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Year Three

Year Three

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Three.

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Magpie and Woodpecker class thoroughly enjoyed their time with the Ignite coaches for Sports Relief. They learnt new skills, new games and had lots of fun in the process! 

Magpie class absolutely loved completing the special obstacle course Miss Davis had put together for Sports Relief. 
To end our 'Active Planet' topic, Magpies have been working on creating their own volcano masterpiece this half term. We have planned our project, built it, painted it and next we need to make it erupt for the grand finale!
To end our 'Active Planet' topic, Magpies have been working on creating their own volcano masterpiece this half term. We have planned our project, built it, painted it and next we need to make it erupt for the grand finale!

Year 3 - Magpie - Magnet Experiment

Magpie class planned and carried out a fair test. We aimed to discover how powerful a magnet was based on its size. The results were very interesting!

Year 3 - Magpie - World Book Day Box

For our book box we created a scene from Ninja Red Riding Hood! We used our DT skills to saw through wood so our box has a working component. The whole class came together to create this wonderful creation.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - World Book Day

World book day has been amazing! Every single Woodpecker looked fantastic in their fancy dress going from Hermione Granger to Spider Man to Dennis the Menace! We had such a lovely time visiting nursery and reading all of our favourite books to our partners. We also enjoyed making our very own magical Harry Potter shoe box scene! 

Year 3 - Helen O'Grady Workshop

Year 3 have had the privilege to be involved with the Helen O'Grady workshops. We really enjoyed jumping into the an imaginative world and pretending that we were catching butterflies, popping like popcorn and performing a whole class production.  We learnt lots of drama skills and techniques that we can carry on using within in the classroom. 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Rock Star

Woodpeckers had a groovy day for TTRockstars dressing up as rockstars and showing our fantastic times tables skills! We loved having Robin class come and visit us as we got to practise all of our times tables through fun games and activities! 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - English Drama

For our recent English topic, we have based our writing on the book 'Journey'. We used drama to express how the character must be feeling in different parts of the story. We are so excited to start writing our diary entries this week! 

Year 3 - YoYo Drama

Year 3 had a brilliant time working with YoYo, who kindly let us be involved with their drama workshop that was based around the story: Daniel in the Lion's Den. We got to pretend that we were lions, elephants, kings and soldiers. One child left this workshop saying 'That was AMAZING, can we do it again?!!'

Year 3 - Magpie - Ninja Red Riding Hood

As part of a MAT wide writing genre (Little Red Riding Hood, we began reading Ninja Red Riding Hood as a twisted tale. The children were tasked with creating their own ending to the story. Their imagination and creativity was outstanding and presented their ideas in the form of a comic book strip!

Year 3 - Magpie - Shadow Experiment

To kick off our science topic ‘Light’, we conducted a scientific experiment to discover how shadows change when the light source is moved further away. We recorded our results in a table and noticed an interesting pattern!

Year 3 - Magpie - Computing

Magpie class were presented with a problem! They had been given a script of code which makes a car follow a road but the car kept crashing. We had to debug the problem and demonstrate how the coding script should be written.
Magpie class were presented with a problem! They had been given a script of code which makes a car follow a road but the car kept crashing. We had to debug the problem and demonstrate how the coding script should be written.

Year 3 - Magpie - Christmas Baking and Decorating

We followed shortbread instructions very closely to create our own shortbread biscuits. They turned out perfectly and we even decorated them beautifully with a festive theme. They sold out very quickly at the Christmas fair!

Year 3 - Magpie - Christmas Sports

Magpie class really loved their Christmas inspired PE lesson. They used their hand to eye coordination to skilfully throw the mince pies to Santa for various different points!

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Shadows

In Science this week we have been experimenting with shadows! We worked in groups to make a 5cm finger puppet that we could use for our investigation. We soon found out that when an object is getting closer to the light source the shadow becomes larger! We had great fun investigating in the dark! 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Understanding Databases

In computing this half term we have been looking at databases. We have learnt what they are, how to read them and how to make our own database using online spreadsheets. We have had fun making our very own monster top trump cards where the information is now stored on a very organised database. Look if you dare!!!!! 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Viking Houses

Woodpeckers have had a fantastic time planning, designing and creating viking houses using natural materials outside! We had to make sure the house was at least 30cm long, 15cm high and that it was sturdy enough to survive a hurricane! All of the houses looked brilliant and most houses survived the hurricane! 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Viking Trip

Recently Woodpeckers travelled back in time for the day as they visited the Jorvik centre. We were able to see what the viking villages and houses looked like and hear about how they made their clothes and food. We also got the chance to dig up all of the artifacts that have been found over the years. We even found gold!!! 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Beebots!

