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Year Two

Year Two

Have a look at all we have been doing in Year Two.

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Year 2 loved their drama workshop! We loved playing the role of little ants and even carried on with our acting we learnt throughout the day!

Year 2 - Dangerous Curriculum

As part of our dangerous curriculum Year 2 had to build a shelter. We went to the forest and got very dirty trying to build it! 

Year 2 - Robin - Planting Seeds and Bulbs

As part of our science we have planted some seeds and bulbs. We are putting them in different places and giving some water to see how they grow under different conditions. We are just waiting for the first seed to sprout ....
We loved World Book Day! We did lots of fun activities including making a book in a box. Robin class chose Paddington and we even got have marmalade sandwiches just like him!

Year 2 - Finch - Tennis

Finch class have been developing their sending and returning skills. They have been using tennis balls and tennis rackets to complete simple competitive games.

Year 2 - Finch - Gardening

The environment leaders had a fantastic time in the quad with Mr Fishwick. They have been very busy weeding the planters ready for the bulbs to grow.

Year 2 - Finch - Sliders

In DT, we have created our own moving pictures by using a slider mechanism. Once we had finished our pictures we enjoyed  telling our own stories about the meerkats in the desert.

Year 2 - Finch - Stained Glass Windows

Finch class have been thinking about churches and what makes them a special place for Christians. We  had a lovely time creating our own stained glass windows.

Year 2 - Robin - TT Rockstars Day

We had a fabulous day for TTRockstars day in Robin class. We loved going to Year 3 and we loved doing our times tables! We have now written a fantastic recount of the day and we are all really proud of our work. 

Year 2 - Robin - DT - Meerkat Sliders

In DT Year 2 have been learning about how to make moving pictures using sliders. We created our own slider with a meerkat scurrying across the sand! We were really pleased with the end product!
Year 2 have worked incredibly hard this week whilst creating their own Christmas Tree decorations. We have learnt how to do a running stitch, and an overcast stitch. We also sewed on buttons as baubles. Despite it being very tricky for some of us we kept persevering ! The finished products are fantastic and we can't wait to see them hanging on our trees. 

Year 2 - Lee Threadgold - Puppet Show

Year 2 loved listening to the traditional story of 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'. They loved watching the puppets throughout the story.

Year 2 - Father Luke

Father Luke came to visit Year 2 from the church where he brought lots of objects and clothing for us to use whilst telling the Christmas story. 
Year 2 loved visiting the Castle Museum this week. Within our topic we have been learning about York and it was great to see what it looked like in the past. We also learnt how they washed clothes in the Victorian times, it was hard work!

Year 2 - Robin - Dogs Trust

This week we have had The Dogs Trust in to do a workshop all about how to be safe around dogs. We learnt the 5 rules for a happy dog and we all found it really interesting! Thank you Dogs Trust!

Year 2 - Robin - Remembrance Day

For Remembrance Day this year we learnt about why the poppy is important and spent some time thinking about all the people that have looked after our country for us. We used cotton buds to create some poppy artwork.
In our History lessons this week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We learnt the reason why we have fireworks and celebrations on the 5th of November.  We created some firework art using pastels and glitter!

Year 2 - Finch - Snow Leopards

Finch class have loved finding out about snow leopards, which is our adopted animal. We have found out some fascinating facts and know why the snow leopard is such an amazing animal. We enjoyed using watercolours and creating our own pictures. 


Year 2 - Finch - Making recycled paper

This week, we have continued learning about everyday materials. We carried out an investigation identifying how we can change different objects. We have also begun to create our own recycled paper using scraps of paper, water and cornflour. We can't wait to see it once it has dried.

Finch class have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We learnt that the fire started in a bakery  so we thought we would learn how to bake bread! It was very yummy and we were all surprised at how easy it was to make.

Year 2 - Robin - Hello Yellow!

As part of our science, Year 2 have been making our own paper! We collected recycled paper from around the school and then followed instructions to make our own! It hasn’t finished drying yet but we are keeping our fingers crossed we will be able to write on it soon!

Year 2 - Robin - Making Paper

As part of our science, Year 2 have been making our own paper! We collected recycled paper from around the school and then followed instructions to make our own! It hasn’t finished drying yet but we are keeping our fingers crossed we will be able to write on it soon!
We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. We learnt that the fire started on Pudding Lane in a bakery and so we have learnt to bake bread! We mixed all the ingredients together and kneaded the dough! We then got to try our bread rolls, we all thought they were delicious! 

