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Absence and Illness

Regular attendance at school is one of the keys to any child achieving their full potential and we try to encourage this at all times at Woodthorpe Primary School. We do, however, acknowledge that there are occasions when it is best that a child refrain from school to both promote a quick recovery and limit the spread of any infection.


School will always follow the latest published guidance when dealing with any illness or infection. The guidance below is provided by Public Health England and forms the basis of procedures in school.


If your child is ill please use the following information to assist you in deciding how to proceed in relation to attendance at school. If your child is not going to attend school please contact us before 9 a.m. on the first day of illness on our absence hotline 01904 806464 and make us aware of the symptoms/diagnosis so that we can consider if we need to take any further action within school. We may contact you further if we need any additional information to clarify the situation. Please do not hesitate to contact school should you wish to discuss your specific circumstances further.


Please find below a link to the childhood immunisation facebook page, where you can find information and what services they can offer: