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Year Three

Welcome to Year Three!

Check out what we have been up to so far this year. We can also look back over your time at Woodthorpe Primary, from when you started in Nursery.

Class Magpie have had a wonderful start to the week celebrating different cultures in a creative way! In the morning the children were learning about Buddhism. The children made their own Rangoli patterns out of rice. However, the children were very disappointed to find out that once these beautiful pieces of art work have been created, they are usually destroyed!
In the afternoon, the children were focusing on India- in particular the Taj Mahal. The children have created their own watercolour backgrounds representing a sunset and then using fine liner pens have drawn the Taj Mahal. The finished pieces of art work are absolutely amazing and have blown Miss Kay away!

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Culture Day

We have had a really fun day learning all about different cultures today! In the morning, we were learning all about Buddhism and had a go at meditating! In the afternoon, we were looking at different cultures within our class! We looked at Poland because Alex in our class is polish. We tried lots of different polish foods, practised speaking polish and even got to make the polish flag! It was a really fun day.

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Birds of Prey

Today was a fantastic day for Woodpecker class! We were visited by several birds of prey, found out incredible facts and even got the chance to hold a rare bird! As a super exciting finale, we laid down on the floor and a majestic hawk flew over our heads - wow! As a result of the visit, we are now full of ideas for our information text in English this week.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Magic Eggs!

We are really enjoying our new topic ‘Fantastic Beasts!’ Mr Dennison told us that he had found some strange looking eggs outside. They were very colourful and fascinating to look at.
Some of them had even started to hatch and we were really excited to find out what they could be!

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Perculiar Perimeter

We received a peculiar letter from a man named Professor Knight who works with magical beasts! He needed us to help him design some cages for his beasts as they kept escaping… We used our expert knowledge of perimeter to help us solve the tricky problem.

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Royal Armouries

We really enjoyed our trip to the Royal Armouries Museum! We learnt a lot about Romans and even got to dress up and hold historical artefacts
In Science, we have been making models of states of matter: liquids, solids and gases. We used play dough and spaghetti to make the models. This was a great way of consolidating our understanding of the particles in solids, liquids and gases.

Year 3 - Magpie - Who stole Mrs Claus' Christmas Pudding?

In the run up to Christmas, Mrs Claus' Christmas pudding has been stolen! It was up to class Magpie to work out who had stolen it. We knew that it would be a cheeky elf as we were given a list of Elf names and descriptions of their gender, what they were wearing and which department in Santa's factory they worked in. 
Class Magpie were faced with five tricky maths problems to solve to work out who had stolen the pudding. Four teams were successful in working out who stole the Christmas pudding. Class Magpie have absolutely loved working out who has stolen the Christmas pudding!

Year 3 - Magpie - Elf!

This week yet another magical character came to our classroom! Mrs Smith delivered Class Magpie a Christmas wrapped parcel and we were all very intrigued as to what was inside it!
When we opened the parcel, we found a mini elf and a list of ingredients, as well as a letter from Tinsel the Elf. Tinsel wants us to work out the correct quantities for a special energy boosting potion, which he needs as he is already very far behind on his wrapping for Santa Claus! Tinsel is Santa's Chief wrapper! We have already started to work out these quantities, so soon we will be sending Tinsel the recipe for his special energy boosting potion!

Year 3 - Magpie - Dragons Den

This week we have been looking at explanation texts as part of our English lessons. We have all been working hard, inventing our own creations, in the hope that we were going to be chosen to take part in Woodthorpe Dragon's Den! We had a vote as a class as to who would be representing class Magpie in the finals... The winning team was Magpie team 5; they created a 'Messi Machine'! Here they are having presented their invention to their audience and doing such a wonderful job!

Year 3 - Magpie - Acting out the water cycle

As part of our states of matter topic, we were looking more closely at the water cycle this week. We were acting out the four main stages: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. We worked as a team to produce little role plays of each stage. Some groups even had a narrator to show their expert knowledge of the water cycle!

Year 3 - Magpie - Making our fairy cakes.

Today we made the fairy cakes that we promised we would make for Tinkerbell. We carefully mixed all of the ingredients into the bowl and showed how great our teamwork skills are!
When cooking the fairy cakes, the smell wafted through the school and we had lots of teachers saying how nice they smelt.
In English today, we will be writing up our instructions which we will then later post to Tinkerbell. Hopefully, she will now be able to make her own fairy cakes as she will have our instructions and expertise to help her!