Year 2 - Finch First week

Finch class have had a fantastic first week in Year 2. In English, we discovered that Paddington Bear was missing so we have painted some wonderful pictures of him to go with the descriptions we are writing. 
We have also enjoyed PE with Miss Davis where we are continuing to develop our balancing skills.
Year 2 2019-2020 Upwards 

Year 2 - Finch - The Bog Baby

In English this week we have enjoyed reading the story The Bog Baby. We listened carefully to the description of the Bog Baby and recreated our own using the ideas from the story. They look just like the real thing! They are the size of frogs, have wings no bigger than daisy petals and have two boggly eyes.

Year 2 - Robin - Woodthorpe's 50th Birthday - Lava Lamps

To celebrate Woodthorpe's 50th birthday we have been learning all about the era that it opened. As part of our English, we are writing a set of instructions for how to make your own Lava Lamp. This is because Lava Lamps were invented in the 60's. We had lots of fun and had to be really careful not to spill the ingredients everywhere!
Last week we had an athlete visit us. She was training to become an Olympic athlete and we were really impressed with how far should jump! We had lots of fun and she set up a circuit for us to try out all the things she does in her training. We were exhausted!

Year 2 - Finch - Art Georgia O'Keeffe

Year 2 have enjoyed learning about their new artist this half term, Georgia O'Keeffe. They explored her life and inspiration for her artwork. They looked closely at real life flowers then took on her style by drawing what they could see (close up). They then painted their flowers using beautiful watercolours.

Year 2 - Robin - Easter Conundrum in the forest

For Easter, Miss Miller set us an Easter conundrum to solve. We had a set of maths clues that we had to solve and then work what the letters spelt out. That clue then told us where out chocolate were hidden! We then had a play in the forest and ate our chocolate eggs!

Year 2 - Robin - Cricket

We have loved having some cricket lessons over the last few weeks. We have learnt all sorts of skills and Miss Thompson was really impressed with our batting! 
As part of our English this week we have been writing leaflets all about how to stay healthy. To get us started we made fruit kebabs! We absolutely loved it and enjoyed eating them! We then did a little bit of careful breathing to calm our minds. 

Year 2 - Finch - Cricket

Year 2 have had a great time learning how to play cricket. In PE sessions the last couple of weeks Finch class have learnt a variety of different skills in cricket including throwing, catching and batting. They have applied their skills in a variety of fun games.
As part of our Roald Dahl topic we were very lucky to have some James and the Giant Peach drama workshops. We absolutely loved learning some new drama techniques and had lots of fun!

Year 2 - Finch - Happy Holi

Happy Holi! Finch class have enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of Holi this week. We learnt about this exciting festival of colour and have created a whole class piece of artwork together. It was great fun gluing crayons onto a canvas and watching them melt into a beautiful design. We also decorated our own elephants with lovely patterns and colours.

Year 2 - Finch - Roald Dahl

Year 2 have fully embraced our new topic Roald Dahl. This week in computing we started to research all about the life of Roald Dahl and his books. We worked in pairs to log on and use the search engine Google. Year 2 have also taken part in a drama workshop. We took on many roles from the story of James and the Giant Peach such as Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge as well as recreating different scenes from the book.

Year 2 - Robin - World Book Day - Paired Reading

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, Robins and Hawks joined up to do some paired reading. It was lovely to see how engaged the children were and how well they worked together.  Every child was read to and heard read by a Year 6 and Robins absolutely loved it! 
For World Book Day today we came to school in either our pyjamas or our favourite book character. We did all sorts of things to celebrate the day such as creating our own marvellous medicine and sharing lots of different stories. 
The most exciting part of our day was when we got to make a muddy pudding fit for the twits! We measured ingredients to make a yummy, chocolatey, biscuity and gummy worm feast! We then got to eat it while listening to George's Marvellous Medicine. 

On Wednesday we went to the Yorkshire Museum as they have a dinosaur exhibit. We had a jam packed day and really enjoyed learning lots of new things! 

We learnt about different dinosaurs and looked at lots of different fossils, we even got to wear our own lab coats!

