understood the importance of a healthy breakfast and school meal.

In the Ready Steady Cook challenge Miss Brookes championed the ‘Orange Team’ and Mrs Humphreys the ‘Green Team’ Using various ingredients the Orange Team produced a delicious pasta dish representing the Italian flag, consisting of pan-fried chicken tomato pesto sauce and wilted greens and the Green Team were inspired by an oriental stir fry vegetables with salmon fish cakes and citrus scented rice. All children were enthusiastic and tasted both dishes crowning the Green Team as overall winners. Both healthy and nutritious recipes are available below for you to try at home. The aromas emanating from the hall smelled delicious! Please send us some photographs and we will be delighted to show on our website.

We are thrilled to invite Darren Tinkler, Roots to Food founder, back on 5th February to run this workshop for our Key Stage 1 children and Year 3/4.

I had a wonderful morning delivering health and wellbeing messages to the children and it was lovely to meet you.The staff and children were a joy to work with and everyone made me feel so welcome in school.

I am already looking forward to my visit on Friday 5th February 2016.”Darren