Year 3 - Magpie - When a mysterious visitor arrived...

Whilst we were lining up to come in in the morning, a mysterious visitor had left a trail of glitter from the door over to Miss Kay's desk. On her desk there was a note. It said it was from Tinkerbell! Tinkerbell was wanting us to help her to make some fairy cakes as she is going to a party and has been asked to make some- however she doesn't know how to make them! We have said that we will write a set of instructions to help her.
Later that day, we received a phone call from the fairy, asking whether we were able to help her and whether we can post the instructions to her house. Some children think they have found her magical house in the trees in the school playground!

Year 3 - Magpie - Which solid will turn into a liquid the quickest?

Today as part of our states of matter topic, we were looking more closely at solids and which solids would turn into a liquid the quickest. We were using butter, squirty cream, chocolate and ice cubes. There were many different results, with some children finding that the ice melted the quickest, whilst others found that the squirty cream was the first to melt. We found that the chocolate and butter didnt really melt, although the butter melted slightly more than the chocolate. 
Last Thursday we all had a fantastic day celebrating Diwali - the festival of light! To start our day, we had some visitors in from York University to give us some information on Diwali. We then learned about the Rama and Sita story and acted this out in small groups. We also created our own little elephants with Rangoli patterns on them.

Year 3 - Magpie - Experiment on Making Gas

On Wednesday, we were experimenting with balloons and vitamin C tablets to see if a reaction occurred and whether a gas was made. We learned that the gas that would be produced was Carbon dioxide (the same gas that we breathe out). Unfortunately, the vitamin C tablets did not fizz as well as they should have done and so the balloons did not inflate very much. Here are some pictures of us starting our experiment.

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Wonderful Woodpecker's Reading!

We have all worked extremely hard on our reading in 3W and every single one of us has made it to gold on the reading chart! We are the first in the school to all reach gold and it is a great achievement! Here we are holding our medals, Miss Tutill is so proud of each and every one of us for showing such enthusiasm towards our reading! 

Year 3 - Magpie - How does ice melt?

To introduce our science topic of states of matter, we investigated how we could melt ice and what happened when it melted. We found out that when ice melted it was a reversible change. We learned that a reversible change was when a solid would turn into a liquid and then can be turned back into a solid again. Chocolate can also have a reversible change.

Year 3 - Magpie - What are the three states of matter made up of?

When exploring the different states of matter, we learned about the particle structure within solids, liquids and gases. We found out that solids have tightly packed particles that are very close together. Liquids have closely packed particles, whilst gases have a lot of space between the particles. We used role play to investigate the particle structure of the three states of matter.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Magical Money!

Today in maths, we opened up our own shop! We were given an amount we could spend, but we weren't allowed to spend more than we were given. We worked with our partners to go shopping and had fun buying different items from the shop! We had to add amounts of money and work out the change we would be given.

Year 3 - Woodpecker - Pirate Visitor

Today was a very exciting day! We came back from assembly to find a pirate asleep in our reading corner! He had stolen our gold coins and was drinking a drink called 'Pirate Grog!' We asked him some questions and found out he was called Captain Greybeard. He told us all about his journey and how he ended up in Woodthorpe. When he left, we had to go find our gold coins because he had stolen them from us!

Year 3 - Magpie - Pirates

This week a mysterious pirate came to visit us! In our classroom he left a shopping list! The children have been trying to work out why he has left his shopping list in our reading corner. We think he may have also taken some books from our bookshelf and left some other clues lying around the classroom. 

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Scavenders Hunt.

We had a really fun afternoon launching our topic today! Our topic for this term is 'buried Treasure!' Today, we went on a scavenger hunt and had to find things such as wood and grass.

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Dig.

Today, we recieved an important email from Mr Dennison. He had found some strange artefacts outside so we went on a hunt to find them! We dug up lots of coins and found a gold bangle in the flower beds! After researching, we found out they were some old roman artefacts!

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - Roald Dahl Day

Here is a picture of us all on Roald Dahl Day. We dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters and invented our own chocolate bars for Willy Wonka's factory!

Year 3 - Woodpeckers - National Fitness Day

We had a really fun day and took part in lots of different sporting activities. We played tennis, cricket and even got to do some street dancing! At the end of the day, we did some Mincraft Yoga which was really fun!

Year 3 - Magpie - Archaeologists!