Over the last couple of weeks in computing we have been learning how to code! We are now wizzes at being able to give instructions to a computer/ person using our left, right, up, down and degree turns. 

Year 3 - Magpie - Artefacts from the DIG

This week, Magpie class entered the world of archaeology. They learnt what they do, what they wear, what they can find and what they can learn. A very special box from the Jorvik DIG centre contained REAL Viking artefacts discovered underneath the ground in York. There was animal bones, old leather, flint and even Viking poo!

Year 3 - Magpie - Launching our Viking catapult replicas

After researching the tactics of war during Viking battles, we discovered that some armies started to use catapults. It was the perfect opportunity to create our own replicas using lollypop sticks and elastic bands. We used the tension in the lollypop sticks and elastic bands to fire our artillery into the air!

Year 3 - Magpie - Rugby World Cup

Miss Davis set the school a rugby world cup challenge. Each class were competing against each other. We needed to catch a flying rugby ball, pass as quickly as possible and score as many tries as we could in 5 minutes! Magpie class were very proud of their effort and team work.

Year 3 - Magpie - Viking Shields

Magpie class worked together to create replica Viking shields. We got inspiration from learning about how they were crafted and decorated. Then, we marched onto the playground to look for any English enemies we could attack. I was certainly scared of the Viking raiders!

Year 3 - Magpie - HAlloween Biscuits

To get into the spirit of Halloween, Magpie class carefully followed the recipe for baking shortbread biscuits. Everything was measured, weighed and crafted accurately to create our biscuits. They tasted scrumptious and were decorated in a spooky style.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Christmas Dinner Invention

Year 3's have been getting into the christmas spirit as we have created our own christmas dinner invention. We discussed what the machine will be able to do, how it will cook the food and what the finished yummy plate of food should look like. 

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Artefacts

Woodpeckers have had a fantastic time discovering artefacts from the viking era. We were suited and booted as architects ready to go back in time. We were able to look at animal bones, pottery and even Viking's poo!! 

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Spooky Cookies

To celebrate Halloween we made spooky Halloween cookies and designed our own horrifying patterns. Take a look at our fantastic creations - they tasted just as delicious too!

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Catapults

This week in Woodpecker class, we have been inspired to make our own mini Viking catapult replicas. We held a fiercely fought class competition to see which team could catapult a boulder (tin foil) the furthest and we had a lot of fun.


Year 3 - Woodpecker - Giant Panda

Woodpeckers have had a fantastic time over the last couple of weeks, writing reports on our endangered class animal - giant panda. We adventured through the forest to find interesting facts about them so we could include them in our writing! We found out that pandas eat up to 14 hours per day and 99% of their diet is bamboo.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Vikings

This term we are learning all about the vikings, we kicked off the topic by making our very own viking long ships. We tried really hard to replicate the structure and design of a real viking boat! We had so much fun creating these marvellous structures.
During topic, we have been learning all about Viking Longships! This inspired us to design, create and decorate our own. We even managed to mould dragon heads to our ships to scare off any enemies!

Year 3 - Magpie - Panda research in the forest

To write our panda fact file, Mapgie class needed some information about Giant Pandas. Luckily, a mad panda scientist had spread his facts all across the forest. We managed to quickly and quietly sneak in and retrieve all the facts we needed.

Year 3 - Magpie - Potion for the perfect year at school

We faced the challenge of creating a potion that if drunk, would give you the perfect school year. We came up with personal qualities that make the perfect student and then began to make our drink. After, we wrote the ingredients list and instructions in our English books.
Class Photos - 2019-2020 Upwards 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Radical Wolf Productions

We were visited by 'Radical Wolf Productions' who are a drama and production company. They came to school for the full day to produce a music video with us for Queens 'We will rock you'. We had such great fun learning how to film, direct and edit. We found it amazing the process behind getting the perfect shot, ensuring lighting is accurate. We discovered how certain types of lighting can create different atmospheres and moods.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Schools 50th Birthday celebrations

To celebrate the schools 50th birthday, we researched popular art in the 1960's. We looked carefully at the colours used and the the different types of design. We took a photo of ourselves, before adding the famous dotting patterns over the top. We then made a striking background to add our photos onto. We have loved working out who in the the photograph!