Then we got to make our own fossils to take home. We explored the museum and even saw human skulls!

Year - Finch - Yorkshire Museum trip

Year 2 have visited the Yorkshire Museum this week. We had such a fun day packed full of activities. When we first arrived at the museum we explored the Jurassic World exhibit. We saw lots of fossils and even dug up a few of our own! After lunch we took part in a workshop where we became palaeontologists. We learnt even more about dinosaurs, explored different fossils and created our own fossils to take home.

Year 2 - Robin and Finch - Dog's Trust Visit

Last week we were very lucky to have a visit from the Dog's Trust. We learnt all about what makes a responsible dog owner. We also talked about what is good and bad for a dog and even found out that some foods we have every day are poisonous! 
In Year 2 we have been learning all about dinosaurs. We learnt about Mary Anning and what an important woman she was. We then got to make some of our own fossils using salt dough. We used our hands and different tools to sculpt them. 

Year 2 - Finch - Making Fossils

This week Year 2 have been exploring fossils. First we learnt all about a famous fossil hunter, Mary Anning. We learnt lots about her life and wrote our own mini biographies. After being inspired by her discoveries, we enjoyed creating our own fossils in art using salt dough. They look amazing!

Year 2 - Robin - Habitat Hunt

As part of our science we have been learning about different habitats. We went on a hunt around the grounds to look for creatures that might live around us. We even found a burrow! We wonder what animal lives in there! 

Year 2 - Finch - Dinosaur Hunt

To launch our new topic Dinosaurs, Year 2 went on a dinosaur hunt. Mysterious footprints appeared in our classroom and we had to work together to find out which dinosaur had left them by reading the hidden clues. Year 2 had lots of fun learning all about a T-Rex.

Year 2 - Finch - Santa Sleigh

Year 2 were set the challenge to make a brand new sleigh for Santa this year. The children were given a bag of recycled materials and they had to work as a team to create the perfect sleigh for this Christmas. They used their science and technology skills to help create many creative features such as jet boosters, a Santa Nav and a bright light to guide the way.

Year 2 - Finch - Hanukkah

In RE, we have been learning about the Jewish festival Hanukkah. Year 2 listened to the story of Hanukkah and then created their own menorahs using oil pastels, pencils and coloured paper.

This week, KS1 had a visit from the local fire station. First of all we had a talk from a fire fighter all about fire safety. We learnt all about spotting hazards and what to do at home if there is a fire. 

We then went to look at the fire engine and we looked at all the equipment they use. Some of us got to try and lift the equipment -it was very heavy! We then got to have a sit in the engine! 

Year 2 - Finch - Visit from the fire brigade

Following on from our topic last half term, ‘The Great Fire of London’, KS1 enjoyed a visit from a local fire brigade. First of all we listened carefully to a talk about how a fire could start and how to keep ourselves safe. After that, we explored a real fire engine outside! We had great fun learning about the different parts of the engine and its equipment. Year 2 had lots of great questions to ask the firefighters.

Year 2 - Finch - Following Instructions

In English, we have been learning about instructions. Year 2 were set the challenge to make a Christmas decoration by carefully following verbal instructions. They worked really hard to follow each step in order. Their Santa stars look amazing!

Year 2 - Robin - Remembrance

As it is Remembrance Day this Sunday, we have been learning about why the day is so important. We have been paying our respects to all the soldiers who helped shape our future and the sacrifices they made. We have learnt all about the importance of the poppy and the history behind it. We then created some beautiful poppy art using different techniques. 

Year 2 - Robin - Diwali

As yesterday was Diwali, we spent the afternoon celebrating and making crafts. We learnt all about Diwali and the importance of this day to people around the world. We learnt about the different things that were done to celebrate Diwali and we noticed a lot of similarities with how we celebrate different events! We then made cards to take home to celebrate the occasion and share what we have found out, with our families. 
As a final project for our topic The Great Fire of London, Year 2 Robin have been designing and building Tudor houses. The children have spent a long time planning and making their houses and have thoroughly enjoyed working as a team!
It has been a joy to watch them work together and they have produced some excellent houses. Very proud of them!

Year 2 - Finch - Pudding Lane Tudor Houses

To end this half term’s topic 'The Great Fire of London', Year 2 have built their own Tudor houses. We worked carefully in teams to assemble, paint and decorate the houses. They would fit perfectly on Pudding Lane in 1666!