In topic today, we were archaeologists! Using toothpicks and cookies we had to dig out the chocolate chips. We were thinking carefully about what skills an archaeologist needed whilst we did this. The ideas we came up with as a class included working carefully and slowly. We also used concentration so that we could focus on getting the chips out without breaking them, as if they were precious artefacts.

Magpie - Buried Treasure Scavenger Hunt

Today in topic we completed a scavenger hunt. We put into partners and given a sheet of clues. We had to go into the playground and find the number which related to each clue. The first team to get all the clues were the scavenger hunt champions!

2AT Planting Our Seeds

Planting Our Seeds 
Last week in 2AT, we planted some bean and sunflower seeds. We estimated how tall they would grow over 3 weeks. Today was our first day to measure how tall they have grown and our tallest sunflower is 10cm already! 

Year 2 Visit to the Deep

For our 'Under the Sea' topic launch we visited The Deep in Hull. When we arrived we took part in an animal habitat workshop. We discovered about different animals from under the sea and the seaside, their characterisitcs and where they live. We then went into the deep to explore. Our highlights were seeing a stingray swim over our heads in the tunnel, the penguins diving in their pool and watching sharks! After being inspired by the different animals our learning will be based around the children's interests.

All the children loved seeing all the different animals under the sea - 'It was the the best trip ever!' (Ava, 2HS).

Check out our Spring Topic Homework!

How to Stay Safe!

Year 2 had a very informative visit from a local PCSO. We discussed important information about how to stay safe and what to do in different situations. We then had the chance to ask her questions about her job and we really enjoyed this. The PSCO kindly left us with some Police questions, activities and games to do!

Culture Week


We really enjoyed Culture week and learning all about the African Culture. We had a taste of African food, baking banana cakes and we thought it was yummy!  We also learnt about African animals and the ‘Big Five’. We found out that only male lions have a mane and chimpanzees live in both wet and dry forests.

Studying African Masks and their meaning was extremely powerful for us and we wanted to create our own with their own meaning. We made some fantastic masks which symbolised ‘helping others’, ‘respect’, ‘keeping healthy’ and ‘being kind’.


Taking part in African animal yoga has really improved our balance. We learnt all sorts of different yoga positions but our favourite was the lion because we got to roar!


Finally, we were so inspired by a performance of Bollywood dancing that we learnt our own routine! We had so much fun!

Fun on the Field!

As a Woodthorpe Value, sport is something we really enjoy! We regularly take part in a range of competitive and team sports, developing our skills and improving our fitness.

World Book Day

World Book Day

We love reading at Woodthorpe and we had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day! We acted out our favourite stories, described our character and drew illustrations!


Farmer Carl visits Year 2

Farmer Carl
We really enjoyed our visit from Farmer Carl. We met Henrietta and Spot who came to see us. We learnt a lot about the chickens and lambs and how Farmer Carl looks after them.

Space Dome

We had an exciting day inside our space dome! We learnt all about the stars, planets and our solar system. We even saw the first man on the moon! These are our highlights:
"It felt like we were moving in space!"
"It was really exciting, we learnt different things about space."
" It felt like I was flying in space! I loved looking at the stars and planets!"

Reptile Day

Reptile Day
This was an exciting day for us! We had the opportunity to hold these amazing reptiles, learn about where they are from and how to care for them. We were so brave holding the snakes!

Dinosaur Day

Dinosaur Day
As a part of our topic we had a Dinosaur day! We saw real dinosaur fossils, a dinosaur bone and the skull of a T-Rex!

Visit from the Fire Brigade!

Fire Brigade
Acomb Fire station came to visit us with their Fire Engine. We were lucky enough to sit in the driving seat and have a go at using the hose! The firefighters spoke to us about how they use the equipment and how to stay safe!

Nativity Play 2015

Owl Visit 2015/2016

Year 1 Maths (2015/2016)

In maths we love learning through doing. We are using our numicon to explore place value in numbers and using real life objects to discover the properties of shape.

Autumn Year 1 (2015/2016)

In Year 1 we are enjoying exploring the school grounds in search for signs of Autumn. We have discovered lots of objects which we collected and used our senses to describe them in literacy.

Year 1 Computing (2015/2016)


Year 1 are exploring the world of algorithms and programming a Bee-Bot. We are beginning to understand what an algorithm is, how to create one and how to debug an algorithm.