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Easter Egg Hunt

In Woodpecker class we have a kindness ninja jar. When we spot or do something kind, we add a point. We are pleased to say, we filled the jar to the top! As a reward, we were sent on a hunt around school to find 32 eggs! We had great fun solving the clues and riddles and luckily, we found every single egg! 

Year 3 - Magpies - Judo!

Magpies had a fantastic time on Wednesday when we had a visitor in school to teach us Judo! Everyone absolutely loved it! 

Year 3 - Magpie - Chicks!

Magpie class had a wonderful opportunity this morning to visit the chicks. It was fantastic to see how the chicks had changed in a week and how much they had grown!
To celebrate world book day, we came dressed in our favourite book character or our pyjamas! We made Roly-Poly birds from the Roald Dahl book 'The Twits' and we also made monster bookmarks! We also went to read to children in Reception class. It was lovely to see the children sharing their love of reading. In the afternoon, we had juice and biscuits and read our class story 'The Ice Monster'.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Play in a day

In Year 3, we was very lucky to have a drama workshop all day in which we produced and performed our own play! We spent the first session learning about different acting techniques and learnt how to show our emotions and project our voice. We then split into different groups to rehearse our different parts. At the end of the day we performed our play to the Year 5's! It was amazing to see the play come together in just one day!

Year 3 - Magpie - Earthquake

In Magpie class we have now started learning about earthquakes. We have been investigating the definitions of some key words linked to earthquakes, such as seismograph and Richter scale. Using the Ipads, we worked in groups to find a definition and then presented our ideas to the class.

Year 3 - Magpie - World book day

Magpies have gone to an incredible effort to recreate some fantastic book characters for this years World Book Day. I have been so impressed! We had a brilliant day completing World book day activities and really enjoyed our visit to Reception to do some paired reading. 

Year 3 - Magpie - Volcanoes in the forest

This week Magpie class have ventured into the forest to make some models of volcanoes. The children thought carefully about the different parts of a volcano (such as a magma chamber and crater) and decided how they could best show each part using different resources in the forest. Some children were making replicas of the volcano Mt St Helens, which we have been doing a case study on recently. 


The children worked incredibly hard and it was lovely to see everyone present their ideas so confidently, clearly and with enthusiasm. 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Stephen Pass visits again!

Today Stephen visited us again, this time to listen to our very own mermaid stories. Stephen was really impressed with the speech and description we had used. It was wonderful hearing the children read to an Author. We can't wait to read the rest of 'Madge the mermaid' and find out what Alan gets up to! 

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Playtime in the snow!

In Woodpecker class, we enjoyed our playtime in the snow. We worked in different teams to build different snowmen, we were really proud of our creations!

Today in Woodpecker class, we was very lucky to have Stephen Pass visit. Stephen is the Author of 'Madge the Mermaid'. Stephen shared his experience of writing the book and the challenges he faced. He showed us the many drafts it took to perfect the book and told us how the illustrations were made. He then read us the next chapter  and even shared some of his poems! We loved the one about hair! Stephen is visiting School again on Friday to hear our very own mermaid stories! 


Ryder 'I can't wait to write my own merman story, I'm going to make my own movie about it too!'

To launch our brand new topic, Active Planet, we made our very own volcanoes! We used paper to make a 3D dome, before adding our very own lava and ash using different shades of tissue paper. We found it challenging at first to make the model 3D, however, with determination and perseverance, we helped one another to successfully achieve our challenge! 

Zac 'I worked with my friends to help make my volcano stand up, it was really hard but we worked as a team.' 