Year 2 - Finch - Changing Shape

In Science this week, Year 2 explored how the shapes of objects made from some materials can be changed. We had a variety of different objects on our tables and we tested if they could be squashed, bent, twisted or stretched. We worked hard with a partner to see what happened to each object and recorded our results carefully.

Year 2 - Finch - Sticking together!

Year 2 were set a challenge in Science, how can we get the paper clip out of the jar without using our hands? We learnt that by using a magnet we could get the paper clip out because the paper clip was attracted to the magnet. We even managed to get the paperclip out of a jar of water without getting wet!


Year 2 - Robin - Library Bus Visit

Yesterday we had a visit from the library bus. We partnered up with Magpie class and spent some time reading to each other. It was lovely see the children have chance to choose from a range of different books and see them so excited about reading!


Year 2 - Finch - Painting Snow Leopards

Year 2 have been busy learning about snow leopards for our new writing genre, non-chronological reports. We learnt some key facts to help us paint our snow leopards. We worked really hard to create their smoky grey fur using different tones and brushstrokes.

Year 2 2018 - 2019 Please see above. 

Last Friday, Year 2 went to Tropical World in Leeds. We saw all different minibeasts and some of the butterflies even landed on our hands! We then had lunch and explored Roundhay Park. We had a great day and our teachers we so proud of us! 
Year 2 had a fantastic time at Tropical World as part of our 'Minibeasts' topic. We especially loved the butterfly gardens and saw some beautiful butterflies! We were very lucky to have amazing weather, and had a picnic and played games in Roundhay Park afterwards.

Year 2 - Finch - Minibeast Hunt

Year 2 went to the forest on a minibeast hunt. We found bees, woodlice, butterflies, snails, beetles and even a tiny caterpillar!

Year 2 - Robin - Pirate Day

We loved being pirates for the day in the Finch class! We designed our own treasure maps and took part in a really exciting drama workshop with some real pirates!!
We were very lucky to have Mr Crilley come in and teach us some African drumming. We loved learning how to play the drums and we managed to all play in time towards the end of our session!
'I thought the drumming was really good and everyone enjoyed it' Heather

Year 2 - Robin - World Culture Day

We had a fabulous day in Year 2 and the children’s costumes were brilliant! Throughout the day we did lots of things to do with India including discussing traditional dress which some of the children came in. We learnt what is was like to be a child in India and the differences tween here and in India! In the afternoon we made peacocks using different art materials. We found out that the peacock is the national bird of India.

Year 2 - Finch - Yoga Workshop

Finch loved their Yoga Workshop with Tatty Bumpkin today! We stretched, balanced and explored different yoga poses, including the dolphin, oyster and seahorse poses.

Year 2 - Finch - Summer One Fire Engine Visit

To finish off our 'Superheroes' topic we were visited by some people who work for the fire service. We had a talk about fire safety and then we all got to sit in the fire engine!

Year 2 - Finch - Spring Two Nurse Visit

As part of our 'Superheroes' topic we learned about real life heroes. Tahlia's Grandma is a nurse and came to visit us to talk about her job. We even got to roleplay!

Year 2 - Finch - Spring Two Science and Engineering Week

For Science and Engineering Week we designed and then made a new home for the chicks.

Year 2 - Finch - Spring One Chinese Dance Workshop

For Chinese New Year we had a Chinese Dance Workshop, where we learned about the zodiac animals and some of their stories. We then learned a dance which told the story of the dragon.

Year 2 - Finch - Spring One RE and Culture Day

We spent the morning learning about the Islamic religion and decorated the symbol of Islam. In the afternoon we learned some French and looked at France's famous landmarks and events. We then did a collage of the French flag.

Year 2 - Robin - YoYo Workshop

Last week YOYO came in and taught us all about Easter and why Christians celebrate the way they do. We learnt a song and all performed it in the hall. We then had a workshop where we were taught a little bit more about Easter. 

Year 2 - Robin - Sport Relief Friday Activities

As part of the sport relief launch we have had premier sports and i2i in to teach us some ball skills. 

Year 2 - Robin - Science and Engineering

This week we had the chicks delivered! As part of Science and Engineering Week we designed and constructed some houses for the chicks. We thought about what they might need in their houses and the used different materials to build it.