Year 3 - Magpie - Volcanoes

Magpie's have had an exciting start to their explosive topic - active planet! This half term we are focussing on volcanoes and so we have had a go at making our own. We have thought carefully about the different parts that make up a volcano and what the purpose of that part is. 
In Year 3 and 4, we had a Dragons Den afternoon in which children had to deliver a sales pitch for their new chocolate design. We were lucky enough to have the wonderful Miss Taylor and some special helpers judging. Children worked in small groups to deliver a presentation on their new bar. The children worked extremely hard and were able to answer some very tricky questions on their designs.

Hanukkah - To celebrate the Jewish festival, Hanukkah, we made our very own Menorah candle pictures. We learnt that Hanukkah is the festival of light and is celebrated across 8 days in which 8 candles are lit using the larger, 9th candle. To make our pictures we used different collage papers and tissue paper. We used a template to ensure our candles were the correct proportions. 


Sophie - 'We learnt that the candles should be lit at night, when the stars appear'.

Forest - In Woodpecker class we visited the forest to practise our team work skills and building abilities! We had the task of creating a grotto for either Santa, the Reindeer's or the Christmas elves! We made lots of beautiful creations such as little beds for the Elves and secret doorways in the trees. We all worked in different teams and at the end we decided to build a class den which was huge! Miss Newson was incredibly proud of how we all came together to support each other. 


Callum - ' I used a tree branch to create a ladder for the Elves to climb up!'

In Woodpecker class, we have been looking at the Artist, Andy Warhol. We discovered his famous Art called 'Pop Art'. We discussed the use of bright and bold colours and repeated patterns. We decided to create our own Pop Art, linking to our Topic, Chocolate. We used a template of a Yorkie bar and oil pastels to create our finished piece. 


Callum - ' I used tracing paper to neatly draw around the Yorkie template, it took a long time as I made sure I was neat'.

In Woodpecker this week, we have been getting prepared for the Christmas Fayre by making our own Christmas tree decorations. We wrote instructions for how to make them and now we are going to write some persuasive writing to persuade people to buy them!

Year 3 - Magpie - Remembrance Day

All week we have been learning about Remembrance day and thinking about why the poppy is so symbolic of World Wars. Together, as a class, we have made this beautiful piece of art. We thought that each poppy could symbolise an individual who fought in the war. 
To Celebrate Diwali, we first learnt what Diwali is and why it is celebrated. We learnt that Diwali is the five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. We discovered, Diwali celebrates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. We then made our very own rangoli patterns. We first drew out our design before using different shades of sand to fill the different sections in'
Lacey - J ' I created a flower design and used different shades of pink sand'

Year 3 - Magpie - Divali

After studying Rangoli patterns in class and learning about the special meaning of the patterns, Magpies ventured into the forest to create their very own works of art. There were so many pretty coloured leaves that we perfect for our task!

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Reading

In Woodpecker class we have spent time reading with our friends in order to complete our reading chart, we was only a few ticks away! We spent time reading to and hearing other children read, before writing a lovely comment in their reading records. We enjoyed hearing different stories and listening to the different voices children used for the different characters.
Sebastian - 'I enjoyed listening to Alyssia read,it was a funny story and we laughed together'.

Year 3 - Magpie - Kit Kat

In Magpie class we have been creating a time line to show when the different editions of Kit Kat came out! We were amazed to find out Kit Kats used to be a box of chocolate and the wafer bar was only invented due to a suggestion from one of Rowntree's workers. We discovered that the orange flavour kit kat was the first flavour variant to be used and that the chunky kit kat came out in 1999! One team were successful at ordering the different types of kit kat.
On Tuesday, Woodpeckers visited the York chocolate Story in town. We first learnt about the chocolate making process before watching a a professional make chocolates for us to try. We then got to make our very own chocolate lollies. We could choose from a range of toppings, we all loved the caramel pieces! After out visit to the factory, we went on a chocolate trail around town. Here, we saw Joseph Rowntree's first ever shop and counted how many chocolate shops we could see in York, we counted 13! Miss Newson was incredibly proud of the children's behaviour. 
Magpies had a brilliant time at York Chocolate story this week. The children became chocolatiers and even made their own chocolate lolly... they were delicious! We were all mesmerised when watching how a chocolate could be filled with ganache and we could not believe that the snickers bar is actually the top selling chocolate bar in the world! It was a fantastic day and a great way to further our understanding of history of chocolate. 

Year 3 - Magpie - Mayans

In Magpies we have been learning all about the Mayans and their love of chocolate. We have learned so many interesting facts, including how they believed that chocolate was a food from the Gods! 

The children have been drawing their own pictures of the Mayans and have then used watercolours to create some beautiful pieces of art. 


In Woodpecker class, we have been learning about The Maya's, the first people to discover chocolate. We looked at the Maya's cave paintings and discussed the style and colours they used. They used different shades of reds and browns and strong, bold lines. We then created our own Maya art work using poster paint. We experimented mixing our own different shades. 


Ruby - 'I made a darker shade of red by adding a really small amount of brown. I painted in the same direction to make my painting neat'.

On Monday, Woodpecker class visited the library bus. We worked with Finch class to help them choose a story and listened to them read. It was lovely to see the two year groups working together to support each others learning. We had a lovely time and enjoyed hearing so many new and exciting stories. 

Year 3 - Magpie - Library Bus

Magpie Class had a fantastic time sharing books with Robin Class on Monday, when the library bus came. We even found some books linking to the Year Three animal- the panda!


Year 3 2018 - 2019 Please see above. 

Year 3 - Magpie - Chocolate

In Year 3 we are learning all about chocolate this half term! To launch our topic, we have been making chocolate lollies and designing the packaging for them. We have thought carefully too about how the chocolate changes state when it is being turned into a lolly. As well as this, we have written a set of instructions explaining the different steps we completed. The children have had so much fun making their creations and it has been a fabulous way to start Year 3!

Year 3 - Magpie - Barley Hall and the Minster Trip

Magpie class have had a fantastic trip to Barley Hall this week learning all about the terrific Tudors! We learned how the rich individuals would show how wealthy they were by having tiles on their floor and inviting guests to large banquets. We also learned about the different methods of treating poorly patients in Tudor times- we were all shocked at how bizarre some of their thoughts and treatments were! Finally we were able to look round the fantastic Minster and we discovered the reasons for it needing several refurbishments. We were able to try on various outfits and looked at different Roman artefacts. Our favourite part was looking underneath the glass floor where we could see the remains of a Roman column!

Year 3 - Magpie - Handwriting Competition

Recently, in Class Magpie there has been an intense competition running. The competition was aimed at the children improving their handwriting and showing progress. The children have been trying so hard to win the incredible prizes on offer and they have become very competitive! The winners were Lillyanne, Harry, Ava and Jimmy. Well done super handwriting stars!
We had a fun, full-packed day on World Culture Day! To begin with, we shared our outfits- Miss Kay was very impressed at the effort we had all gone to! We then looked at a Spanish artist, Picasso, and his famous faces and created our own with oil pastels. Following this, we had an African drumming session and the opportunity to do some Spanish dancing!

Year 3 - Magpie - Circuits

This week we have been learning all about electricity! We have learnt what the different symbols in a circuit represent and what is needed to make a circuit work. Josh and Layla were the first pair to make a working circuit with a motor in!
Last week we created our clay dragons for St George's day! We had so much fun making and painting them! Here are pictures of us holding our dragons.

Year 3 - Magpie - Colour Wheel

This week Magpies have been experimenting with paint and learning all about the primary and secondary colours. The children were fascinated at how the colours could vary in shade and tone, depending on how much of each you added! We are using our new knowledge to paint our clay dragons that we have been making.

Year 3 - Magpie - Reading

Magpie have really been taking advantage of the glorious sunshine we have had recently! On several occasions, we have read outside this week and have absolutely loved it! We have shared our reading books with our friends and have read to each other too.

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - World Book Day!

We had such a fun day celebrating World Book Day on Monday! We got to dress up as our favourite characters and Miss Miller from reception visited us and read us a story!

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Premier Sport

We had so much fun on Monday with Mr Harrison! We got to do some boxing and learnt many cool things about the sport! We even got to put on the boxing gloves and practice some moves!

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

We had so much fun at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Even in the snow, we managed to see lots of animals, such as polar bears, lions and camels. We got the chance to hold cockroaches and even stroke a snake! We were so brave, Miss Tutill couldn’t even stroke it because she was scared! Overall, it was a fantastic day and Miss Tutill was really proud of how well we represented the school!